DUNCAN – Book Five of Vampires in America – Coming in December 2011

    TEASER #1

A few miles outside Washington, D.C.

The Learjet rolled up to the darkened hangar, a pale ghost of a plane appearing out of the shadows of a moonless night. Miguel Martinez scanned the private airfield, his vampire sight piercing the near darkness easily. The place was nearly abandoned. No one around but the lone tower controller who’d been paid well to look the other way and ask no questions.

He returned his gaze to the arriving jet. It was running nearly as dark as the night, with nothing but the gleam of the cockpit’s instrument panel through the windshield to light the pilot’s way into the black interior of the hangar. It should have been impossible. It would have been if the pilots had been human. But, like Miguel, they were vampires and starlight was enough to see by.

The aircraft eased to a gentle stop, its engines a loud burr of sound that hurt the ears and echoed off the flat spaces and high walls of the empty hangar. The pilot shut down the engines and the sudden silence was nearly as shocking as the noise had been.

Miguel crossed the bare concrete of the hangar, nerves singing with excitement, with the awareness that his Sire was here at last. His hands fisted at his sides and he straightened his back, determined to make a good impression, to prove himself worthy of the honor he’d been given.

The hatch opened. Miguel took one step and then another, until he was only a few feet from the open door. The stairs deployed with a hydraulic hiss.

A figure appeared in the hatchway, a tall and broad shouldered male, little more than a darker shadow against the unlit interior. He paused briefly before ducking his head to clear the low overhead, then took the stairs downward quickly and with purpose.

Miguel went to one knee. “Sire,” he said reverently, pleased that his voice revealed none of the jittery nerves making his muscles twitch beneath his finely tailored suit.

“Miguel.” A hand touched the back of his head. “Now, get up and give me a proper greeting.”

There was laughter in his Sire’s voice, and Miguel jumped to his feet with a grin, reaching out to take the proffered hand, feeling himself pulled into a quick embrace.

“Duncan,” Miguel said. “It’s so very good to see you.”


    TEASER #2

Emma took another step inside, shivered, and closed the door behind her. It was surprisingly warm, despite the shadowy lighting. A part of her had expected it to be as cold as a tomb, like with the vampires from the movies. But there was a pleasant fire burning in the room to her right, the sight of which had been blocked by the open front door. The room had the look of a small library and was softly lit by pretty Tiffany-style lamps which were perched on a desk and on two small, round side tables. She heard the distinctive sound of someone sliding a book back onto a shelf and took a tentative step toward the doorway.

“Hello?” she called softly, somehow reluctant to announce her presence in this big empty-feeling house. She tiptoed closer to the room and shrieked, jumping back and nearly tripping on her own heels as a big, blond man suddenly stepped into view.

He eyed her curiously, his full lips curving into a faint smile. “May I help you?” His voice was smooth and easy, and it brought to mind the cool water running in gentle mountain streams back home.

Emma stared at him. He could definitely help her, but probably not in the way he meant. Emma liked tall guys, not giant tall, but tall enough that at five-six she could still wear high heels without being taller than her date. Not that she had that many dates with her work schedule, but one could always hope.

This guy was more than just tall, though. He was lovely. Late twenties, maybe a bit over six foot, with long blond hair falling loosely over broad shoulders. He had strong arms and a taut, muscled chest that filled out a dark blue, long-sleeved t-shirt and tapered down to a tight, flat abdomen. Faded denims clung to narrow hips and muscular thighs, and . . .

“Excuse me,” he repeated in that same soothing voice, but with an undercurrent of amusement. “Did you want something in particular?”

Emma flushed, embarrassed at being caught ogling. What was she thinking? She wasn’t here to pick up some guy, no matter how delicious he was.


Coming soon … DUNCAN


Washington, D.C. … capital of an empire. Powerful. Exhilarating. Corrupt. And in the shadows … vampires far older than the nation itself.

