November 14, 2011

This was a very exciting weekend for me, because AMAZON suddenly released DUNCAN several days early in Kindle format. It was one of my wonderful readers, Julie aka @Ryalin1 on Twitter, who caught the first posting on Amazon. Even then, I had to do an advanced search to find it, and it was several hours before DUNCAN was searchable to everyone! Amazon’s a weird site. Anyway … I knew the book might show up over the weekend sometime, because Amazon does that with Kindle, but I NEVER expected it during the day on Friday! That was so cool!

And even cooler was all the enthusiasm from my readers as you kept me up to date on who was finding it and who was still looking. And then you all started reading! And now I’m getting reports in telling me how much you love DUNCAN’s story, and I’m just so happy. ::sniff::

Of course, not everything is perfect. The print books aren’t available yet, except by preorder from BN.com, or direct from ImaJinn Books at ImaJinnBooks.com.

I do know that ImaJinn expects to start shipping print books tomorrow, and I’ll keep an eye out for them to show up on BN.com and Amazon. The book has been uploaded to Fictionwise.com, but Fictionwise has a weird update schedule, so it might show up this week … or it might be next week. I never know for sure.

This was the most fun, the most exciting, new book release I’ve had yet! Thank you all, each and every one of you for making it so great!

To top it all off, I do have a couple of giveaways going on. Raphael is still playing over at I Smell Sheep’s November swag day. Giveaway is open until November 17th and there’s lots of great prizes, plus a bare-chested Joe Manganiello, which is always a good thing.

And I want to thank Dot Salvagin at La Deetda Reads for her wonderful shout out on DUNCAN’s release.

Also, my publisher has debuted a new Facebook page, including a Featured Author interview with yours truly. And a Kindle Fire giveaway, too.

And now it’s back to work for me. NaNo is in full swing, and Raphael and Cyn are … well, doing what they do, while Rajmund and Sarah are about to take center stage. 🙂

See you all back here next week!



November 7, 2011

Okay, yeah, that’s a pretty unforgivable play on titles up there, but I couldn’t resist. I wanted to talk about winter, but also about Duncan, so it just happened!

Saving the good stuff for last, let’s talk winter. As in, I broke down and switched comforters on my bed yesterday, shoving the summer weight into the dry cleaning bag and pulling the winter weight out of the cupboard. Now, I had an exchange last week with someone on the other side of the country, about whether it ever gets cold in California, because Raphael and Cyn and the gang are always complaining about the cold weather. This person asserted that it never got below like 50 degrees. Well, hey, don’t mind me, I just live here. And, yes, it DOES get cold in California, even Southern California where I live. In winter, it routinely gets into the 40’s overnight (Hell-Oh! Vampires! All of my stories take place at night!) And we even see temps in the high thirties where I live, which is where Raphael and Cyn live, too. When you add in the wet air this close to the ocean, that’s COLD, people. Some might even say frigid!

But from the ridiculous to the sublime, we move on to sweet DUNCAN and the fact that his book release is only days away. Which means (looks around carefully) keep your eye on Kindle, because it will pop there first, and one never knows.

Also, one of my wonderful readers (that would be you, Mari Golden) called my attention to the fact that BN.com now has the print version of DUNCAN up for pre-order!! How cool is that? It’s a first and a total surprise to me! Yay! Maybe that will spur Amazon to do the same, who knows? Anyway, HERE’s the link.

By the way, we’re hopeful that all of my books will be available in Nook format before the holidays. BN’s been dragging their feet, but they’ve finally come through, so it’s in the works. This is good, because I’d really like a Nook and need an excuse to buy one … since I already have a Kindle. 🙂

For those of you watching Grimm with me, I thought the second episode was an improvement on the first. Nick Grimm still isn’t my favorite actor, but he was better, and I really like the supporting cast. It’s not that unusual for the pilot of a new series to be kind of clunky, so if a series interests me at all, I’m always willing to postpone judgement ’til at least the second episode. And the stories so far are good, despite the shoddy police work. (It’s a pet peeve of mine when shows/books don’t pay even a token attention to actual police procedure.) But overall, I thought this ep was better, so I’ll definitely keep watching for now.

