December 18, 2010

Vampire Vignette #4 is up. I’m leaving #3 up for a few more hours, and then it will disappear!

I’ll see you all tomorrow night for my regularly scheduled post.




3 Responses to “VIGNETTE #4 IS UP!!”

  1. Dot S. Says:

    I reread #3 & #4 and they just sizzle. Love them and how you capture the personalities of all the characters. I await SOPHIA and DUNCAN very impatiently.

    • dbreynolds Says:

      Sophia is in the pipeline. I’ll be teasing the first couple chapters and the cover in January!

      Duncan is on the keyboard and he is … wonderful. ::sigh::

  2. Cindy G. Says:

    #4…loved it!!! Damn I miss these folks.

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