A power unto himself, Duncan has served at Raphael’s side for nearly the entire two hundred years of his existence. But long laid plans have finally borne fruit, and the time has come for Duncan to leave Raphael and tackle the greatest challenge of his life. He will face treacherous vampires and murderous humans. He will rock the halls of human power if necessary. But Washington, D.C. will be his.

Emma Duquet cares nothing for vampire politics. She just wants to find her missing roommate and best friend, Lacey. But Lacey’s been playing with vampires of a particularly dangerous kind, and Emma will have to deal with the new vampire in town if she’s going to find her friend.

Battling powerful enemies who will stop at nothing to keep their secrets, Duncan and Emma will dig beneath the corruption and depravity that is Washington, D.C. and uncover the most heinous conspiracy of all …

RomFan Reviews

Duncan is the 5th and long anticipated book in the Vampires in America series, at least for me; I have been waiting for Duncan to get his own book since book one which was Raphael and Cyn’s story. D.B. Reynolds is on a roll I could not put Duncan down it was full of thrills, humor and of course romance. I strongly suggest you read not just Duncan but every book in this series you will not be disappointed. Bring on Lucas!!!

70 Responses to “DUNCAN”

  1. Leah Says:

    Can’t Wait!!

  2. johnny king Says:

    Me either your killing me MRS Reynolds no pic.yet? love u still ANYWAY fan

  3. Tracey Says:

    Can’t wait for Duncan, love the sound of his character.I hope the photo of Duncan is a man with fab long blonde hair at his shoulders with a great body ha.

  4. johnny king Says:

    tracy u mean like travas femmel o yea

  5. Tracey Says:

    Ha well i can imagine the beautiful Duncan more like alexander skarsgard when he had his long hair in True blood early series ha NICE ha,

  6. Charmaine Says:

    I can’t wait to read Duncan!!!

  7. johnny king Says:

    u must mean eric <3.<3 oh yes

  8. thereyougo Says:

    Bring it on. I’m not always as interested in secondary characters but Duncan is all kinds of “yes please”.

  9. johnny king Says:

    u meam like the type that says crawl on your knees if you want me my love. mrs reynolds we want duncan are atlest a cover so the battires dont die.lol ps u no in sophia when i thought cyn was dying and raphael wanted death himself u made cry like a baby. your a great witter but i need your help my eye sight is getting bad to the point were i thinking of giving up my licences cause i truly a fraied of hurting someone are killing them. if i ever hurt a child are kill one that will be the day i die myself. glacome can you get your books to the blind and braille service? sherriyln kenyon are kim daniels have also done this for me and others i,v read all my life its the only thing i love now books are my only friends i don,t want to go blind please help me. your friend and fan always ps but i would honnored to see that cover before i loose any more vision.

    • dbreynolds Says:

      Hi Johnnie, I’m so sorry about your eyes! I complain about wearing glasses for everything, but that’s nothing compared to losing your eyesight. I’ll have to check with my publisher about getting the books to a braille service. I don’t actually know how that’s done. In the meantime, do you have an e-reader? I know on the Kindle you can increase the size of the print for easy reading. It can go quite large, and the e-ink technology is very easy on the eyes.

      As for DUNCAN’s cover … I want it too! I don’t have even a concept cover yet! The artist is still working. So I’m with you. I’d love to see DUNCAN’s cover!! 🙂

      • johnny king Says:

        thank u for your reply, i have been wearing glasses since i was 6 and lived in hell u know my mother should have just name me four eyes but i,m not a vain person far from it i have no self exteem lelf. but glasses are not just the only problem 1.,i,m diab.so my vision changes with the sugar. 2. i also use to be a nurse then in 1989 i was lifting a patient and riped out 3 disc in my neck.i live in pain everyday and now it,s ,d.d.d. 3. i,m bearly living on $600.74 a month rent , car in.phone service thats not incl. gas, washing clothes. much less anything else.thank you anyway

  10. joey Says:

    So looking forward to Duncan’s story. Fantastic series!

  11. Bonnie Says:

    OMG! i can’t wait to read about Duncan. I hope December hurries up and get’s here.

