Well, truthfully, I’ve been doing more than shopping the last couple of weeks. I’ve been doing a lot of promo stuff, like guest blogs and interviews. And since I can’t turn off my brain, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and note taking about LUCAS and other upcoming projects, too.

BUT … my holiday shopping is officially o.v.e.r. Packages will go off in the mail on Tuesday (because today is the busiest shipping day of the year … did you know that?) I still have to wrap the local presents, or rather put them and a bunch of tissue in some gift bags, which are one of the greatest inventions of all time. I’m a terrible wrapper. Even my mom thought I was terrible and she had no patience for wrapping at all!

But I’m still back on the writing track as of this evening. Vignettes, novellas and sweet, sweet LUCAS (who’s not always so sweet…irritating male.)

That doesn’t mean the fun stuff stops, though.

First up, DUNCAN has been nominated for Paranormal Haven’s Best of 2011!! He’s up for Favorite Novel in a Series. So, please stop by and VOTE!

I also have two guest spots coming later this week. This Wednesday, December 14th I’ll be doing an interview and live chat with Literal Addiction and Book Monster Reviews. The interview will be at both Literal Addiction’s Author’s Corner and Book Monster Reviews with a separate giveaway for each venue.

The live chat will also take place this Wednesday, December 14th, at 5:00 pm Pacific (8:00 pm Eastern.) The chat forum is HERE, below the fold. You should check in early to be sure your JAVA is up to date and to create a log-in, if necessary. Again, the CHAT log-in is below the fold.

Also, this week is RomFan Reviews’ Holiday Blog Hop. I’ll be guest posting there this Friday, December 16th, with another giveaway.

And I’ll be linking to all of these events and their giveaways on Facebook and Twitter as they unfold.

More wonderful reviews came in this week, too. DUNCAN’s release has introduced new readers to the series, so I’m getting reviews not just of DUNCAN, but of all the previous books, too. So nice!

SOPHIA was reviewed by
The Romance Reviews and named a Top Pick in addition to having already been nominated as Best PNR 2011.

Also reviewed this week…all of the first four books by Joyfully Reviewed. Wonderful reviews for …

And … my new laptop computer arrived this week! Squeeee! I wasn’t expecting it until the 21st, and I’ve been so busy that all I’ve done so far is plug it in. Sheesh.

So…despite the absence of thousands of words, it was a great week! And the coming week promises to be equally busy and equally fun, plus…some words, too.

I hope to see you all at my live chat on Wednesday, and I will see all of you back here next Sunday/Monday night!



November 21, 2011

Let’s start with DUNCAN (yes, please!) DUNCAN is now available from Amazon in PRINT and KINDLE. They haven’t dropped their print price yet, and probably won’t until BN.com starts shipping. BN.com’s price is lower, but they’re still only offering pre-orders. I expect that to update soon. I also expect Fictionwise to update eventually, but Fictionwise has that weird update schedule, so I just have to keep an eye on it.

In the meantime, though, lots of you have read DUNCAN and so many of you have posted or e-mailed to let me know you loved him. I have the best readers in the world!!

I also received my first reviews for DUNCAN this week. First from Dot at La Deetda Reads. Dot has been a wonderful supporter of my Vampires from the very beginning, and I’m happy to say she loved Duncan and Emma. You can check out her review HERE, but here’s a taste …

Reynolds takes us on a roller coaster of emotions and delivers reading satisfaction. She can write rings around so many of today’s authors. She develops her characters to the point where we live in their skin.

My second review was from RomFan Reviews, who gave DUNCAN Five Hunks (that’s like five stars, but with half naked men!) You can read the full review HERE, but here’s a snippet …

D.B. Reynolds is on a roll I could not put Duncan down it was full of thrills, humor and of course romance. I strongly suggest you read not just Duncan but every book in this series you will not be disappointed.

