Hope everyone who celebrated had a Happy Thanksgiving with lots of great friends, family and food. My turkey was delicious this year. I tried a new recipe and it worked out really well. I am now officially sick of turkey, however, and longing for a good burger. πŸ™‚

DUNCAN received a wonderful review this week from FRESH FICTION. They called Duncan’s story … “SENSATIONAL! Non-stop from page one! This story sizzles off the pages!!”

Isn’t that great?

And today, Monday, November 28, PARANORMAL HAVEN will be posting their review of Duncan, plus I’m guest posting there today, too. My post is a little behind-the-scenes snippet of When Cynthia Met Emma, and it might surprise you. There’s also a giveaway, so be sure and stop by PARANORMAL HAVEN soon.

In distribution news, FICTIONWISE.COM listed DUNCAN this week, and he’s already a bestseller. In fact, if you look at Fictionwise’s Bestsellers in Dark Fantasy, five of the top six are my books. How cool is that?

As of the time I’m writing this, BN.com is still only taking pre-orders. I have no idea why, unless their warehouse is just really slow, because Amazon has been shipping for a long time, and so has ImaJinn. Of course, I don’t have my author copies yet, so those of you waiting to receive your books can take solace in knowing that I’m waiting too!! For the book,anyway. Obviously, I know the story. πŸ˜‰

And, finally, NaNoWriMo is almost over (thank the gods.) I’ve only about 4000 words to go, so barring some major crisis in my life, by this time next week, I’ll be a NaNo winner once again, and my life will have returned to normal! Of course, normal is a relative term when you’re a writer, especially when combined with holiday shopping. But I’m hoping to work a spa vacation into the month of December somewhere, and my darling husband has promised to go with me.

Okay, time for me to get working on those 4K words I still have to write. No hardship there, because I’m writing Lucas, and he’s a honey to work with.

See you all next week. Here’s hoping we all get some great deals on Cyber Monday!! Wheeeeeee!



November 21, 2011

DUNCAN just hit Fictionwise.com! Yay!




November 21, 2011

Let’s start with DUNCAN (yes, please!) DUNCAN is now available from Amazon in PRINT and KINDLE. They haven’t dropped their print price yet, and probably won’t until BN.com starts shipping. BN.com’s price is lower, but they’re still only offering pre-orders. I expect that to update soon. I also expect Fictionwise to update eventually, but Fictionwise has that weird update schedule, so I just have to keep an eye on it.

In the meantime, though, lots of you have read DUNCAN and so many of you have posted or e-mailed to let me know you loved him. I have the best readers in the world!!

I also received my first reviews for DUNCAN this week. First from Dot at La Deetda Reads. Dot has been a wonderful supporter of my Vampires from the very beginning, and I’m happy to say she loved Duncan and Emma. You can check out her review HERE, but here’s a taste …

Reynolds takes us on a roller coaster of emotions and delivers reading satisfaction. She can write rings around so many of today’s authors. She develops her characters to the point where we live in their skin.

My second review was from RomFan Reviews, who gave DUNCAN Five Hunks (that’s like five stars, but with half naked men!) You can read the full review HERE, but here’s a snippet …

D.B. Reynolds is on a roll I could not put Duncan down it was full of thrills, humor and of course romance. I strongly suggest you read not just Duncan but every book in this series you will not be disappointed.

By the way, I’m doing an Interview and Giveaway at RomFan today. The giveaway is any one of my books, winner’s choice, print or Kindle, and it’s open internationally. There’s a tiny hint about LUCAS in the interview, too, so DROP BY and say “Hi!”

In other news, SOPHIA has been nominated for Best PNR – Vampire (2011) by The Romance Reviews. The competition is really stiff in that category, as always, but it’s nice to be nominated. You can cast your vote for SOPHIA HERE. You’ll have to page through the other categories, but it’s BEST PNR – VAMPIRE (2011)

And in more “other” news, Vampire Book Club is asking readers to nominate the best book they’ve read this year … just in case you want to stop by and nominate SOPHIA or DUNCAN. πŸ™‚ HERE’s the LINK.

On a more practical note, there’s been some question about the PDF version of DUNCAN sold by the ImaJinn Books site. Apparently, readers objected in the past that including the cover art made the file too big and too slow, so ImaJinn stopped including the cover in their PDF’s. But for DUNCAN, some readers were unhappy at not getting the cover art (‘cuz he’s so handsome!) My editor wanted me to pass this on to you … If you received a version without the cover, and you’d like one WITH the cover, you can send ImaJinn your order number and they’ll send you a link to download the book with the cover. You can email ImaJinn at orders@imajinnbooks.com.

Okay, exciting news and business out of the way … I’m still pounding away on my NaNoWriMo project. I got a little behind early in the month, because of DUNCAN’s release, but I’ve caught up with that now, and am right on track to finish my 50K. Of course, after that, I’m going to need to take the month of December off, but what the heck, right? πŸ˜€

And Winter has officially landed in my neck of the woods. A little early, I know, but we’ve had three rain storms in as many weeks, and I’m typing this with my fingerless gloves on to keep my hands warm. I even brought my patio chair covers in last night, which makes it official. Summer is over. And apparently, so is Fall, I don’t care what the calendar says.

