January 16, 2012

Yep, 2012 is definitely starting on a quiet note. My darling husband was finally released from the hospital, which means I got to sleep in my very own bed, thank all the gods! I think we slept about 15 hours that first day home. But then it was a mountain of laundry, a mini-mountain of paperwork (still sitting on my desk, though the laundry at least is done.)

I want to thank all of you again for your thoughts and prayers for my DH’s recovery. It helped me get through some of those long, sleepless nights, and days, too.

My DH is very happy to be home at last, happy to have his books and his newspapers (he never did understand why we couldn’t send someone out for the daily paper–I think he confused the hospital with a fine hotel on some days – LOL!) And I’m happy to have my own kitchen and refrigerator, not to mention my own bathroom and shower. Plus, my elliptical. The exercise routine definitely suffered, but between meal deprivation and stress, I’m pretty sure I lost rather than gained weight, so no worries there. My back is very happy to be exercising again, gotta keep those muscles loose, and, of course, sleeping in a bed is much easier on my back than in a chair!!!

So, feeling very productive today. I put in a couple of hours on the new blog site. Getting very close to being finished. The design was done weeks ago by someone far more skilled than I. But I’ve got to transfer all of the old posts and pages, plus I’m reorganizing, and html code can be a troublesome thing. Still, it won’t be long now.

Working on the blog tonight, I somehow ended up with an Ugly Betty marathon on TV, and was too preoccupied to locate the remote and change it. Fortunately, the sound was down, but really … an Ugly Betty marathon?? I did finally change the channel and right now I’m looking at an extreme close-up of Spike’s gorgeous cheekbones, having found a Buffy marathon instead. btw I discovered several new shows while wandering through the hospital’s very limited TV offerings. Don’t you think if one is going to be trapped for hours and hours in a hospital bed that they could at least offer satellite TV? Of course, that might just be me. đŸ˜€

I read lots of books, but can’t recommend any of them so far. Currently reading Kresley Cole’s Lothaire. I love her Immortals After Dark series, and Lothaire is the latest. It’s too soon to tell, but I will say that the sex in this one is HOT. I did read PRIVATE #1 Suspect by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro, the second book in a non-romance, non-paranormal, straight thriller/mystery series which I really enjoy. I’ll post more on that later.

Hmmm. No new reviews this week, no new promo appearances–saving all of those for February and my very first Vampire Vignettes Anthology! Woohooo! But lots of writing going on as I finish off the Vignettes and get back to the Cyn/Raphael novella which is up next. And after that, I’ll finally turn all of my attention back to the ever-so-charming LUCAS whose story is dying to be told. The boy does have an ego, but then, don’t they all?

Hopefully, next week I’ll have some cover art for you–it’s so pretty and sexy, too. But in the meantime, I guess I’ll count my blessings that it was a quiet week, and get back to work on my Vignettes.

See you next week.


8 Responses to “ALL QUIET SO FAR”

  1. johnny king Says:

    hello glad your home here a song for u , i found please listen to it [the best i,ll ever be] by sister hazel but don,t forget there,s two veri. of it. get the one that,s rare piano aco. ok i hate to say i agree with ur hubby a he should be able to get the paper i was stuck in the hosp. for 3 week,s in traction it sucked to alone with 11 doctor,s are u ever going to answer my question ? are you writing a new book called lucas johnny

  2. dbreynolds Says:

    Hi Johnny, Yes, the next Vampires in America novel will be LUCAS! But before that is the Vampire Vignettes Anthology in February, and a brand new Cyn/Raphael e-novella, and then comes LUCAS!

  3. sylviehansen Says:

    So glad your DH is out of the hospital and on the mend! Isn’t it amazing how housework continues to pile up even when your not actually in the house??

    Speaking of housework, a Buffy marathon is a very good reason to put off doing housework. Spike…*sigh*

  4. Jenn Says:

    Glad your husband is home. :)))) There is no place like home. I’m very excited for the Vignette Anthology. When will the e-novella be released? How many pages will it be? You know me and my questions. I can’t wait to read more about my favorite couple! Have a GREAT week.

  5. Cindy G. Says:

    Glad to hear your hubby is home and your life is getting back to normal whatever your normal is.
    I agree that getting back in to your own bed is the best medicine.
    Happy New Year…

  6. Nikki Says:

    In case you haven’t finished it yet, Lothaire is AWESOME! My favorite one of that series so far. The author did a great job.

  7. johnny king Says:

    well just to let u no i missed u.

  8. Alba Soto Says:

    I so loved your Vampires in America books.What and where will these virginettes be appearing and how can I find them…
    thanks for your books, what fun…


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