Well, truthfully, I’ve been doing more than shopping the last couple of weeks. I’ve been doing a lot of promo stuff, like guest blogs and interviews. And since I can’t turn off my brain, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and note taking about LUCAS and other upcoming projects, too.

BUT … my holiday shopping is officially o.v.e.r. Packages will go off in the mail on Tuesday (because today is the busiest shipping day of the year … did you know that?) I still have to wrap the local presents, or rather put them and a bunch of tissue in some gift bags, which are one of the greatest inventions of all time. I’m a terrible wrapper. Even my mom thought I was terrible and she had no patience for wrapping at all!

But I’m still back on the writing track as of this evening. Vignettes, novellas and sweet, sweet LUCAS (who’s not always so sweet…irritating male.)

That doesn’t mean the fun stuff stops, though.

First up, DUNCAN has been nominated for Paranormal Haven’s Best of 2011!! He’s up for Favorite Novel in a Series. So, please stop by and VOTE!

I also have two guest spots coming later this week. This Wednesday, December 14th I’ll be doing an interview and live chat with Literal Addiction and Book Monster Reviews. The interview will be at both Literal Addiction’s Author’s Corner and Book Monster Reviews with a separate giveaway for each venue.

The live chat will also take place this Wednesday, December 14th, at 5:00 pm Pacific (8:00 pm Eastern.) The chat forum is HERE, below the fold. You should check in early to be sure your JAVA is up to date and to create a log-in, if necessary. Again, the CHAT log-in is below the fold.

Also, this week is RomFan Reviews’ Holiday Blog Hop. I’ll be guest posting there this Friday, December 16th, with another giveaway.

And I’ll be linking to all of these events and their giveaways on Facebook and Twitter as they unfold.

More wonderful reviews came in this week, too. DUNCAN’s release has introduced new readers to the series, so I’m getting reviews not just of DUNCAN, but of all the previous books, too. So nice!

SOPHIA was reviewed by
The Romance Reviews and named a Top Pick in addition to having already been nominated as Best PNR 2011.

Also reviewed this week…all of the first four books by Joyfully Reviewed. Wonderful reviews for …

And … my new laptop computer arrived this week! Squeeee! I wasn’t expecting it until the 21st, and I’ve been so busy that all I’ve done so far is plug it in. Sheesh.

So…despite the absence of thousands of words, it was a great week! And the coming week promises to be equally busy and equally fun, plus…some words, too.

I hope to see you all at my live chat on Wednesday, and I will see all of you back here next Sunday/Monday night!



August 29, 2011

Vignette #5 is up this week, a change of pace with Raj and Sarah. It continues their story beyond the end of their book. I wrote it because Raj’s book ended up about 20K words shorter than what I wrote. Some of it I posted on the blog as deleted scenes, but not all of it was that simple. As I said last week, I’ve always felt Raj was a bit misunderstood, so I wrote this Vignette to explore the next step in Raj and Sarah’s relationship. We’ll be seeing their wedding in a future Vignette, not sure which number yet. But, for now, here’s Vampire Vignette #5, featuring Raj and Sarah.

Next week will be a brand new Vignette, the last one until after DUNCAN’s story makes its debut in December.

Several people have asked about the previous Vignettes again this week. Unfortunately, because of copyright issues, I can’t post more than one Vignette at a time. But I’ve had so many questions about it over the years, that I’m looking into the possibility of publishing all of the existing Vignettes, plus some new ones, in an anthology. It will probably be early next year before I get it all together, but I am exploring it.

A new review of RAPHAEL came out this week at Reading the Paranormal. I love it that I’m five books in and new readers (and reviewers) are just discovering RAPHAEL and my Vampires in America.

Apart from writing the new Vignette, exploring future stories, and working on revisions for the blog … I’m still on my Buffy rerun kick. David Boreanaz was such a hunk. Well, okay, he still is, but he’s just so damn sexy in Buffy. And now Spike has made his appearance and I’m reminded why I’ve always loved the bad boys best. And, of course, all of my guys are the baddest boys of all!