And finally, I’ve got a couple of promo things coming up later this week, which I’ll post here and on FB and Twitter the day before, so keep an eye out. There are giveaways involved!

Okay, back to work. It’s NaNo time again, non-stop writing for 30 days and, in my case especially, nights, at the end of which one hopes to look back and discover what they’ve written makes sense! Wish me luck!

See you all next week!



October 10, 2011

And other things, too, but for the next several months, it will be Vampires. I’ll be putting together an anthology of all the Vampire Vignettes so far, plus a couple of new ones. Depending on sales, it will probably only be in e-format, but it will be available on Kindle, Nook and Smashwords. Does that cover Apple devices? I’ll have to find that out. My plan is to cover all the available platforms. And if you don’t have an e-reader, you can always download the Kindle for PC and read it on your PC. That will be early in the year.

And then I’ll be writing a brand new Raphael/Cyn novella. This is something new, kind of stories between the books, but much longer than the Vignettes. These will be available in e-format initially, but once I’ve written two or more, my publisher will put them together and make a print book available. I’m hoping the books will all be available on Nook, in addition to Kindle, by then. But again, there’s always the Kindle for PC fallback. I’m not sure about the release date, yet. But somewhere between the Vignette Anthology and LUCAS. The novella will feature Raphael and Cyn and lead directly into the next full-length Vampires novel.

Which means, after the novella, it’s time for LUCAS, my cowboy vampire. You’ll meet Lucas for the first time at the very end of DUNCAN. I don’t want to give anything away, but, let’s see … he’s gorgeous, he’s sexy, and he likes to walk the fine edge of Raphael’s patience. And he’s about to meet a woman who presents a challenge he just can’t resist.

And I’ll be getting started on all of those writing projects for NaNoWriMo this year. For those of you unfamiliar with NaNo, it’s the annual exercise in torment for masochistic writers all over the world! We take on the challenge of writing 50K words in a single month. For anyone who doesn’t realize … that’s a lot of words! Especially when you’re a total compulsive like I am and constitutionally incapable of ignoring the rules of grammar, syntax, spelling, story … The good part is, I end up with something useable at the end of the month, whereas some of what gets written during NaNo … well, let me be polite and simply say it needs some work. LOL

But before any of that writing, NaNo or otherwise, sees the light beyond my computer, we will finally see the release of my sweet DUNCAN! It’s so close now, I can hardly wait!

Unfortunately, I have to, so I’ll satisfy myself with some new reviews and other good stuff for this week.

RT Book Reviews published their review of RAJMUND this month and I’m SO happy! 4 1/2 stars! I can’t link to the review, because it’s by subscription, but I can quote it … “an uber-sexy vampire lord, an intriguing heroine and red-hot sensuality …” I couldn’t agree more. Rajmund is definitely uber-sexy!

There were some excellent new reviews posted on Amazon, too. And speaking of Amazon, SOPHIA is still part of their October promo, which means you can get the Kindle version for only $2.99. I think the promo only lasts through October, but I’m not sure. I do know it will go back to the regular price once the promo’s over.

And while we’re talking about promos, Steph and Athenna at Paranormal Haven are hosting their annual Halloween at the Haven with lots of excellent guests and cool giveaways. I’ll be over there at the end of the month, but more on that later.

Also, Night Owl Reviews is having a Full Moon Web Hunt to celebrate the month of Halloween, and they’ve got tons of prizes, including a Kindle and lots of Amazon gift cards.

And I think that’s it for this week, but I’ll see you right back here next Sunday, with hopefully more news about DUNCAN and when my publisher will let me post at least a tiny peek. Oooooooooh. Can’t see much of Duncan if the peek is tiny. (Shame on me. Yeah, right. LOL_


Okay, let’s start with first things … or third … Vignette #3 is up. For those of you who’ve never read it, #3 is the first of a two-part Vignette, the only one I’ve done that way. But no cliffhangers! 😀

And I’ve been killing my to-do list this week! I can actually walk into my spare bedroom without taking my life in my hands. 🙂 Woohoo!

But not all is to-do list in my life. I’ve also been working on Vignette #6 and the outline for LUCAS. Give me a couple of weeks and I’ll be writing Book 6! Hard to believe.