And finally, this week is Thanksgiving for those of us living in the U.S. I’m actually cooking this year … what was I thinking? But I’m ready (almost.) I’ll do my final grocery shopping on Tuesday — gotta avoid Wednesday at all costs. It’s a zoo. And by Thursday, I’ll be cooking turkey and stuffing and my favorite food in all the world, mashed potatoes. Yum.

I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving, and if you don’t celebrate it, then I wish you a very happy Fall, wherever you are.

See you all back here next Sunday!



November 17, 2011

DUNCAN just showed up on Amazon in print. Here’s the link DUNCAN PAPERBACK on AMAZON. The price is much better on BN.com, but they’re still in pre-order. I’ll keep on eye on that. I’m sure they’ll switch over within a day.

Also, I would expect Amazon to lower their price to match BN.com within a day.

Also, also, you can get it directly from ImaJinn Books at the BN.com price.




November 14, 2011

This was a very exciting weekend for me, because AMAZON suddenly released DUNCAN several days early in Kindle format. It was one of my wonderful readers, Julie aka @Ryalin1 on Twitter, who caught the first posting on Amazon. Even then, I had to do an advanced search to find it, and it was several hours before DUNCAN was searchable to everyone! Amazon’s a weird site. Anyway … I knew the book might show up over the weekend sometime, because Amazon does that with Kindle, but I NEVER expected it during the day on Friday! That was so cool!

And even cooler was all the enthusiasm from my readers as you kept me up to date on who was finding it and who was still looking. And then you all started reading! And now I’m getting reports in telling me how much you love DUNCAN’s story, and I’m just so happy. ::sniff::

Of course, not everything is perfect. The print books aren’t available yet, except by preorder from BN.com, or direct from ImaJinn Books at ImaJinnBooks.com.

I do know that ImaJinn expects to start shipping print books tomorrow, and I’ll keep an eye out for them to show up on BN.com and Amazon. The book has been uploaded to Fictionwise.com, but Fictionwise has a weird update schedule, so it might show up this week … or it might be next week. I never know for sure.

This was the most fun, the most exciting, new book release I’ve had yet! Thank you all, each and every one of you for making it so great!

To top it all off, I do have a couple of giveaways going on. Raphael is still playing over at I Smell Sheep’s November swag day. Giveaway is open until November 17th and there’s lots of great prizes, plus a bare-chested Joe Manganiello, which is always a good thing.

And I want to thank Dot Salvagin at La Deetda Reads for her wonderful shout out on DUNCAN’s release.

Also, my publisher has debuted a new Facebook page, including a Featured Author interview with yours truly. And a Kindle Fire giveaway, too.

And now it’s back to work for me. NaNo is in full swing, and Raphael and Cyn are … well, doing what they do, while Rajmund and Sarah are about to take center stage. πŸ™‚

See you all back here next week!



November 11, 2011

Okay, here we go at last!! DUNCAN is now available for immediate download at Amazon’s Kindle store




November 7, 2011

Okay, yeah, that’s a pretty unforgivable play on titles up there, but I couldn’t resist. I wanted to talk about winter, but also about Duncan, so it just happened!

Saving the good stuff for last, let’s talk winter. As in, I broke down and switched comforters on my bed yesterday, shoving the summer weight into the dry cleaning bag and pulling the winter weight out of the cupboard. Now, I had an exchange last week with someone on the other side of the country, about whether it ever gets cold in California, because Raphael and Cyn and the gang are always complaining about the cold weather. This person asserted that it never got below like 50 degrees. Well, hey, don’t mind me, I just live here. And, yes, it DOES get cold in California, even Southern California where I live. In winter, it routinely gets into the 40’s overnight (Hell-Oh! Vampires! All of my stories take place at night!) And we even see temps in the high thirties where I live, which is where Raphael and Cyn live, too. When you add in the wet air this close to the ocean, that’s COLD, people. Some might even say frigid!

But from the ridiculous to the sublime, we move on to sweet DUNCAN and the fact that his book release is only days away. Which means (looks around carefully) keep your eye on Kindle, because it will pop there first, and one never knows.

Also, one of my wonderful readers (that would be you, Mari Golden) called my attention to the fact that BN.com now has the print version of DUNCAN up for pre-order!! How cool is that? It’s a first and a total surprise to me! Yay! Maybe that will spur Amazon to do the same, who knows? Anyway, HERE’s the link.

By the way, we’re hopeful that all of my books will be available in Nook format before the holidays. BN’s been dragging their feet, but they’ve finally come through, so it’s in the works. This is good, because I’d really like a Nook and need an excuse to buy one … since I already have a Kindle. πŸ™‚

For those of you watching Grimm with me, I thought the second episode was an improvement on the first. Nick Grimm still isn’t my favorite actor, but he was better, and I really like the supporting cast. It’s not that unusual for the pilot of a new series to be kind of clunky, so if a series interests me at all, I’m always willing to postpone judgement ’til at least the second episode. And the stories so far are good, despite the shoddy police work. (It’s a pet peeve of mine when shows/books don’t pay even a token attention to actual police procedure.) But overall, I thought this ep was better, so I’ll definitely keep watching for now.

And finally, I’ve got a couple of promo things coming up later this week, which I’ll post here and on FB and Twitter the day before, so keep an eye out. There are giveaways involved!

Okay, back to work. It’s NaNo time again, non-stop writing for 30 days and, in my case especially, nights, at the end of which one hopes to look back and discover what they’ve written makes sense! Wish me luck!

See you all next week!