Whoa, John Ritter just appeared. No spoilers, but don’t eat the cookies! 😀

Okay, I’ve got to turn off Buffy and get some work done before I sleep, so that’s it for me this week. Remember, next week, a brand new Vignette. See you then!



August 1, 2011

As promised, I posted Vampire Vignette #1 last night. It will be up for only ONE week, so be sure and catch it now! It used to be I could give each Vignette a two-week run, but there are many more of them now. When I wrote Vignette #1, I didn’t know they would prove to be so popular. It was just intended as a freebie short story to fill the long space between book releases. But now, the Vignettes have become a part of the stories themselves. It’s pretty exciting, because I love writing them.

In other news, there’s a new interview up today with WereVampsRomance. There’s a giveaway, and there should be a review posted soon, too. I want to thank Christy M. who recommended me for the site. I’m her Readers Choice! Too cool, Christy!

And speaking of reviews, RAPHAEL received a terrific review this week from THE ROMANCE REVIEWS! Some readers are still just finding my vampires, so I love it when a review site like TRR puts out such a great review!

On the WTF front, my aol address book was hacked. I don’t use that account anymore, but I still receive the occasional mail from someone who doesn’t know better, or who does know better, but simply refuses to change their own address book, so I’m not sure how it happened. But I posted yesterday as soon as I knew about the fake e-mails, and I’ve completely emptied my address book there now. Hopefully that will prevent such a thing from happening in the future. Pisses me off!!

On a completely non-writing front, we had family visiting from out of town last week, and did the touristy thing by going to Universal Studios. I haven’t been there in years, because, well, I live here! But having just visited, let me offer my review of the major rides for anyone considering a visit … the King Kong 3D on the Studio Tour is pretty cool. Lots of jerking around, but pretty cool. The rest of the tour is sadly dated, but it’s a nice relaxing 40 minutes or so if you want to get off your feet! 😀 The Mummy ride is a dud. A five minute roller coaster ride in the dark that’s even shorter in reality, because it goes forward and then backward over the same route … all in five minutes. Very disappointing. Jurassic Park, on the other hand, was a blast! They have warnings about getting wet and even sell ponchos going in, but we thought … how wet could it be? Very wet. There’s just no way you can stay dry. Dinosaurs are constantly spraying and splashing water at you, so no matter where you sit, you’re gonna get wet. And then there’s the 85 foot waterfall plunge at the end. Soaking wet! Loved it!

And that concludes the roller coaster portion of our blog this week! LOL We have more family visiting in a couple of weeks, though, so who knows where we’ll go next?

I’ve been updating my What I’m Reading Now pretty faithfully, so, if you’re interested, you might want to check in there. In the meantime, I have a Vignette to work on, and a cowboy vampire to dream up. The things I do for my readers! 😀

See you all next week with Vampire Vignette #2!


So, my favorite commercial was the Volkswagen one with the little Darth Vader. Loved it. I laughed so hard. I have a male relative (who shall graciously remain nameless) who used to sing the entire Darth Vader theme. Duh duh duh duh duh-duh duh duh-duh. The whole thing! LOL He never got a car to start, though.

I wrote the epilogue to Duncan today. Not because I’ve finished the rest of the story, but because I’ve been mulling over how to introduce Book Six (SIX!! OMG!!!) and it suddenly hit me. I wrote it out so I wouldn’t forget. And I like it!

Now, of course, I have to get back to writing everything that comes BEFORE the epilogue. I’m loving DUNCAN, though, so no problems there.

Next week, I’ll be posting the first teaser chapter for SOPHIA. I’m so excited about this book! I wish April was here already!!

And the first three books are doing extremely well in Kindle sales! RAPHAEL, especially, since he’s priced at only $2.99, but all three books continue to sell really well. RAPHAEL goes up and down, but he pretty much stays somewhere in the top 100 Kindle sales for Romance/Vampire. JABRIL and RAJMUND flit in and out of the top 100. For a brief time today, RAPHAEL actually bumped into the top 100 Kindle/Fiction/Horror. I never thought of RAPHAEL as horror, but I guess if it’s Vampire, it’s horror!!