And speaking of televisions programs (we were, weren’t we?) I watched the new Cinemax series Strike Back this week. I’m a big fan of action/adventure Bourne type movies with lots of hut-hut action. And I loved this new series! They’re previewing Episode 2 on-line, so I didn’t have to wait ’til next week. Cool. Good looking, shirtless and/or naked guys running around with guns. Yay!

Hmm, also, I added a DUNCAN page up top, but it basically just gives the release date. I know what the book is about, obviously—and my critique partners loved it, by the way – yay! — but I have to figure out a tagline that doesn’t give away the story, because my publisher and I are keeping this one close to our vests (and our hearts!)

I finally updated my What I’m Reading Now page. I’ve actually been reading a lot of books, but since I only post the ones I can recommend … well, let’s just say a lot of the books I’ve read lately didn’t make the cut. But this week they did!

Hmmm, okay, one of my weird satellite channels has a Buffy marathon going on. I think I’m becoming a TV addict. This is not good. I better start writing soon! 😀

See you all right back here next week!


I’m not a father, nor have I ever played one on TV … but I have lots of family, friends, and readers, too, who qualify, so Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there, wherever you are. Hope you had a great day with the people who love you.

For those of you who are wondering (as if) I’m rounding the final curve with Duncan’s story. I expect to finish this week, actually, and I think I’m going to miss him once we’re finished. Duncan will still be around, of course, and he’ll hit center stage later this year, but I’ve spent so many late nights with him over the last few months, it will seem strange not to. Of course, being the fickle writer I am, some other vampire (or perhaps an entirely new sort of creature) will soon be spending the nights with me, instead. But for now, I’m getting a little nostalgic in advance.

Although, it would probably be better if I actually FINISHED Duncan’s story before I started missing him. 😀

And speaking of excellent writers (we were, weren’t we?), many of you are probably already aware that L. A. Banks, author of the wonderful Vampire Huntress series and more, is gravely ill. A group of her friends and fans are putting together a fundraising auction for her, to help pay some pretty crushing medical bills. The auction will be held on e-bay, beginning June 21st and run through July 1st. There’s some amazing stuff already posted and more to come. If you’ve loved her books, she could surely use some of that love right now.

Also, I’ve been getting lots of questions about my ever popular Vampire Vignettes, as in, where can I read the first ones? Copyright issues prevent me from posting more than a single Vignette at a time, and readers who have been around awhile know that sometimes I don’t have any posted up there at all. There’s too much piracy in the publishing world. BUT … I will be writing a new Vignette for later this summer, and, as always, I’ll do a re-run of all the Vignettes, beginning with #1 and ending with the brand new Vignette. I don’t know the specific dates yet, just that it will be in late summer. Once I get DUNCAN put to bed (and, oh, the images that conjures) I’ll take a look at my calendar and post the schedule. But until then, just know there will be a new story coming late this summer.

No new giveaways this week, although I am hosting a craft chat at Savvy Authors this Tuesday. It’s open to all Premium (i.e., paying) members. And the Paranormal Haven interview and giveaway is still active until July 15th. I do have a few new interviews lined up for AFTER my July 15, DUNCAN deadline, but I’ll talk about those when it’s a bit closer. And don’t forget to check out my Cool Book Trailer. Beautiful vampires and hard driving music … good for the soul as we begin a new week.

Okay, I’m going to spend some more time with Duncan tonight, then get some sleep. And then, get up and do it all over again tomorrow!

Have a great week and see you all right back here next Sunday (or Monday, depending on your perspective!)



Yes, that’s right, Duncan and I are still spending our nights together, although it’s getting a little crowded now that he’s hooked up with his true love … his true love after ME, that is. 😉 The story is rounding the final curve, which induces two emotions in me … the first is relief, because I have a deadline I want to meet so my readers (i.e., all of you) get Duncan’s story on schedule. But the second is raw panic, because when I’m this deep into a story I can’t see the whole of it anymore. Until I write that last word, and then go back and read it again from start to finish, I won’t really know if it all works or not. But, not to worry, I will finish it, and just in case I don’t know what I’m talking about, my wonderful critique partners will be their usual brutally honest selves. ::sigh:: (Just kidding, guys!)