By the way, I’m doing an Interview and Giveaway at RomFan today. The giveaway is any one of my books, winner’s choice, print or Kindle, and it’s open internationally. There’s a tiny hint about LUCAS in the interview, too, so DROP BY and say “Hi!”

In other news, SOPHIA has been nominated for Best PNR – Vampire (2011) by The Romance Reviews. The competition is really stiff in that category, as always, but it’s nice to be nominated. You can cast your vote for SOPHIA HERE. You’ll have to page through the other categories, but it’s BEST PNR – VAMPIRE (2011)

And in more “other” news, Vampire Book Club is asking readers to nominate the best book they’ve read this year … just in case you want to stop by and nominate SOPHIA or DUNCAN. πŸ™‚ HERE’s the LINK.

On a more practical note, there’s been some question about the PDF version of DUNCAN sold by the ImaJinn Books site. Apparently, readers objected in the past that including the cover art made the file too big and too slow, so ImaJinn stopped including the cover in their PDF’s. But for DUNCAN, some readers were unhappy at not getting the cover art (‘cuz he’s so handsome!) My editor wanted me to pass this on to you … If you received a version without the cover, and you’d like one WITH the cover, you can send ImaJinn your order number and they’ll send you a link to download the book with the cover. You can email ImaJinn at orders@imajinnbooks.com.

Okay, exciting news and business out of the way … I’m still pounding away on my NaNoWriMo project. I got a little behind early in the month, because of DUNCAN’s release, but I’ve caught up with that now, and am right on track to finish my 50K. Of course, after that, I’m going to need to take the month of December off, but what the heck, right? πŸ˜€

And Winter has officially landed in my neck of the woods. A little early, I know, but we’ve had three rain storms in as many weeks, and I’m typing this with my fingerless gloves on to keep my hands warm. I even brought my patio chair covers in last night, which makes it official. Summer is over. And apparently, so is Fall, I don’t care what the calendar says.

And finally, this week is Thanksgiving for those of us living in the U.S. I’m actually cooking this year … what was I thinking? But I’m ready (almost.) I’ll do my final grocery shopping on Tuesday — gotta avoid Wednesday at all costs. It’s a zoo. And by Thursday, I’ll be cooking turkey and stuffing and my favorite food in all the world, mashed potatoes. Yum.

I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving, and if you don’t celebrate it, then I wish you a very happy Fall, wherever you are.

See you all back here next Sunday!



October 10, 2011

And other things, too, but for the next several months, it will be Vampires. I’ll be putting together an anthology of all the Vampire Vignettes so far, plus a couple of new ones. Depending on sales, it will probably only be in e-format, but it will be available on Kindle, Nook and Smashwords. Does that cover Apple devices? I’ll have to find that out. My plan is to cover all the available platforms. And if you don’t have an e-reader, you can always download the Kindle for PC and read it on your PC. That will be early in the year.

And then I’ll be writing a brand new Raphael/Cyn novella. This is something new, kind of stories between the books, but much longer than the Vignettes. These will be available in e-format initially, but once I’ve written two or more, my publisher will put them together and make a print book available. I’m hoping the books will all be available on Nook, in addition to Kindle, by then. But again, there’s always the Kindle for PC fallback. I’m not sure about the release date, yet. But somewhere between the Vignette Anthology and LUCAS. The novella will feature Raphael and Cyn and lead directly into the next full-length Vampires novel.

Which means, after the novella, it’s time for LUCAS, my cowboy vampire. You’ll meet Lucas for the first time at the very end of DUNCAN. I don’t want to give anything away, but, let’s see … he’s gorgeous, he’s sexy, and he likes to walk the fine edge of Raphael’s patience. And he’s about to meet a woman who presents a challenge he just can’t resist.