Don’t forget that the latest contest, which is asking for Duncan’s last name, continues. I’ve gotten quite a few entries, but I’ve also gotten a couple of e-mails asking if it’s a trick question. And the answer is NOPE. Duncan definitely has a last name and it’s definitely somewhere in the first three books. I’ll accept entries until midnight February 19th, PST, and I’ll be announcing the winner on February 20th. Entries should be e-mailed to dbreynoldswriter@live.com and be sure to put Contest in the subject line, so my SPAM filter doesn’t toss it.

And my good friend and wonderful writer, Adrian Phoenix, is giving away signed galleys and cover flats of her forthcoming Etched in Bone, which is the fourth book of her Maker’s Song series. THAT is one book I’ve already pre-ordered for my Kindle. Midnight on February 22, that book is MINE!!

And finally, a reminder that I’ll be wandering around the RT Booklovers Convention in L.A. in April, and signing at the Book Expo. Plus JABRIL has been nominated for an RT Reviewer’s Choice award, which will be announced at the convention. It would be nice to see some familiar faces, or at least put faces to familiar names!

Hmmm, okay, it’s back to writing for me. Duncan awaits!!

See you next week with the first taste of SOPHIA!


I was very, very happy this week to receive a new review of RAPHAEL from VAMPIRE ROMANCE BOOKS! They like me. They really like me. Or at least they like Raphael and the gang . . . which is just fine with me.

I also have an essay up on the SAVVY AUTHORS Den Blog. This one’s a writerly essay about outlining in preparation for NaNo. If you’re planning on joining us as we descend into madness, you might want to check it out.

SOPHIA is all but ready for her close up with my editor on November 1. A tweak here and there and the story is told. Scenes for DUNCAN and the unnamed Book Six are already popping into my head, but they’re rapidly being crowded out by my NaNo project which will be a sword and sorcery fantasy for teens. I’ll have to remind myself … no sex!! LOL

I’m also jotting notes for a new Vampire Vignette. I haven’t decided whom it will feature, but I’m thinking Raj and Sarah deserve some face time. We’ll see which story wins out.

In the meantime, there’s still time to visit PARANORMAL HAVEN for their Halloween at the Haven. There’s my INTERVIEW WITH RAPHAEL, of course, but there are also tons of other giveaways and more coming up before Halloween.

Okay, it’s late here (and when I say late, you know it’s really LATE!) And it’s raining, too. So, I’m taking a good book with me and going to my bed, which is nicely pre-warmed, courtesy of my darling husband.

Have a great week!


It’s Vampire Week at Blog With Bite and yours truly is one of the featured authors. There will be an interview and review of Raphael, and a book giveaway, too. I think my interview goes live tomorrow.

I’m getting lots of reviews now, including one from the iconic Reviewer #1 at Amazon, Harriet Klausner. She gives RAJMUND five stars! Here’s an excerpt:

The key in the excellent book three of the Vampires of America (see Raphael and Jabril) is that the lead vampire behaves radically different from his star predecessors even with each being arrogant males (an oxymoron). Sara is his equal as she is, when forced, a feisty fighter even with her running from herself . . . This is a great fresh romantic urban fantasy with a strong late twist . . .

Another new review, but this one of RAPHAEL, is up at Leather Bound Books and I’m told the other two books will be coming soon.

RAJMUND is still the #1 Best Seller for Dark Fantasy at Fictionwise.com with RAPHAEL and JABRIL at #3 and #4. Yay!

Moving on, I get letters from readers asking when they’ll get another Vampire Vignette. Um, well … right now, I’m completely enmeshed in writing SOPHIA. I’m nearing the finish line, which means things are getting very tense, very dicey, very sexy … I love writing this stuff!

I also made some more notes for DUNCAN last night. I’ve got the storyline down. I’ve got the heroine’s character written, no description, no name yet. And I’ve got Duncan in faded denims and a t-shirt with his hair down around his shoulders. ::thunk:: Where was I? LOL

I’m thinking ahead to Book 6, too. I can’t believe I just typed that. Book 6? I actually made some notes on it this weekend. I know what he looks like and a little of his background. I just have to look at my map of Vampire territories and decide which city he calls home.

And to compensate for the absence of a new Vignette, I’ll be posting the first “deleted scene” from RAJMUND next week.