I did take a break earlier this evening to watch an hour (or so) of TV, partly because my eyes are sore, and not just from staring at the computer screen. We had so much rain this winter that there’s tons of springtime allergy stuff floating in the air of my very green canyon. It reminds me of that movie Legend with Tom Cruise. Terrible movie, but I remember there was so much stuff floating around that forest, I couldn’t believe the actors didn’t choke on it. Weird.

Anyway, the OTHER reason I took a break was because I wanted to watch The Game of Thrones on HBO. Curse you, Lannisters!! But Winter is coming and you’ll pay! (hee, hee) I’ve read these books and they’re doing a GREAT job of bringing it to the screen. The casting is also just excellent, and for once, they actually make family members LOOK like each other!

But now it’s back to DUNCAN, after I send my weekly missive to all of you, of course. 🙂

Let’s see I have one giveaway still in progress, and that’s the SOPHIA/COLIN interview over at Paranormal Haven’s Bookish Haven Summer Vacation spectacular. That giveaway ends July 15th, so plenty of time to get in on it. And you definitely want to read what Sophia and Colin are up to.

I’m also doing a brand new guest blog on Wednesday this week, June 15, at Bitten by Paranormal Romance. I’ll post the link on Facebook and Twitter once I have it on Wednesday.

I think that’s it for this week. I’ve had my Game of Thrones break and my time with you all, and now it’s back to my slave driving muse who wants me to FINISH!

See you all at Bitten by Paranormal Romance on Wednesday, and right back here next Sunday.


I’m excited to say I have an official Book Trailer! It was designed by the very talented Dee Tonorio, and it looks (and sounds) great. Check it out, and let me know what you think! And if you like it, tell all your friends! 😀 I have a long way to go to catch up to the piano playing cat!

In other exciting news, Sophia and Colin sat down for their first ever interview with the intrepid Huff and Puff reporter. The interview was featured at Paranormal Haven this past Saturday, and you can still check it out here. There’s a giveaway, too, but you have to leave a comment, so we know you were there!

More good news, RAPHAEL received a 5 Alpha Howl and a terrific new review this week from Bitten by Paranormal Romance. I’ll be guest blogging there in a couple of weeks, too.

On the reading front, I updated my Books I’m Reading Now section once again (doing a very good job of keeping up this time!) I added Magic Slays (Ilona Andrews) and Kiss of Snow (Nalini Singh), two books I really looked forward to, and they didn’t disappoint.

On the writing front, DUNCAN is coming along very nicely and will be ready for his close up! I’m already searching the image files for the perfect Duncan. There are thousands, so I search while I watch TV with my husband, which drives him nuts! 😀

And speaking of DUNCAN, for those of you who follow me on Twitter, I slipped the name of Duncan’s love interest into a tweet recently. 😉

One more thing before I go, notice the Summer Fun button up above. That’s a special promotion/contest being run by Night Owl Reviews. Tons of cool prizes and some fun thrown in. It’s a scavenger hunt kind of thing. Click the button, check it out, and then come back here to look for my personal secret icon!

Okay, I have to get back to DUNCAN, but be sure and check out my book trailer, and stop by Paranormal Haven to see what Sophia and Colin are up to.

See you next week!


UPDATE!! The Vampire Wire blog will appear on Thursday, May 5!

I spent all this week writing Duncan when I wasn’t chatting live with readers. And thanks, by the way, to everyone who came by the Bitten by Books party. I hope all of my giveaway prizes go to some of YOU! I have no control over that whatsoever, but a writer can hope.

But today I turned to writing guest blogs, to get the word out about SOPHIA and the rest of the guys.

First off, I’m guesting on The Vampire Wire this week. I’m talking about how I came up with my Vampires’ world, and I’m giving away a signed copy of SOPHIA. All you have to do to be eligible for the drawing is leave a comment, and as always it’s open internationally. I’m not sure when the post will go up. My fault–May snuck up on me, and I was late getting it in, but it should be Monday sometime and the giveaway will be open for comments for ten days, so plenty of time.

I’ve also written a couple of writerly essays, one on the FF&P chapter blog. That’s the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal chapter of the RWA, of which I’m a member. The essay discusses where my ideas come from and how I turn them into something I can actually write with. Here’s the link in case you missed it.

