June 20, 2011

I’m not a father, nor have I ever played one on TV … but I have lots of family, friends, and readers, too, who qualify, so Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there, wherever you are. Hope you had a great day with the people who love you.

For those of you who are wondering (as if) I’m rounding the final curve with Duncan’s story. I expect to finish this week, actually, and I think I’m going to miss him once we’re finished. Duncan will still be around, of course, and he’ll hit center stage later this year, but I’ve spent so many late nights with him over the last few months, it will seem strange not to. Of course, being the fickle writer I am, some other vampire (or perhaps an entirely new sort of creature) will soon be spending the nights with me, instead. But for now, I’m getting a little nostalgic in advance.

Although, it would probably be better if I actually FINISHED Duncan’s story before I started missing him. 😀

And speaking of excellent writers (we were, weren’t we?), many of you are probably already aware that L. A. Banks, author of the wonderful Vampire Huntress series and more, is gravely ill. A group of her friends and fans are putting together a fundraising auction for her, to help pay some pretty crushing medical bills. The auction will be held on e-bay, beginning June 21st and run through July 1st. There’s some amazing stuff already posted and more to come. If you’ve loved her books, she could surely use some of that love right now.

Also, I’ve been getting lots of questions about my ever popular Vampire Vignettes, as in, where can I read the first ones? Copyright issues prevent me from posting more than a single Vignette at a time, and readers who have been around awhile know that sometimes I don’t have any posted up there at all. There’s too much piracy in the publishing world. BUT … I will be writing a new Vignette for later this summer, and, as always, I’ll do a re-run of all the Vignettes, beginning with #1 and ending with the brand new Vignette. I don’t know the specific dates yet, just that it will be in late summer. Once I get DUNCAN put to bed (and, oh, the images that conjures) I’ll take a look at my calendar and post the schedule. But until then, just know there will be a new story coming late this summer.

No new giveaways this week, although I am hosting a craft chat at Savvy Authors this Tuesday. It’s open to all Premium (i.e., paying) members. And the Paranormal Haven interview and giveaway is still active until July 15th. I do have a few new interviews lined up for AFTER my July 15, DUNCAN deadline, but I’ll talk about those when it’s a bit closer. And don’t forget to check out my Cool Book Trailer. Beautiful vampires and hard driving music … good for the soul as we begin a new week.

Okay, I’m going to spend some more time with Duncan tonight, then get some sleep. And then, get up and do it all over again tomorrow!

Have a great week and see you all right back here next Sunday (or Monday, depending on your perspective!)




4 Responses to “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY 2011”

  1. I’m sure you don’t have an exact date but do you think Duncan will be released by the end of this year or will it be next year?

  2. abby davis Says:

    Just a question will Lucia Shinn. Cyn’s friend in Jabril ever find her special man/vampire. ad

  3. dbreynolds Says:

    My publisher said if I deliver DUNCAN on time, he will release in time for the holidays. Now THAT’s something I wouldn’t mind finding under my tree! 😀

  4. dbreynolds Says:

    I’ve thought about hooking Lucia up with a vamp. I haven’t come up with a story for her yet, but it’s a definite possibility.

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