KINDLE … and it’s snowing in blogland!

December 13, 2010

Look! It’s snowing on my blog! WordPress is making it snow until after New Year’s. So clever.

But on to the big news . . . all three current books are now available from Amazon in Kindle format. And for a LIMITED time, Raphael is priced at only $2.99! So get yours now!!

I even bought a Kindle for myself so I could download my own books! Well, that and the fact that a couple of my favorite authors are going hardcover next year. Of course, it’s not just the Kindle, is it? I had to buy a cover, and the one with the reading light looked handy even though it cost a bit more, and then there were the really cool skins. Who cares if I have a cover, I need a skin, too! Groan.

As promised, Vampire Vignette #3 is beginning its first re-run. Remember, this one’s only up for a single week. #4, which follows right after #3 will be posted next Sunday. It also runs for one week and then it’s on to the brand new #5. I’m posting the schedule below for everyone to see.

December 12th — Vignette #3 — The Invitation
December 19th — Vignette #4 — The Party
December 25th — Vignette #5 — to be announced.

And speaking of Vignette #5, I had the first draft all written and then realized it doesn’t happen until AFTER Sophia! Which means I can’t post it in December! Sometimes I have to remind myself that my experience of the books is several months ahead of just about everyone else’s!! So, Draft #5 just became Draft #6, and now I’m writing something new … and remembering the damn timeline! Grrrr.

I wrote the last of my holiday cards last night, so I’ll be going to post office tomorrow—which I think is the busiest post office day of the season. Of course. But I’ll just avoid the two bigger post offices and go to my little local one instead. It should be okay. Or at least better.

I’m beginning to make a list of 2011 books I’m looking forward to. Now that I’ll have my new Kindle (ahem) I can buy all my favorite authors instead of waiting for the library. I have a feeling the Kindle isn’t going to be good for my book budget. Hmmmm.

Okay, well, I’ve got to get some writing done. Gotta write that new Vignette #5 and finish my YA, so my virtual desk is free and clear for Duncan. Yum.

See you next week!


2 Responses to “KINDLE … and it’s snowing in blogland!”

  1. Jan Says:

    I noticed the kindle editions the other day, but not the 2.99 price on Raphael. Nice! I can’t wait to pre-order Sophia. And….I highly suggest you put yourself on a ‘book budget’. I was introduced to my first Kindle 2 years ago, and I didn’t realize how much I was enjoying it until after the first credit card statement came in. Went a little wild. Having said that…enjoy!

  2. Stephanie G Says:

    The snow is cute. There’s nothing like that on Blogger 😦

    Congrats on getting a Kindle! I love mine. The skin I got for it actually matched the one I had on my phone. As soon as I saw it online I knew that was the one. Can’t wait for the new Vampire Vignette!

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