  12. nicole_bw Says:

    Any chance of a synopsis yet? =)

    • dbreynolds Says:

      Probably very soon. I’m writing the back cover blurb this week. My publisher has to edit/okay it, and then she’ll probably let me put it on my blog. The cover should be available very soon, too! I’m excited about that. Maybe in the next couple of weeks even!

  13. Annette Says:


    Will Duncan be available to purchase for a Kindle.



  14. Mary M. Says:

    We have to wait until December…….

  15. Helena James Says:

    My birthday is December 28th, this will be my present to myself.

  16. Love the Blurb…The cover isn’t my fav. out of the series but I like it a lot! Can’t wait to get my hands on it so I can read and review it!

  17. Stephanie G Says:

    Yay there’s finally a blurb and it’s a-w-e-s-o-m-e!!

  18. Regan Says:

    Love the cover for Duncan and, just so you know, it’s EXACTLY as I pictured him. I am looking forward to reading his story! Having spent over a decade in DC, it should be interesting…


  19. Bea Says:

    I’m looking forward to Duncan’s story! What a great Christmas present.

    Thanks for the post about Banned Book Week. I’ve had a lot of people stopping by so far.

  20. Cindy G. Says:

    Duncan is sooooo handsome and sexy as hell…LOVE the cover….
    Can’t wait for his story…

  21. Em Jay Says:

    Woo Hooo from Australia

    Love the cover. Always love Duncan

    Your books are the sole reason I’ve worn the printing off my page forward Kindle button!

  22. Tracey Says:

    I hope that we can purchase Duncan early December so that i can buy 2 copies 🙂 1 for me and the other as a Christmas gift for my mam. BIG FANS OF Ducan and Raphael. Thank you DB for your brilliant books.

  23. Jenn Green Says:

    OMG!!!! Cant wait, cant wait, CANT WAIT!!! and the cover is beautiful! Now I can finally put a face to Duncan when I re-read the whole series before December LOL he looks just like I expected. SO EXCITED!!!!!! Mrs Reynolds I am so very veryyy glad Kindle put you on my recomend list. love love LOVE ur writing & this sries THANK YOU ❤

  24. dbreynolds Says:

    Thank YOU for loving my vampires as much as I do, Jenn!

  25. Kathy Says:

    I keep re-reading the first four and can probably recite whole pages at this point.
    The cover looks amazing. It’s my favorite so far. Can’t wait until the Kindle book is released.

  26. Charmaine Says:

    Woot!! Woot! Duncan- can’t wait to read!!! Thanks D.B

  27. Eusebia Says:

    I was and raised in DC. I can’t wait to read abt sexy Duncan in my backyard.

  28. Sharon Marsh Says:

    I was a bit worried that the picture wouldn’t have the same impact as Raphael’s. But you did it. It’s perfect–really can’t get much better than that.

    I am a late joiner, but I anxiously await Duncan.

  29. Artemis Says:

    Most excellent cover – although I am still partial to RAPHAEL. It’s that tall, dark, handsome quirk of mine. Cannot wait to read Duncan’s story!

  30. Great cover D.B. I am really looking forward to Duncan’s story.

  31. Sydney Says:

    Just finished rereading all the books to be fresh & ready for Duncan….Started thinking beyond Duncan..(bad me ) quiet Juno and others made me think of their stories ? Enjoying the different parts of the country being explored and especially like the Human companions and their life adjustments being paired with their vampire mate . Thank you ….S

  32. Thank you! Still waiting, impatiently at best.

  33. johnny Says:

    well mrs reynolds u did it. the pic. good the story sounds great i guess your on top of the world? but my fav. will always be raphael though i just love him and cyn. ps how can u put a bookmark on a kindle? whats a bookplate? vampire

    • dbreynolds Says:

      Hey, Johnny! I was wondering where you were! Duncan looks good, doesn’t he?

      My bookmarks won’t work on Kindle, but they’re still pretty! 🙂 And a bookplate is a peel-off label, designed especially for me, that I autograph. If you have a print copy of my book, then you peel off the label and stick it inside the book cover somewhere. It’s like autographing the book when I can’t be there in person.


