September 27, 2010

I looked at the calendar today and realized October 1 is this Friday! I want at least two more weeks in this year and I WANT THEM NOW!!

::sigh:: Nobody’s listening.

The names keep pouring in for my NAME THAT BAR contest. Amazing, creative and clever names. You all are making my job much harder … somehow I have to choose only one. Darn.

Remember, the contest runs only through September 30th, which is (cough) this Thursday, so if you have a suggestion, get it in before then.

Sophia’s been resting … more or less. Revisions have been popping into my head at the oddest times. I like to take a few days off between completing the first draft and starting the revisions, but that time is nearly over. I expect to get back to the manuscript this week to do a first round of revisions before anyone else gets a chance to read it.

Looking ahead (way ahead, although not as far as I would like) I’m still thinking about my NaNoWriMo project. I’m leaning toward my Wolves. I really want to write that new Demon story, but I can’t really take the time right now to map out a whole new universe, because DUNCAN is calling. 😀

Checking over at Fictionwise.com, I can tell you that RAJMUND is still holding onto the Dark Fantasy #1 spot, and RAPHAEL and JABRIL are right behind him at #3 and #4 respectively. That might change later this week, but … damn, it’s been six weeks since RAJMUND was released and my blue-eyed vamp is still number one!

I’ll see you all next week, when in honor of the new month, I’ll be posting another deleted scene from RAJMUND. It’s the only scene I wrote from Emelie’s POV, which is why it got cut. But it’s a pretty significant scene in terms of Raj and Emelie’s future relationship, so I think you all will enjoy it.

See you then!


I’m getting so many great names for my bar — or rather the bar in SOPHIA. I’m writing them all down on a list, tasting them, sounding them out, playing with them . . . I already have a few favorites, but I’m holding out until the end of the month. You just never know what might come through!

And speaking of SOPHIA, I completed the first draft last Tuesday. What a rush! It’s exciting to start a new book, and then as the final chapter draws near, it seems to run just out of reach. So when you write those last words … to be continued … it’s really a great feeling.
::happy sigh::

I’ll let the story rest a few days, then go back and do revisions. My brain is already chiding me, telling me the things I’ll need to fix. It’s amazing what percolates up AFTER the manuscript is written.

And speaking of a rush, I received two new reviews this week!

The first is for RAJMUND and it’s posted at Fresh Fiction. It’s a terrific review and I’m t-h-r-i-l-l-e-d with it.

The second review was a surprise from Coffee Time Romance. They did a great review on HEART OF THE WOLF, awarding Renjiro and Kathryn four cups! Makes me want to write some more of my wolves.

NaNoWriMo is fast approaching and I’ll definitely be a part of that. The only question is … WHAT? Wolves, demons … demons, wolves. Gah!

Hmm, okay. I have to get up early this morning, so I better get at least some sleep before then. Certain people just don’t respect the concept of NIGHT OWL!!

Keep those bar names coming!


I’m guest blogging this week at Paranormal Haven, talking about why I write about vampires. There’s a RAJMUND giveaway as part of my guesting, so you should check it out HERE.

And for those of you who were turned off by Siren’s “strandbucks” requirement for HEART OF THE WOLF–and I was pretty surprised by that myself–Amazon is now offering my werewolf e-novella in their Kindle store for immediate download and no minimums! HERE’s the link to Amazon’s Kindle store.

Speaking of Amazon, they’ve finally dropped their price to match BN.com (partly, I’m sure, because I reported the lower price – LOL) although they still haven’t managed to put up the cover on search yet. Sheesh. But at least the price is up to date! RAJMUND ON AMAZON.

And finally, don’t forget to drop in at Blog Faery’s Battle of the Sexies and VOTE FOR RAPHAEL! The voting link is in the right column, Battle of the Sexies, Vote Here. Click the banner and it will take you to the ballot. Cyn’s not on the Alpha Female ballot, but Raphael is up for Alpha Male. So VOTE NOW!


I am. I admit it. But just to prove it, I’ve shared one of my many embarrassingly geeky fan girl moments with Geek Speak Magazine. This isn’t the only one, either. I just figured this one was the most appropriate, because, well … vampires.

There’s a new review up for HEART OF THE WOLF. Whipped Cream Reviews gave it FOUR CHERRIES! Here’s an excerpt …

Wolves have never been so tantalizing as they are in this book. D.B. Reynolds has made it easy to understand her version of werewolves by creating a world you can follow through a steady plot line. If you love wolf shape shifters you will love this book.

And, of course, RAJMUND, my blue-eyed vamp should be hitting Amazon THIS WEEK. Maybe very, very soon. I’ll post it here just as soon as it goes up there!

One last thing. It’s good news for me and, if you love my vamps, for you, too. It looks like I’ll be writing the full series of books, which would be eight, one for each North American territory. I don’t have a contract in my typing-cramped fingers yet, but I expect to have an announcement before too long.

I’ll be back as soon as RAJMUND goes up on Amazon! In the meantime, stay cool and drink lots of water. 🙂


There’s a new review of HEART OF THE WOLF on the Paranormal Romance Blog. Go down the page a bit to July 5. Here’s a quote . . .

I have never read a werewolf book that had more insight into the wolf. There is a mystery (who is trying to kill Kathryn?), sexual tension (Oh yeah!), violence, action, and even sleazy characters, but the pay off is the love story. Werewolves know their mates and the pursuit is paramount.

