Bitten by Books has just posted a review of JABRIL and given it 5 Tombstones!! I’ve been waiting a while for this one, but it was definitely worth the wait. FIVE TOMBSTONES!!

I’m gearing up for the release of SOPHIA, won’t be long now. The next month will be busy with last minute revisions and proofing and then the day will finally be HERE!

In case, you missed my middle of the week posting, you’ll see the lovely cover of SOPHIA off to the right. I love it. I sit at my computer and stare at it. The house is dusty? Too bad, look at my pretty, new cover! The husband is hungry? But honey, look at my pretty, new cover! (hee, hee)

And if you want to see the full size image of my pretty, new cover, Click here. Just float the cursor until you see the + sign and then click it for full size.

Hmm, what else have I been doing besides staring at my pretty, new cover? Well, dealing with my insurance company and filling out DMV forms and figuring out which body shop to take my poor, battered car to.

And I’ve been busy sending out contest books — a spate of prize winners, not just here (Congratulations, Vicki!), but some other on-line events. Which reminds me, I’ll be in full promo mode once SOPHIA releases. I’ll keep you informed about my various guest blogs and interviews, because there WILL BE giveaways, as always. And I’m planning something special towards the end of April, my first ever on-line release party!

And just to keep you all on the edge of your seats, I’ll be posting Chapter Two of SOPHIA next week — that means LATE, LATE Sunday night/early Monday morning. Remember, I’m a night owl. My brain doesn’t really start perking before 11:00 pm or so.

I think that’s all the news for this week. I’ll see you back here next week with SOPHIA, Chapter TWO!!

And in the meantime, Go check out my pretty, new cover again! LOLOLOLOL


Yeah, I know I said I was going to post this next Sunday, but I got the go-ahead from my publisher and had to share.

You can click here for the Full Size Image. Just float the cursor until you see the + sign and then click it for full size.

Isn’t it pretty? I just love this cover! It makes me really wish April was HERE already!!


The entries have been tossed into the hat, the name has been drawn and the winner is

……………….Vicki Hurley!……………….

Vicki, you have until midnight PST on February 28th to respond to my e-mail and provide the requested info, so I can send out your prize. If you didn’t get my e-mail, check your SPAM folder. If that still doesn’t work, let me know.

Many of you got Duncan’s last name right. It’s MILFORD, by the way. Duncan reveals it for the first time when he goes to the police lockup with Cyn to interview Todd (page 186 of the print version.)

I want to thank everyone who entered. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy to know how many of you loved the books enough to remember (or to search for) Duncan’s last name. So, my sincere thanks to all of you.

In more exciting news … There’s more? Yes, there is … I received the final cover for SOPHIA! Yay! Just one tiny tweak and it’s done, so I should have it this week. It’s so purdy!! Sophia is beautiful and Colin is handsome and tough looking. Perfect.

In other news, I had a near death experience last night. Well, okay, near death may be exaggerating a little bit, but when my car was sliding across four lanes of California freeway, with no traction and rain pouring all around, it surely did feel near deathish. I saw all those headlights bearing down on me and thought for sure I was dead. But all props to California drivers. They make fun of us, but not a single car hit me or anyone else despite the sudden appearance of a spinning car in front of them — although one guy in the carpool lane (aka HOV or commuter lane) came close at the very end. But close doesn’t count. No one hit me. And there were no pile-ups in my wake, either.

I want to assure you, however, that the manuscript for SOPHIA is all done, so even if I’d bitten the big one, you’d get the latest installment of Cyn, Raphael and the gang. Of course, there’d be no DUNCAN, which would be a shame. Not to mention the whole me being dead and all. This is me whistling in the dark, new lease on life and all that. I shall devote myself to writing diligently henceforth. 🙂

Let’s see … new contest winner, SOPHIA cover’s almost here, I’m definitely still here … That’s about it for this week, I guess.

Oh, right, one last thing, Adrian Phoenix’s Etched in Bone, the latest in her Maker’s Song series comes out this week (February 22.) This is a great series, Urban Fantasy at its very best. It’s an intricate and compelling story and I recommend it highly.

See you next week. I expect to have the cover for SOPHIA for you, and, by the way, it’s going to be dry and sunny in L. A. all week long!! Yay!