  34. Patricia Garrett Says:

    Hi, D. B., when will you tell us when Duncan will be available for pre-order at Amazon.com? Like everyone else around here I’m impatiently waiting for your next book. 🙂

    • dbreynolds Says:

      Hi Patricia,
      Sadly, Amazon won’t do pre-orders on Small Press books, which is what my publisher is. But I should have a firm release date within the week and I’ll definitely post that!
      Thank you for loving my vampires!


      • Patricia Garrett Says:

        Oh no, it’s not going to be on the KIndle? Drats!!!!!

      • Patricia Garrett Says:

        Oh geez, I had a brain fart. That’s NOT what you were implying at all. It’s going to be on the KIndle but there will be no pre-orders. Got it. (Sorry for misunderstanding. I’m having “one of those days.”)

  35. Dawn Says:

    D.B. you teaser you…left me wanting more, very intriguing beginning!

  36. CafeArtiste Says:

    Say, how does one get these bookmarks of which you speak? Very excited for Duncan!

  37. Sherry Says:

    You my dear D B Reynolds are a tease! Okay, so I have to wait, but your teaser could have been longer. I’ve enjoyed all the books and am really looking forward to Duncan.

  38. Sherrie McGhee Says:

    After reading the latest teaser on Duncan….I can’t wait for the book’s release. This is when Kindles are good. Just select Duncan, pay, download, and read, read, read.! :-).

  39. Jenn Says:

    Sooo excited!!!! D.B. – you enjoy torturing us :)Hurry December!

  40. lynnette Says:

    i live to read this book.thank you for the great stories. i have a nook but i always order these in real books so i can go back and reread them.so i can collect them.cant wait. and what about a christmas vignetts
    of all our favorites. like a big gift to all the readers?please?

  41. Marchelle Says:

    Deb, you are killing me slowly….

    This the book I’ve been waiting for.

  42. patti Says:

    Count me as joining the I-can’t-wait-gang. And doing a happy dance cause December is not that far away!!!

  43. Em Jay Says:

    Oh, there are so many questions from such a small teaser…
    Whose plane was it?
    Who was piloting the plane? Rafael’s or Duncan’s people?
    Does Rafael know of Duncan’s own child “Miguel”??
    I’m assuming yes; that is all part of their grand master plan???
    How long ago did Duncan change Miguel???
    How long have they been planning this foray into Washington????
    My list goes on!
    Oh, it’s more than a small tease …. it’s a small torture!!!
    But Thanks!!!!

  44. nicole_bw Says:

    Yay! Can’t wait!!

  45. lynnette Says:

    hot damm that 2nd teaser so good i will buy the minute it comes out cant wait yeah

  46. kanoealoha Says:

    LOL @ Leah! the first thing I thought as I clicked on,the comments? “can’t wait”. Duncan needs to get on my kindle ASAP!

  47. Lisa Says:


  48. corky wall Says:

    love those teasers they surely keepmy interest in the story.
    Looking forward to reading the book.
    Thanks for sharing your talent of writing stories that we love.

  49. Alda Says:

    Can’t wait.

  50. Jennifer C Says:

    Loved….Loved…..Loved Duncan. Matter of fact I love the whole series and can’t wait for another.

  51. johnny king Says:

    dear mrs reynolds damn woman are you trying to put ever other writer in the dumps,well u r doing it. duncan was great. clap/ clap we all love u expecty your,s truly p.s.are you comming up with a book called lucas hun?

  52. johnny king Says:

    just stoped by to tell you and ur family merry christmas and happy new year well i,ll have a drink for everybody and merry xmax to everybody here and h, n,y and be safe no drinking and driving guys

  53. carriefort29 Says:

    When I’d Lucas coming out?

  54. Debiew Says:

    I’d love in order to take part in collection wherever I’m able to find suggestions from additional skilled those who talk about a similar fascination. In case you have almost any recommendations, you should well then, i’ll understand. Appreciate it!

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