November 11, 2011

Okay, here we go at last!! DUNCAN is now available for immediate download at Amazon’s Kindle store




29 Responses to “DUNCAN NOW ON KINDLE!!”

  1. My copy is safely on my Kindle. Can’t wait to start reading! Have been eagerly awaiting Duncan for a LONG time.

    • clamos Says:

      Mine too! And isn’t the cover exactly like you pictured Duncan? OK! Off to my happy place to start reading….Love you, D.B.! Many, many thanks!

      • meana001 Says:

        Can’t wait, just downloaded it to my kindle. I get to listen to it in the car. Gotta love text to speech!!

  2. Marilyn Adam Says:

    Just in time for the weekend!!!!! Thanks!

  3. Jenn C Says:

    Wahoo!!!! And earlier than I thought!!!! Going to download it tonight!!!!!

  4. windybon Says:

    Thank you, thank you! I now have Duncan on my Kindle, too!

  5. Duncan is all bundled in my Kindle. I can’t wait to unwrap him.

  6. sylviehansen Says:

    I’m still going to hold out for print. As much as I love my Kindle, it’s just not a good medium for showing covers. And personally, it’s worth the extra wait for an awesome cover to what I know will be a great story!

  7. Judy Peterson Says:

    I just bought it late last night and will be starting it tonight. I can’t wait!

    • Judy Peterson Says:

      Although I will be waiting for the printed version too. That way I will not miss out on the cover. And sometimes I just like to read a good book the old fashion way.

  8. Jan Says:

    I have no idea why I checked in tonight, but I’m glad I did. Gotta’ go set Grimm to record. Tonight belongs to Duncan!

  9. Lisa Says:

    I did the same thing Jan!
    Friday night with Duncan sounds Fabulous.

  10. Sherry Says:

    YAY! Happy dancing all the way into the next room for my kindle!

  11. lynnette Says:

    just bought the book cant wait until it comes out . i got in in print instead of my nook. its a collector item so i will have it in my library. thank yoy

  12. kam luen Says:

    man, i am so jealous, i live in a 3rd world country.. cant use kindle here… ms reynolds you have to do something…i wanna i wanna….. duncan…
    kam luen, malaysia

  13. I’m so excited! I’ve been waiting for Duncan to go live. And, just LOOK at your Amazon rankings! Fantastic!

  14. Helene Says:

    Stayed up and read the whole book. Duncan is such a classy and sexy Vampire. I would rate this book 5*****. Its as good as Raphael.

    D B R – Thanks again for this wonderful story!

  15. Lisa Says:

    Just finished reading Duncan and Loved it!! It was worth the wait. 🙂

  16. Bonnie C Says:

    I started Duncan last night, and I’m 19% through the book, but I had to tell you that he is so swoon worthy! I know I’m going to love the whole book.

  17. Jenn Says:

    Finished Duncan last night. You are awesome!!!! I loved him! The story was everything I hoped it would be and more!!!!! You rock!! 5*****

  18. meana001 Says:

    Read Duncan over the weekend and LOVED it!!!!! I bought it on my kindle but will also buy it in paperback, LOVE the covers, they are so awesome. You are the best!!

  19. Sherry Says:

    Finished reading Duncan & Emma’s story — Love It! Thank you so much for another wonderful story. Life gets so hectic and your writing has been my Calgon moment!

  20. johnny king Says:

    me too if i i got the money …….are boo hoo

  21. johnny king Says:

    is rapheal / cyn in this one?

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