And I’ll be getting started on all of those writing projects for NaNoWriMo this year. For those of you unfamiliar with NaNo, it’s the annual exercise in torment for masochistic writers all over the world! We take on the challenge of writing 50K words in a single month. For anyone who doesn’t realize … that’s a lot of words! Especially when you’re a total compulsive like I am and constitutionally incapable of ignoring the rules of grammar, syntax, spelling, story … The good part is, I end up with something useable at the end of the month, whereas some of what gets written during NaNo … well, let me be polite and simply say it needs some work. LOL

But before any of that writing, NaNo or otherwise, sees the light beyond my computer, we will finally see the release of my sweet DUNCAN! It’s so close now, I can hardly wait!

Unfortunately, I have to, so I’ll satisfy myself with some new reviews and other good stuff for this week.

RT Book Reviews published their review of RAJMUND this month and I’m SO happy! 4 1/2 stars! I can’t link to the review, because it’s by subscription, but I can quote it … “an uber-sexy vampire lord, an intriguing heroine and red-hot sensuality …” I couldn’t agree more. Rajmund is definitely uber-sexy!

There were some excellent new reviews posted on Amazon, too. And speaking of Amazon, SOPHIA is still part of their October promo, which means you can get the Kindle version for only $2.99. I think the promo only lasts through October, but I’m not sure. I do know it will go back to the regular price once the promo’s over.

And while we’re talking about promos, Steph and Athenna at Paranormal Haven are hosting their annual Halloween at the Haven with lots of excellent guests and cool giveaways. I’ll be over there at the end of the month, but more on that later.

Also, Night Owl Reviews is having a Full Moon Web Hunt to celebrate the month of Halloween, and they’ve got tons of prizes, including a Kindle and lots of Amazon gift cards.

And I think that’s it for this week, but I’ll see you right back here next Sunday, with hopefully more news about DUNCAN and when my publisher will let me post at least a tiny peek. Oooooooooh. Can’t see much of Duncan if the peek is tiny. (Shame on me. Yeah, right. LOL_


I’ll keep this short, because I know you all want to move on to the new Vignette!

No cover for DUNCAN yet, though I’m hopeful it will be soon. A new review of RAJMUND at
The Romance Reviews. A good one, so I”m happy.

I’ve been reading lots of books, but couldn’t recommend any until this week when I finally read a couple I enjoyed enough to post. I’ll be updating my What I’m Reading Now later tonight, if you’re interested.

My Buffy rerun fixation continues. Angel has come back from a few centuries of torment in Hell, and may I say that a half-naked Angel straining at his chains is a sight to see. ::sigh::

Okay, that’s it for this week. Happy Labor Day to my readers in the U.S. and Happy Vignette to you all.

See you next week!



August 1, 2011

As promised, I posted Vampire Vignette #1 last night. It will be up for only ONE week, so be sure and catch it now! It used to be I could give each Vignette a two-week run, but there are many more of them now. When I wrote Vignette #1, I didn’t know they would prove to be so popular. It was just intended as a freebie short story to fill the long space between book releases. But now, the Vignettes have become a part of the stories themselves. It’s pretty exciting, because I love writing them.

In other news, there’s a new interview up today with WereVampsRomance. There’s a giveaway, and there should be a review posted soon, too. I want to thank Christy M. who recommended me for the site. I’m her Readers Choice! Too cool, Christy!

And speaking of reviews, RAPHAEL received a terrific review this week from THE ROMANCE REVIEWS! Some readers are still just finding my vampires, so I love it when a review site like TRR puts out such a great review!

On the WTF front, my aol address book was hacked. I don’t use that account anymore, but I still receive the occasional mail from someone who doesn’t know better, or who does know better, but simply refuses to change their own address book, so I’m not sure how it happened. But I posted yesterday as soon as I knew about the fake e-mails, and I’ve completely emptied my address book there now. Hopefully that will prevent such a thing from happening in the future. Pisses me off!!