Okay. Back to SOPHIA. She and Colin are about to … Um. Never mind. 😀


Be sure and drop by Blog Faery today and comment on my Guest Blog. I’m discussing one of my pet peeves, which is the celibate heroine. Why is it that the alpha male is expected to have a studly history, but the alpha female is supposed to sleep all alone in her little bed. Equal rights for alpha females! If the guys can do it, so can the women!!

And there’s a giveaway, an autographed book of your choice (as long as it’s one of MINE!)

So, come say “hi.” I’ll be around!

Also, fantastic news from Fictionwise.com. The #1 Bestselling Dark Fantasy AND the #3 Bestseller Overall e-title is my blue-eyed vamp, RAJMUND! He’s also the #2 Highest Rated (recent) and, if you look at the Dark Fantasy Bestsellers closely, you notice that RAPHAEL is #3 and JABRIL is #4! Three of the top five bestselling Dark Fantasy books are my Vampires in America! Woot!

Pretty cool, huh?

All right, it’s nearly 2:00 in the morning here, which is prime writing time for yours truly. So, I’m going back to SOPHIA. Some pretty tense things going on there.

Don’t forget to join me at Blog Faery’s and I’ll see you Sunday night!


I’m guest blogging this week at Paranormal Haven, talking about why I write about vampires. There’s a RAJMUND giveaway as part of my guesting, so you should check it out HERE.

And for those of you who were turned off by Siren’s “strandbucks” requirement for HEART OF THE WOLF–and I was pretty surprised by that myself–Amazon is now offering my werewolf e-novella in their Kindle store for immediate download and no minimums! HERE’s the link to Amazon’s Kindle store.

Speaking of Amazon, they’ve finally dropped their price to match BN.com (partly, I’m sure, because I reported the lower price – LOL) although they still haven’t managed to put up the cover on search yet. Sheesh. But at least the price is up to date! RAJMUND ON AMAZON.

And finally, don’t forget to drop in at Blog Faery’s Battle of the Sexies and VOTE FOR RAPHAEL! The voting link is in the right column, Battle of the Sexies, Vote Here. Click the banner and it will take you to the ballot. Cyn’s not on the Alpha Female ballot, but Raphael is up for Alpha Male. So VOTE NOW!


PhotobucketDon’t forget to drop by TODAY, May 26th, at the 9 Days of Darkness Event. There’s a new (and glowing) review of RAPHAEL, a new interview and I’ll be there answering questions between 10 am and 4 pm PST, and giving away a signed copy of one of my books (winner’s choice.)

See you there!


PS And be sure and drop by TOMORROW when ADRIAN PHOENIX will be the featured author for the 9 Days of Darkness Event.


I’m in excellent company over at Demon Lovers Blog this week! It’s 9 Days of Darkness with a different author every day! I’ll be there on Wednesday, May 26th. There’s a new interview, a review of Raphael, and I’ll be on station between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm PST to take questions. I’ll be checking in all day and all week, but during those hours on Wednesday, I will be sitting right here at my computer, ready to talk. As usual, I’ll be giving away an autographed book. The promo says it’s Raphael, but if the winner wants one of the other books, that’s fine with me.

I’m the lead-in for Adrian Phoenix, by the way. Not bad, huh? Adrian will be there on Thursday, the 27th, and she’s giving away a whole set of her Maker’s Song books.

So plan on dropping by BOTH days to say hello. Or, heck, drop by all nine days!

And, of course, as promised, if you look above you’ll see Vampire Vignette #1 is making its rerun appearance for the next two weeks. Back by popular demand. LOL

For me, it’s been another week of revisions. I received the copy edit/revisions on my werewolf e-novella, Heart of the Wolf, this week, so I’ve been working on that. And I expect to receive the copy edit/revisions on Rajmund any day now. In the meantime, I’m writing away on Sophia (book 4) and I’m more than halfway home on that one, too.

And when I’m not doing those, I’m doing some research on a new series. I’ll still be doing my vampires, and hopefully, my werewolves, too, but I’m looking for something new. I don’t want to give anything away yet, but I’m kind of excited. And as long as I’m researching a new series, is there any particular paranormal you all would like to see more written about?