December 27, 2010

Well, as you’ve no doubt noticed by now, Vampire Vignette #5 is up, just in time to fill that weird week between Christmas and New Year’s. It’s that week which isn’t really a holiday, but not exactly not a holiday, and you don’t really feel like working, but maybe you have to anyway, but half the people you work with are gone and you’ve got new presents to play with and gift certificates to spend ….

But when you’re finally sitting down with a nice latte, or in my case a hot chocolate, you can read about my beautiful blue-eyed vampire. I do love me some Raj. ::sigh::

As always, this Vignette will stay up for awhile before disappearing. I haven’t decided exactly how long yet, but I’ll be teasing the first couple chapters of SOPHIA before too long. And it will disappear before that.

For those of you who were hoping for Raphael and Cyn in the Vignette, do not despair! There’s plenty of them, lots and lots of them, in the forthcoming SOPHIA.

Publishing news … my publisher, ImaJinn Books is running a super post-holiday sale on the website. Print books are 40% off and there are coupons, too, depending on the size of the order. It’s only on through January 3rd and only on the website.

Also, for those of you who picked up a new Kindle for the holiday, RAPHAEL is still $2.99 for the Kindle version on Amazon. But that, too, is a special price and won’t last much longer, certainly not beyond the holiday season.

For me, the new year means turning my attention full time to DUNCAN and I can hardly wait. I’ve been working on my YA Fantasy, but I’m ready for some serious Vampire action, both in and out of the bedroom … or the living room, or the office, or wherever the mood strikes!! Yay!

I wish every one of you a SAFE and Happy New Year celebration. And I’ll see you in 2011.



4 Responses to “#5 IS HERE and TEASERS AHEAD!”

  1. Marilyn Adam Says:

    I have all three books but will download Raj on Amazon today just so I can read it on my kindle wherever I am! Great stories!

  2. Stephanie G Says:

    *sigh* I love when you mention Duncan 🙂

  3. linda o Says:

    Where can I read the vignettes??? I have looked everywhere for them!

    • dbreynolds Says:

      Hi Linda! Well, #5 is up right now, I’m guessing you’ve read that one. Because of copyright issues, I can’t leave the Vignettes up permanently. I do re-run them a couple of times a year, though. I just finished running the first four just before posting the brand new #5.

      I’ll do another re-run eventually, though I’m not sure when. SOPHIA will be out April 15 and she’ll be hogging all the space for a while. But they will all make an appearance eventually and I always post in advance when they do.

      Someday I’ll have enough Vignettes to put them together as an e-book, but not yet.

      Back to Duncan.


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