The big Bitten by Books party for SOPHIA is today. There’s a new interview and I’ll be answering YOUR questions beginning 12:00 noon Central Standard Time. I’ll be around throughout the day and into the night for my international readers, too. I’m up all night anyway, might as well make a party of it, right?

There are some great prizes including a $50 Amazon gift certificate and some autographed books.

Many of you have already RSVP’d, so at least I know I won’t be drinking all by myself! 😉

By the way, ComCast users might have trouble getting to the BBB site. It’s a ComCast problem and apparently affects other sites, too. But if you’re having a problem use THIS PROXY SITE instead. Just enter

See you there!


UPDATE!! If you’re having problems getting on the BBB RSVP site, use THIS PROXY SITE and enter the following address:

Sophia’s giving a party at Bitten by Books this Friday, April 29! There will be an interview and lots of prizes, including the fabulous first prize of a $50 Amazon gift certificate and a signed copy of Sophia!

RSVP NOW! and win an additional 25 entries to the contest!

See you there!


I’m at RomFan Reviews today with a new interview. There’s a book giveaway, too. Drop by with a comment or question and win a chance at a signed copy of Rajmund or Sophia!


Finally! SOPHIA is now available on!

I’d like to say I’ve been busy all week working on DUNCAN, but alas, most of my time has been spent setting up promo events, writing guest blogs and answering interview questions. It takes more hours than you might think. Although I did manage to spend some quality time with Duncan … and Lucas, too. Scenes for Lucas are beginning to pop into my head at odd times. Believe it or not, that’s actually a good sign.

But not to worry, Duncan and I will be spending all of our time together from here on out. Are you jealous? You should be. (heh, heh)

But back to promos, first up … On TUESDAY this week is a brand new interview and book giveaway with Annette over at RomFan Reviews. Drop by, read the interview, ask a question or leave a comment, and you could win a signed copy of either RAJMUND or SOPHIA.

Annette also posted a review of SOPHIA this past week, so check it out.

I have a couple of other things scheduled for later in the week, but I’m confirming the dates before listing them here. I’ll let you know here and on Facebook. You can find me on Facebook by following the tab above or simply searching for D. B. Reynolds. I love new friends.

In other (not good) news, it’s hard to believe, but SOPHIA has yet to appear on Fictionwise. They changed their update schedule sometime in the past year. It’s a bit odd and unpredictable, but I have hopes they’ll include SOPHIA soon. I hate that my Fictionwise readers are having to wait so long. I can tell you for sure the book was uploaded to them at the same time as it was Amazon, which was weeks ago.

SOPHIA has been getting great reviews, though! I’m so grateful to all the readers who have contacted me, letting me know how much they love the story. And, so far, review bloggers like it, too. All that love makes the hard work worthwhile. It also makes the writer very, very happy. (And a happy writer is a productive writer ::cough, Duncan, cough::)

Okay. I’ve spent the evening writing guest blogs, so I’m going to take my last hour tonight (or rather this morning) and spend it alone with Duncan. Me and Duncan. Alone. Just us. In the (mostly) dark. 😀

See you later this week with more promo news.



April 18, 2011

I’m over at PARANORMAL HAVEN all day today answering questions. Or, I will be once we here on the West Coast (PST) wake up to a new Monday morning. Steph and Athenna of the Haven are in California, too, so we’re a little beyond y’all. There’s a review of SOPHIA, a new interview with yours truly that includes hints for future books, and a book giveaway, so come on by and say Hi.

SOPHIA is kicking a$$ and taking names! She’s even giving RAPHAEL a run for his money and the big guy is NOT pleased! He’s slightly mollified by the knowledge that it’s his wonderful presence driving some of SOPHIA’s sales, however. You may have noticed the vamp’s got a healthy ego. Shocking, but true.

SOPHIA’s now available on Amazon in both Kindle and print format, and on in print only. My publisher is working on getting our books into Nook format, but we’re not there yet. I’m expecting to come on line by the middle of the week, though. They’re usually a week behind Amazon and BN. So, hopefully in a couple of days, I’ll be able to give you the Fictionwise buy link.

I’m also throwing a release party for SOPHIA at Bitten by Books on Friday, April 29st. Another interview, another super giveaway, but I’ll be posting details about that in a couple days.

I’ve recovered from RT at last. What a great party that was … the whole four days. Crazy and exhausting, but one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended. And that means I’m back working on DUNCAN and NO! You can all stop asking! I’m NOT giving any hints. I’m playing this one very close to the vest, as they say. Although I will torment you by saying Duncan is even more wonderful than you know. 😀

I want to thank all of my wonderful readers who’ve e-mailed me and blogged and posted on FB and Amazon about how much they love SOPHIA! You’ve spread the word about my vamps and put them on so many lists. You all are the greatest readers in the world and I appreciate every one of you. I literally couldn’t do this without you.

Okay, I’ve made myself all weepy and happy now. So it’s time to go work on Duncan some more! Yippee!

I’ll see you all soon with more details of parties and promos.


SOPHIA is now available on Amazon (both print and Kindle) and on (print), plus I figure Fictionwise will pop up this week, so it’s time for her promo tour to begin!

I’m kicking if off with Steph and Athenna at Paranormal Haven, with a brand new Interview and SOPHIA Giveaway.

It’s always fun times at Paranormal Haven, so please join me for Sophia’s entrance into the limelight. The guys are just going to have to move on over!