And I’ve also joined a new blog. It’s called Flirty Author Bitches and I’ll be posting there the second Tuesday of every month, starting this Tuesday, July 13! This week’s post is an intro to me and my books, which most of you already know, but there are prizes to lure you into participating. So come by and say hello!

Other than that, we’re all just in a holding pattern waiting for RAJMUND! At least I am. The book is right on track for its July 30 release date and I can hardly wait. In the meantime, I’ve gone back to working on Book 4, Sophia, and I’m already jotting down scene notes for Book 5 which, by popular demand, will be Duncan’s book. Also, I’m talking to my publisher about putting out BOTH of those books next year, so my readers don’t have to wait so long between books.

Let’s see there’s something else …  oh yeah.  Happy Birthday to me.  Yuck.




July 4, 2010

Heart of the Wolf received its first official review this week from Paranormal Haven. Stephanie gave it FOUR drops of blood and an excellent review. Here’s a quote …

Heart of the Wolf is short and sweet. The characters are instantly likable and the story keeps the reader hooked from the start. I wished it would have been longer because I just didn’t get enough of these characters and if it turns into a series, I will definitely keep reading.

The e-novella is still doing well over at Siren, so thank you, everyone! There will also be a couple more reviews coming up. I’ll post the links when I have them.

A note to anyone who still (??) hasn’t read RAPHAEL or JABRIL, my publisher is running a holiday weekend sale with up to 40% off. You can check that one out HERE.

And speaking of great books, one of my favorite authors, Adrian Phoenix, released the first book in her new series this week. Be sure and check it out … Black Dust Mambo–another great story from the writer who brought us Dante Baptiste and the Maker’s Song books.

And, let’s see … oh, yeah there’s a new Vampire Vignette posted up above! It’s number four and finishes the story of Raphael and Cyn at the Leighton family gathering. So enjoy!

And a Happy July 4th to everyone in the U.S.




June 28, 2010

First things first. The winners of my one day Heart of the Wolf drawing are …

Carol S.

You each have five days to confirm the e-mail address for your prize! Contact me at dbreynoldswriter@aol.com and I’ll send your e-novella on its way. I’ve also sent e-mails to both of you confirming your win. Be sure and tell me which e-format you prefer. I’ve got them all! MSWord, Firefox, Adobe, EPUB, LIT and PRC.

I’m happy to say Heart of the Wolf seems to be selling well and I thank every one of you who picked it up from Siren. If you did read it, please rate it on the Siren website! Er, that is, if you liked it … a lot. If not … never mind! LOL

I also want to remind everyone about my GeekSpeak Interview! Be sure and check it out HERE! They’re hosting a giveaway of any one of my Vampires in America novels as part of the interview, so be sure and check it out soon.

And, don’t forget, Vampire Vignette #3 has one more week of visibility and then it’s bye-bye … oh, and a brand new Vampire Vignette #4 will make its debut appearance.

And after that … RAJMUND! My beautiful Rajmund will be showing up at the end of July right on schedule. I can hardly wait!

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about this, so I’m adding a note regarding Amazon pre-orders … My publisher ImaJinn Books is a small press publisher. Amazon doesn’t do pre-orders with small press publishers. The books don’t come up for sale until Amazon has them physically in their warehouse and inventoried, which is about two weeks after the official release date. But while there won’t be any pre-orders available, RAJMUND will definitely be on sale at Amazon in late July! The release date of 15 July is holding. That’s my publisher’s release date which puts the books available no later than 30 July. Honest! I’m as anxious as all of you to see my Rajmund in print!


Today is RELEASE DAY for Heart of the Wolf, my new werewolf e-novella! This is a whole new story for me, so I’m pretty excited. And in honor of release day, I’m giving away copies.

Post to my blog today and win a chance for a copy of Heart of the Wolf from Siren-Bookstrand. It’s an e-novella, so download only. You can read about it (and me) HERE.

And while you’re reading, check out my new interview with Geek Speak Magazine. It’s all about seduction!

It’s also about free books, because they’re hosting a giveaway of any one of my Vampires in America novels. Check it out here.

LOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL COVER!!!!!!!! Isn’t he pretty? That’s my RAJMUND and I love this cover! I can hardly wait for the book to come out! It’s still going to be July and definitely the second half. I’ll do my best to keep it close to the 15th, but some things are out of my hands.

In other exciting news, HEART OF THE WOLF, my werewolf e-novella is now available for preorder from Bookstrand! The official release date is June 24 and it’s available in five different e-formats, including a direct Kindle download. Clicky, clicky!

Annnnnd … Vampire Vignette #3 has reappeared for its two week run. After that, I’ll be posting the brand new Vampire Vignette #4, just in time to whet your taste for Rajmund!

Such an exciting week!



June 14, 2010

I found out this week that Siren’s moving UP the release of my werewolf e-novella. The official release date is now June 24! Yay! I really love my wolves and can hardly wait for everyone else (well, maybe not everyone) to read their stories.

I’m sure you didn’t miss the new cover over there ———————————————————>>

And my author page is now up, so check it out. It includes the interview questions/answers that I put together from your suggestions.

On the Rajmund front (don’t hit me) the book might push back by a few days. ::sigh:: It’s not me, honest. I’m doing everything I can to keep it as close to July 15th as possible. I do hope to have the new cover art by this time next week, so I’m excited about that.

And also, don’t forget that next Sunday I’ll be putting up Vampire Vignettes #3 for its two week rerun, and after that, a brand new Vampire Vignettes #4.

And in the meantime, I continue to write … well, okay, I’m writing when I’m not revising for my various upcoming projects. Which is what I’m going back to right now.

See you next week!