February 14, 2011

First of all, yes, the SOPHIA teaser is up! <–that's the link, or you can just click the SOPHIA tab above.

We’d hoped to have the cover art for today, but the wonderful and talented Trish, who did all of my covers so far, is home sick in bed. So I’ll beg your patience a bit longer and send my hopes to Trish for a speedy recovery.

Also, I want to let you all know I’ll be chatting TODAY, FEBRUARY 14th, at DemonLovers Books and More between 5:00 and 6:00 pm PST, and they’ll be giving away a signed copy of RAJMUND during DemonLovers’ Blogoversary celebration. You can drop in and say hi or ask a question. If you can’t make it precisely during that hour, I will check back during the night (and you know my nights are late) to answer any questions I missed.

In other business, my first three books continue to sell very well in the Kindle store and RAPHAEL even got a couple of new reviews this week, one was 5 stars, too! (does happy dance, then sits down hoping no one noticed.)

Writing news … DUNCAN is proceeding very, very nicely. And we just discovered that beneath that calm exterior lies … Oh, wait. Don’t want to give everything away. 🙂

But speaking of the inestimable Duncan, there’s one week left to run on the contest to tell me his last name. Here’s the post with all the details, so get your entry in to me soon. I’ll announce the winner in my next Sunday night post.

I’ve updated my What I’m Reading Now list to add a couple of new authors I just finished reading. And I’m soooooo excited that the newest Kresley Cole Immortals After Dark will be out on Tuesday!! Woohooo! I’m all preordered on my Kindle, too.

Okay, I’ll leave you to read my SOPHIA chapter, while I go back and write some more DUNCAN.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! Hope you spend it with your own true love, and if not, I say go ahead and buy yourself some chocolate. The good kind, not that crap in the heart boxes. Sometimes, you just gotta go for it!

See you next week!


So, my favorite commercial was the Volkswagen one with the little Darth Vader. Loved it. I laughed so hard. I have a male relative (who shall graciously remain nameless) who used to sing the entire Darth Vader theme. Duh duh duh duh duh-duh duh duh-duh. The whole thing! LOL He never got a car to start, though.

I wrote the epilogue to Duncan today. Not because I’ve finished the rest of the story, but because I’ve been mulling over how to introduce Book Six (SIX!! OMG!!!) and it suddenly hit me. I wrote it out so I wouldn’t forget. And I like it!

Now, of course, I have to get back to writing everything that comes BEFORE the epilogue. I’m loving DUNCAN, though, so no problems there.

Next week, I’ll be posting the first teaser chapter for SOPHIA. I’m so excited about this book! I wish April was here already!!

And the first three books are doing extremely well in Kindle sales! RAPHAEL, especially, since he’s priced at only $2.99, but all three books continue to sell really well. RAPHAEL goes up and down, but he pretty much stays somewhere in the top 100 Kindle sales for Romance/Vampire. JABRIL and RAJMUND flit in and out of the top 100. For a brief time today, RAPHAEL actually bumped into the top 100 Kindle/Fiction/Horror. I never thought of RAPHAEL as horror, but I guess if it’s Vampire, it’s horror!!

Don’t forget that the latest contest, which is asking for Duncan’s last name, continues. I’ve gotten quite a few entries, but I’ve also gotten a couple of e-mails asking if it’s a trick question. And the answer is NOPE. Duncan definitely has a last name and it’s definitely somewhere in the first three books. I’ll accept entries until midnight February 19th, PST, and I’ll be announcing the winner on February 20th. Entries should be e-mailed to and be sure to put Contest in the subject line, so my SPAM filter doesn’t toss it.

And my good friend and wonderful writer, Adrian Phoenix, is giving away signed galleys and cover flats of her forthcoming Etched in Bone, which is the fourth book of her Maker’s Song series. THAT is one book I’ve already pre-ordered for my Kindle. Midnight on February 22, that book is MINE!!

And finally, a reminder that I’ll be wandering around the RT Booklovers Convention in L.A. in April, and signing at the Book Expo. Plus JABRIL has been nominated for an RT Reviewer’s Choice award, which will be announced at the convention. It would be nice to see some familiar faces, or at least put faces to familiar names!

Hmmm, okay, it’s back to writing for me. Duncan awaits!!

See you next week with the first taste of SOPHIA!