July 31, 2011

I think my old e-mail address was hacked, dammit. So if you receive an e-mail from dbreynoldswriter@aol.com today, THROW IT AWAY! And don’t click any links it probably contains! I’ve emptied that old address book now, so this shouldn’t happen again.

See y’all later tonight with my regular post!



One Response to “I’VE BEEN HACKED!”

  1. Jane Johnson Says:

    Dear Ms. Reynolds – –

    I’m a devoted reader of your “Vampires in America” series and have just finished “Sophia” and can’t wait to begin reading Duncan’s story in December. What a cliffhanger, by the way at the end of Sophia.” Anyway, I’ve just discovered your Vampire Vignettes and was wondering if you’d be kind enough to send the link to me for Vignettes 1-3, those are the ones I’ve missed and would really like to read them. In the meantime, I’ll have to possess my soul in peace with #4 and look forward to reading about Duncan and wondering what kind of trouble he’ll get into, and hopefully out of.

    From what I’ve read, so far, you appear to have a very fertile imagination and I truly hope you have many, many more stories rattling around in that imagination of yours about our delicious Raphael and his Cyn. This world would be a much less interesting and oh-so bland place without them !

    Thank you for your time . . . your work and taking the rest of us on your journey. It’s quite a blood-curdling, adrenaline-pumping ride ! And I’m enjoying every minute of it !


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