On a completely non-writing front, we had family visiting from out of town last week, and did the touristy thing by going to Universal Studios. I haven’t been there in years, because, well, I live here! But having just visited, let me offer my review of the major rides for anyone considering a visit … the King Kong 3D on the Studio Tour is pretty cool. Lots of jerking around, but pretty cool. The rest of the tour is sadly dated, but it’s a nice relaxing 40 minutes or so if you want to get off your feet! πŸ˜€ The Mummy ride is a dud. A five minute roller coaster ride in the dark that’s even shorter in reality, because it goes forward and then backward over the same route … all in five minutes. Very disappointing. Jurassic Park, on the other hand, was a blast! They have warnings about getting wet and even sell ponchos going in, but we thought … how wet could it be? Very wet. There’s just no way you can stay dry. Dinosaurs are constantly spraying and splashing water at you, so no matter where you sit, you’re gonna get wet. And then there’s the 85 foot waterfall plunge at the end. Soaking wet! Loved it!

And that concludes the roller coaster portion of our blog this week! LOL We have more family visiting in a couple of weeks, though, so who knows where we’ll go next?

I’ve been updating my What I’m Reading Now pretty faithfully, so, if you’re interested, you might want to check in there. In the meantime, I have a Vignette to work on, and a cowboy vampire to dream up. The things I do for my readers! πŸ˜€

See you all next week with Vampire Vignette #2!


Yes, that’s right, Duncan and I are still spending our nights together, although it’s getting a little crowded now that he’s hooked up with his true love … his true love after ME, that is. πŸ˜‰ The story is rounding the final curve, which induces two emotions in me … the first is relief, because I have a deadline I want to meet so my readers (i.e., all of you) get Duncan’s story on schedule. But the second is raw panic, because when I’m this deep into a story I can’t see the whole of it anymore. Until I write that last word, and then go back and read it again from start to finish, I won’t really know if it all works or not. But, not to worry, I will finish it, and just in case I don’t know what I’m talking about, my wonderful critique partners will be their usual brutally honest selves. ::sigh:: (Just kidding, guys!)

I did take a break earlier this evening to watch an hour (or so) of TV, partly because my eyes are sore, and not just from staring at the computer screen. We had so much rain this winter that there’s tons of springtime allergy stuff floating in the air of my very green canyon. It reminds me of that movie Legend with Tom Cruise. Terrible movie, but I remember there was so much stuff floating around that forest, I couldn’t believe the actors didn’t choke on it. Weird.

Anyway, the OTHER reason I took a break was because I wanted to watch The Game of Thrones on HBO. Curse you, Lannisters!! But Winter is coming and you’ll pay! (hee, hee) I’ve read these books and they’re doing a GREAT job of bringing it to the screen. The casting is also just excellent, and for once, they actually make family members LOOK like each other!

But now it’s back to DUNCAN, after I send my weekly missive to all of you, of course. πŸ™‚

Let’s see I have one giveaway still in progress, and that’s the SOPHIA/COLIN interview over at Paranormal Haven’s Bookish Haven Summer Vacation spectacular. That giveaway ends July 15th, so plenty of time to get in on it. And you definitely want to read what Sophia and Colin are up to.

I’m also doing a brand new guest blog on Wednesday this week, June 15, at Bitten by Paranormal Romance. I’ll post the link on Facebook and Twitter once I have it on Wednesday.

I think that’s it for this week. I’ve had my Game of Thrones break and my time with you all, and now it’s back to my slave driving muse who wants me to FINISH!

See you all at Bitten by Paranormal Romance on Wednesday, and right back here next Sunday.


I’m excited to say I have an official Book Trailer! It was designed by the very talented Dee Tonorio, and it looks (and sounds) great. Check it out, and let me know what you think! And if you like it, tell all your friends! πŸ˜€ I have a long way to go to catch up to the piano playing cat!

In other exciting news, Sophia and Colin sat down for their first ever interview with the intrepid Huff and Puff reporter. The interview was featured at Paranormal Haven this past Saturday, and you can still check it out here. There’s a giveaway, too, but you have to leave a comment, so we know you were there!

More good news, RAPHAEL received a 5 Alpha Howl and a terrific new review this week from Bitten by Paranormal Romance. I’ll be guest blogging there in a couple of weeks, too.

