April 4, 2011

A brand new review again this week, this time for RAPHAEL! Scoring 5 out of 5, which makes it a Top Pick, Missyb from Night Owl says …

Ms. Reynolds did an excellent job of introducing two very strong characters. Cyn is a very confident and sharp as nails woman. Raphael is tall, dark and sexy! Together they are a great pair that make the story seem more real and not farfetched. The chemistry was extremely hot! With the sex scenes even hotter! If you are looking for a new author to follow, here is a great one! D.B Reynolds is going on my To Be Watched for Pile!!

Here’s the link to the whole review, if you’re interested.

Cool. πŸ˜€ I love good reviews!!

And speaking of good reviews, if y’all love my vamps and if you bought from Amazon, I would really appreciate it if you’d write a couple lines of review. Especially for my beautiful, blue-eyed Rajmund who sells books, but doesn’t always get the love he deserves!

This week, of course, is the big RT Booklovers Convention! I’ve wanted to attend one of these for the longest time, but they’ve always been far away. Finally, they’ve come to L.A. and I’ll be there! I’ll be signing at the Book Expo, giving away bookmarks and other goodies, and even better I’ll be picking up my RT Reviewers Choice Award for JABRIL! So exciting! I’ll be bringing my camera along, and I might even remember to use it!!

And leading up to RT, Literary Escapism has been profiling authors who will be attending the convention–and they are many and illustrious–but they included me in the listing, too. πŸ˜‰ Here’s a link to that one, if you’re interested. It’s kind of a mini-interview, although the first paragraph sounds like I’m talking about myself in third person. Awkwaarrrrd!

And finally this week … SOPHIA is on her way! The book is edited and polished and at the printers and soon to be uploaded to BN.com, Amazon and Kindle, as well as Fictionwise and, of course, ImaJinnBooks.com. It will naturally show up on ImaJinn’s website first, in print and PDF download, but I’ve said before that if you’re ordering a print version, and especially if you have Amazon Prime, you’re probably better off waiting the extra few days and ordering from Amazon, because ImaJinn uses media mail for shipping. Although, ImaJinn is holding a contest this month and next, so if you DO order from them, you get a chance at a free Kindle.

I’ll be keeping a close eye out and I’ll post here and on Facebook as soon as SOPHIA becomes available from the various retailers. Amazon and BN.com usually come up at the same time, and Fictionwise is typically the last one up, because they have a very weird inventory update schedule.

Okay. I’m going to get some sleep tonight. What a novelty! And then I have to start getting ready for Wednesday and RT!! Yay!

See you … well, hopefully a lot sooner than next week, but we’ll see what happens!



  1. Stephanie G Says:

    I hope you have a great time at RT! I really wish I could have gone. I’m hoping I’ll make it to RomCon next year in Anaheim.

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