October 31, 2011

Anyone who stopped by Paranormal Haven today, already knows this, but … DUNCAN’s release date is … NOVEMBER 15th! Yes, you read that correctly. DUNCAN’s release date has been moved up and it’s official. My publisher just confirmed it for me a couple days ago. That’s like TWO WEEKS and we’ll have DUNCAN!

And speaking of giving away secrets, Raphael spilled the beans earlier today during Cyn’s interview over at Paranormal Haven’s Halloween at the Haven event. You should definitely stop by over there, because Cyn’s telling the story of her very first vampire … and Raphael is mightily curious. Gotta love the big guy. There’s also a giveaway, and even though the contest rules don’t say it, DUNCAN is included as a possible giveaway prize. But mostly, it’s fun hearing what Cyn has to say.

I know I’m forgetting something … TV? No, that’s not it. Although, I watched the new TV show GRIMM this week. Anyone else? It was pretty good, although the actor playing Nick Grimm could use a little spark. But maybe he’ll grow into the role. Definitely worth a second watch, though. Also caught Once Upon a Time with Snow White’s mysteriously bird’s nest hair. Puzzling. Interesting, though, that Snow and the Prince obviously had SEX, because a baby resulted. Now, THAT’s something you don’t hear about in fairy tales! 😀

Okay, I have to cut it short. I’ve got work to do to make sure DUNCAN makes his debut on time! NOVEMBER 15th! Squeeeeee!

See you next week when I’ll be hip deep in NaNoWriMo!

Happy Halloween, Good Samhain, Felicitous Harvest … to everyone!


24 Responses to “DUNCAN RELEASE DATE!!!”

  1. Love it! Going to preorder from Amazon.

    • dbreynolds Says:

      Hi Virginia,

      Unfortunately, there are NO preorders on small press books from Amazon! But I’ll post it here and FB and Twitter as soon as it’s available.


  2. Jan Says:

    What great news about Duncan!!
    And I agree. Nick needs…something. I’ll be watching again next week, but we’re all used to seeing Buffy get in close and stake vampires that shooting these…monsters, seems a bit tame. Does that make me blood thirsty? The attack on Nick’s aunt is more my speed. I’m worried about something else, and give me your take on this: If these monsters exert some energy to appear human, they should look like monsters when they are dead, right? Can’t exert yourself when you’re dead. Yes. I’m one of *those* people. And to your credit….everything in your books makes absolute sense. As a reader, thanks for thinking things through.

    • dbreynolds Says:

      Good point, Jan! Because when the “monsters” died they actually went the wrong direction, turning human instead of monster! I wonder how they’d explain that. It’s convenient, because then there are no dead monsters to explain to the human authorities, but IT MAKES NO SENSE!

      Producers/writers hate people like you and me! 🙂


  3. windybon Says:

    Hooray for Duncan! I can hardly wait for him.

  4. EKK I am soo excited! YAY!! LOVE IT!

  5. kam luen Says:

    yay, so excited cant wait for duncan’s story …..Love your books … raphael is the coolest.. right up there with jerricho barrons.. yum yum..

  6. kam luen Says:

    ms reynolds, i cant find the book to order in amazon or book depository…..ai yah..help..

    • dbreynolds Says:

      Hi Kam Luen,

      Unfortunately there are no preorders on small press books, so we just have to wait until it’s released. But I’ll be posting it here and on FB and Twitter just as soon as it’s available.


  7. D, please give your publisher a big hug for me. She rocks, the readers will be very happy. Thanks for making my day.

  8. Lisa Says:

    OMG! I’m so excited for Duncan!!

  9. Marilyn Adam Says:

    When will “Duncan” be up for pre-order on Amazon? I do not see it there today.

    • dbreynolds Says:

      Hi Marilyn,

      Amazon doesn’t do preorder for small press books, unfortunately. But I’ll post it here and on FB and Twitter as soon as it’s available.


  10. Yay! Doing the yipee-skipee dance. (yes, I know it looks like a silly dance, but I’m excited!)

  11. patty ann Says:

    Wonderful …Can’t wait…just reread them all getting ready for Duncan…Bring it on…

  12. Georgina Gutierrez Says:

    Hi: Will Duncan be released on kindle edition? If it does, Will it be released at the same time as the regular book?

    • dbreynolds Says:

      DUNCAN will definitely be out on Kindle, and the Kindle version is usually the first one to hit Amazon!

  13. Georgina Gutierrez Says:

    Hi: I also wanted to ask you if there’s plan for your books to come out on a hard cover edition? I would love to have them as books, but I only buy regular books when they come out on hard cover version and I think Vampires on America (At least to me!) are worth it, I think they would look very classy, Right now I only have them on kindle edition but if they come out on hard cover I would buy them on a heart beat, I just love them all!

    • dbreynolds Says:

      Hi Georgina,

      There aren’t any plans for hardcover, although all of my books are available in a trade paperback format, as well as e-books!



  14. sylviehansen Says:

    WooHOO! Duncan’s coming November 15th! Just in time for my birthday! Pretty soon I’ll be holding Duncan in my hot little hands. The book, I mean, not the man. But hey, no harm in fantasizing…

  15. I watched Grimm too, even though the reviews all seemed to be pretty bad online I thought it was pretty good. There were a couple of “Urgh, that’s way too cheesy” moments, but definitely worth another episode or two 🙂

    Yey about the release date being moved forward! I’m not published yet but does that have any bearing on you as the author, other than people being able to buy it earlier than planned?

    • dbreynolds Says:

      No impact on me at all, Natalie. I’m just happy my readers will get DUNCAN’s story sooner!


  16. Kathie Says:

    When will Amazon show Duncan for sale?

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