On the reading front, I updated my Books I’m Reading Now section once again (doing a very good job of keeping up this time!) I added Magic Slays (Ilona Andrews) and Kiss of Snow (Nalini Singh), two books I really looked forward to, and they didn’t disappoint.

On the writing front, DUNCAN is coming along very nicely and will be ready for his close up! I’m already searching the image files for the perfect Duncan. There are thousands, so I search while I watch TV with my husband, which drives him nuts! πŸ˜€

And speaking of DUNCAN, for those of you who follow me on Twitter, I slipped the name of Duncan’s love interest into a tweet recently. πŸ˜‰

One more thing before I go, notice the Summer Fun button up above. That’s a special promotion/contest being run by Night Owl Reviews. Tons of cool prizes and some fun thrown in. It’s a scavenger hunt kind of thing. Click the button, check it out, and then come back here to look for my personal secret icon!

Okay, I have to get back to DUNCAN, but be sure and check out my book trailer, and stop by Paranormal Haven to see what Sophia and Colin are up to.

See you next week!


As always when I’m buried deep in writing a book, especially when I’m in the second half of a book and the action has picked up and things are happening, I don’t surface much for anything else. So this week wasn’t a particularly busy one, other than writing, of course.

I did update my What I’m Reading Now section, since I’m always reading something, even if it’s only for an hour before I fall asleep every night (morning.) There are a couple of great books releasing today, by the way. In fact, they’re probably already on my Kindle—Nalini Singh’s Kiss of Snow, which is Hawk’s story, and Ilona Andrews’ Magic Slays. My only problem will be deciding which one to read first!

And there are still two giveaways open … at Parajunkee’s View, until June 6, and especially at Black Lagoon Reviews, until June 3. There are hardly any entries on the Black Lagoon site so far, so if you want a signed copy of one of my books, this may be your best chance. All you have to do to enter is comment, although you can gain extra entries by doing other stuff. Also, as I mentioned last week, anyone reading this blog who wins one of the giveaways can email me at dbreynoldswriter@live.com and let me know if they want any other book instead, including DUNCAN, and I’ll substitute. Of course, if you choose DUNCAN, you’ll have to wait for his release. Note, this is only for readers of this blog, so please don’t share. Be DO rush over and enter! πŸ˜€

SOPHIA did get a new review this week. Actually I’m not quite sure when it posted, but I happened upon it this week. It’s at Nocturne Reads, and SOPHIA earned the full 5 hoots, which makes me very happy.

SOPHIA also continues to hold the #1 Dark Fantasy spot at Fictionwise.com, as well as ranking in the top ten overall, plus my guys are holding down four of the top five spots for highest rated Dark Fantasy, also. As always, these are the latest rankings as of this posting.

So, business out of the way and on to pleasure. I’ve begun to contemplate my next Vampire Vignette in the off hours when DUNCAN lets me rest. I’ll be turning DUNCAN in to my publisher the middle of July, so I’m planning a Vignette re-run for the middle of Summer, culminating as always in something brand new. I haven’t decided what it will be yet, but if you read Cyn’s interview at Parajunkee’s View, you know Raj and Sarah’s wedding isn’t too far off. I just haven’t decided if they’ll get married before or after DUNCAN. But either way, there will be a new Vignette this Summer.

And speaking of character interviews, SOPHIA and COLIN will sit down for their first ever interview for Steph and Athenna at Paranormal Haven on June 4th. It’s part of their Bookish Haven Summer Vacation extravaganza and, as always, there will be a giveaway involved! I’ll be posting the interview to Facebook and Twitter once it goes live, plus I’ll remind you all about it next week, too.

By the way, if you want to catch me on Facebook and/or Twitter, there are links up above to friend, follow and/or subscribe if you’re so inclined.

