July 31, 2011

I think my old e-mail address was hacked, dammit. So if you receive an e-mail from dbreynoldswriter@aol.com today, THROW IT AWAY! And don’t click any links it probably contains! I’ve emptied that old address book now, so this shouldn’t happen again.

See y’all later tonight with my regular post!



July 31, 2011

As promised, Vampire Vignette #1 is up just in time for Sunday morning church going! 😀


I was looking at the calendar this week and realized that summer is almost over! The stores are already having back-to-school sales. And what this means to me (and you) is the coming of a new Vampire Vignette! 🙂

But before we can get to the new Vignette, it’s time to revisit the old ones. So, beginning next Sunday, I’ll be starting with Vignette #1 and posting them one per week, leading up to the newest one. Here’s the schedule …

July 31 – #1
August 7 – #2
August 14 – #3
August 21 – #4
August 28 – #5
September 4 – New Vignette

Unlike my regular posts which post late, late Sunday night, I’ll make every effort to post the Vignette reruns on Saturday night, so they’re available all day Sunday. Each Vignette will be available for one week, and then will be replaced by the next in line, until the brand new #6 posts on September 4.

In other news, my darling husband (DH) is home from the hospital and feeling much better, as am I. There’s much to be said for a good night’s sleep in your own bed! I want to thank all of you who took the time to send well wishes and thoughts. It kept me going through some pretty rough hours!

One final note, a new interview with Black Nailed Reviews posted last week. You should check it out, because as always, there’s a giveaway and it’s open until July 27th. Here’s the link.

Okay, I’m going back to work on my new Vignette, plus the outline for LUCAS and a few other things.

See you all next week, when my very first Vampire Vignette will begin its return engagement!



July 19, 2011

Sorry about missing my usual Sunday night posting. But remember how this week was going to be the one where I relaxed after sending DUNCAN off to my publisher? Maybe accomplish a few of the many things on my to-do list?

Well, my darling husband (DH) went into the hospital on Wednesday, completely unexpected. I’ve spent the last 5-6 days at the hospital with him, except for a brief visit home each day to shower/change/bring in the mail. Very little sleep in a chair by his bed, lots of stress.

But GOOD NEWS! Today he’s home again, back to our own bed, our own house, our own space. I was so happy I could have cried. In fact, I think I did. Hospitals are necessary, they do a lot of good, but there’s nothing like home to make you feel better. And my DH is better, too. Not fully happy or himself, yet, but getting there.

I did manage to do some work in the middle of the night while I sat awake, unable to sleep. I worked on LUCAS’s outline and sketched out the new Vampire Vignette. I haven’t looked at those notes, yet, so I can’t say if they make any sense. I was awfully tired, and by last night, my brain simply refused to function. But tonight I shall sleep well and tomorrow that to-do list is still waiting for me!

I might have an interview up on Black Nailed Reviews this week. It’s scheduled, but I’m not sure it’s going to show up. I’m checking and I’ll let you know when I know.

In the meantime, hope this week is way less exciting than last week. And I hope the same for you all, unless the excitement is the fun kind! See you next week!


D.O.N.E. That’s how! Yes! Duncan’s story has been told. You all won’t get to read it until December, but I sure loved writing it. And since today just happens to be my birthday, it’s a nice little gift to myself that I can send this one off to my publisher ahead of schedule. Well, that, and the spa visit I’m indulging in a bit later this afternoon, and then there’s dinner with my darling husband, of course. 😉

I’m not giving away any details yet. You’ll just have to wait for it. But next up is Lucas, my cowboy vampire—long, rangy and just a bit irreverent, even when it comes to the Big Bad, Raphael. I’m looking forward to telling his story, but not just yet. I’ll probably take a month off before undertaking the next big project. After all, I need to write a new Vampire Vignette first, right? And there are a couple of other projects I want to do some background on, maybe sketch out a couple of stories. Plus there’s that HUGE to-do list I’ve been adding to while I pushed everything aside to complete DUNCAN! lol

I do have a new interview coming up on July 20th, and another after that, but I’ll give you the details on those when they get closer.

In the meantime, I want to thank all of my readers who continue to buy my books and to tell their friends about them, and especially the readers who have left such wonderful reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. I’d be nowhere without all of you.

I’ve updated my What I’m Reading Now list and expect to add quite a few more books now that DUNCAN is on his way.

And now, I think I’ll stay up late and READ a book! (hee,hee)

See you next week.


I can’t believe the year is half over already! At this rate DUNCAN will be here before you know it! ;-D

The hot weather has definitely arrived here in So. California. I’m not much of a Summer person. I mostly hide out in air conditioned rooms and wait for the Fall. Hiding out in air conditioned rooms is good for writing, though! And that’s good for my readers, since I seem to remember promising a new Vampire Vignette by the end of Summer. Hmmmm.

I haven’t been getting much reading done lately, since I’ve been writing like crazy, but my good friend (and brilliant writer) Adrian Phoenix released the second book in her Hoodoo series this week, Black Heart Loa. Adrian’s hoodoo books delve into lots of magic (black and white), voodoo, hoodoo (yes, there is a difference) plus gorgeous nomads of the male variety. I love her writing and I love this book!

By the way, thanks to everyone who bid on my character naming for the L.A.Banks auction! I worried when I put it up there that no one would bid on it, but no! It did quite well, I’m happy to say.

Let’s see, what else can I say this week? My brain is so wrapped up in DUNCAN, that’s it’s difficult to force it down any other path. (The sexual innuendo in that one sentence should tell you where my mind is…for shame! LOL) So, I think I’ll just get back to it and do us all a favor!

Happy 4th of July to all my American readers and a belated Happy Canada Day to everyone up North!

See you next week!