The other was a short blog on the question of titles and how I stink at them! It’s at The Book Boost, if you’re interested.

I’ve got more interviews, more guest blogs and more giveaways coming up later in the month, and I’ll post them all here. You know, I need a third column on this blog. Damn.

And finally, I usually avoid politics of any kind on my blogs. But, just as I was getting ready to write this blog, word came down that a small group of U.S. Special Forces personnel had conducted a raid on a house in Pakistan and finally brought down Osama bin Laden. The man who laughed at the image of the Towers falling, at the knowledge that 3000 people, citizens of nations from all over the world, had died in New York, in Washington, D.C. and in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania—that man is finally dead. This isn’t politics. This is a small measure of justice for all of those people and the loved ones they left behind, and on this day I wanted to remember them here.

Have a wonderful week, and I hope you’ll stop by my various guestings.


I’m happy to say the SOPHIA revisions are done and back to my editor. One more galley proof and SOPHIA will be a book!

I’ve had lots of questions about pre-orders and wondering why SOPHIA isn’t up on Amazon yet. This is how it works … The big publishing houses schedule and print their books well in advance of the release date, so Amazon (and other retailers) usually have the books in-house weeks before the scheduled release. That’s why some bookstores used to have bestselling titles out on display several days before the official release date. The publishers cracked down a while back and bookstores had to stop doing that (for the most part — there are still some who sneak the occasional title in early.)

But my publisher, ImaJinn Books, is a small press. And small press publishers work a much tighter schedule. My manuscripts are delivered months in advance, but the final editing and proofing is not finished until much closer to the release date. This means Amazon, for example, won’t have SOPHIA in stock until after April 1, and even then it will be days before they update their inventory to show the books available in their warehouse. Which means for you the reader … no preorders.

But I never post a firm release date until I’m pretty sure it’s going to stick. I hate telling my readers a certain date, then having to back off of it. And that’s definitely not going to happen with SOPHIA. We are totally on schedule for this book’s April 15th release!

In fact, we’re so on schedule I’m already looking ahead to the next Vampire Vignette!!

So, SOPHIA will be here very, very soon and I can hardly wait! I love this story and hope you will, too.

I’ll be updating my What I’m Reading Now page later this week. I’m making a list of what I’ve read lately. It’s so much easier with my Kindle!! I just love this thing. I even bought it a new “skin” this week, and I’ve got something like FIVE books which will all hit on April 1st, and then there’s the new Black Dagger Brotherhood book which will show up on my screen at 12:01 on March 29th! Woohooooo!

::cough:: Sorry. I got a little carried away there! 😀 Okay, I’m going back to DUNCAN. The break to revise SOPHIA took me out the story a bit, so I’m reading what I’ve written for DUNCAN so far. Have I mentioned what a great guy Duncan is? ::sigh::

See you all next week!


Yep, it’s that time again. I’m hard at work on SOPHIA revisions. Nothing too bad this time around, but as always there’s never enough hours in the day! So my late nights are filled once again with SOPHIA.

But this is GOOD news, because it means SOPHIA will definitely be out on schedule. So the groan is only halfhearted!

And the other GOOD news is FREEBIES! Yes, at long last, I got my act together and I now have freebies in the form of autographed bookplates and some bookmarks, too. And I’m giving them away to all of my wonderful readers. Basically, you just send me a SASE and I sent you stuff back, but I’ll be putting up a FREEBIES page later this week with specific directions, including my mailing address. So keep your eyes open!

In other exciting news, my critique partner Michelle Muto released her first YA Paranormal this week on Amazon. It’s called Book of Lost Souls and it’s now available for Kindle download. This is a G rated YA, no sex! But lots of fun, mystery and a hunky demon love interest (in a teenaged sort of way, of course.)

One final note before I call it a night (or a very early morning) … we’ve all seen the heartbreaking images from Japan. I know all of our thoughts are with the people there as they struggle to survive and recover from this terrible disaster. But if possible, and I know sometimes it’s not, please donate whatever you can. There are many relief organizations rushing to help, but here’s CNN’s webpage with links to a variety of relevant agencies if you’re interested.

Well, that’s it for me. It’s late and tomorrow (er, today) there are more revisions waiting for me!

See you next week!