Finally, today is the official recognition of Memorial Day here in the U.S., the day we remember those men and women who have given so much so
the rest of us don’t have to, and especially those men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice. I have many readers in the military, and even more who have friends and family serving here and overseas. I thank every one of you for your service and wish you a speedy and safe return home to your loved ones.

See you next week …


My darling girl SOPHIA is killing ’em over on Fictionwise.com! The latest rankings as I went to press with this blog had SOPHIA as the Number THREE overall bestselling title AND even better, the Number ONE bestselling Dark Fantasy title. In fact, if you look closely, you see RAPHAEL, RAJMUND and JABRIL ranked numbers 3, 4, and 5 respectively. Apparently, I’m not the only one who loves my vampires!

And speaking of loving my vampires, I’ll be over at Bea’s Book Nook tomorrow with a new interview and a review, plus a giveaway contest. And then on Friday, I’ll be at Black Lagoon Reviews with a guest post about what makes my vampires the bloody, beautiful creatures they are! And there’s another giveaway, too.

There’ll be even more guest spots and giveaways coming soon. I’m still in promo mode, still giving away books. In the coming weeks, I’ll be doing a couple of character interviews, just for something different. I won’t say who will be interviewed, but it should be interesting. (And no, it’s not Duncan! No peeking at DUNCAN!)

I’ll be posting all of these guest spots and giveaways on Facebook and Twitter, just to remind everyone. And speaking of Facebook and Twitter, don’t forget to choose your poison, or take both, and friend or follow me as appropriate. I’ve put links in the right hand column above to make it easier for you.

There are also updates on the What I’m Reading Now page above, in case you follow my reviews. I also post my reviews on GoodReads, and, to remind you, I only review the books I like. As a writer, I know how much work goes into a book, so I don’t do bad reviews. If I don’t like a book, I simply don’t review it.

Am I forgetting anything? SOPHIA #1, the guys right behind her, promo spots for this week, facebook/twitter, new reviews … let me think … what else have I been doing this week?

Oh, right. DUNCAN. Sweaty, smooth-muscled, half-naked Duncan. Hmmmm. I should probably get back to that. πŸ˜€

See you at Bea’s tomorrow, Black Lagoon Reviews on Friday, and right back here late, late next Sunday!


First up, Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all of the mothers, grandmothers … and step versions thereof, many of whom do a hell of a job, too. I hope you all had a wonderful day with those you love.

Moving on to the Win A Book part … My guest post on The Vampire Wire finally came through! The contest to win a signed copy of SOPHIA runs for ten days (starting last Thursday), so there’s still plenty of time to enter. All you have to do is comment and/or ask a question and you’re in! The contest is open internationally.

And speaking of SOPHIA, my loveliest vampire lord debuted at #1 in Dark Fantasy over at Fictionwise.com. And you’ll see Raphael still sitting there in the #3 spot, too. In fact, if you look over at the Highest Rated Dark Fantasies, you can see Rajmund, Raphael and Jabril occupying three of the top five spots. We’ll see how it shakes out when they update tomorrow, but it’s looking good for Sophia!

I might have another interview/giveaway up this Friday, but the date is in flux, so I’ll post it here and on FB and Twitter if it ends up being this week.

Which brings up another interesting development from this past week. I’ve surrendered to the dark side and am now on Twitter. You all will be treated to my random thoughts at irregular intervals instead of just once a week, for which I apologize in advance. πŸ˜€ I’ll soon be having a contest on Twitter, too, so if you get a chance, follow me now!

I’ve installed buttons for Facebook and Twitter up on the sidebar, along with the e-mail subscription link. But in case you don’t want to look that far, here are the links …



And finally, I’ve added a few books to my What I’m Reading Now section. I’m trying to be better about keeping that up to date, so I’m just adding the books as I read them and hoping that will work.

And in the meantime, I’m back with Duncan, hard at work telling his story. As I’m sure I’ve said before … it’s tough job, but someone’s got to do it! πŸ˜€

See you next week and don’t forget to drop by The Vampire Wire and maybe win!