December 27, 2010

Well, as you’ve no doubt noticed by now, Vampire Vignette #5 is up, just in time to fill that weird week between Christmas and New Year’s. It’s that week which isn’t really a holiday, but not exactly not a holiday, and you don’t really feel like working, but maybe you have to anyway, but half the people you work with are gone and you’ve got new presents to play with and gift certificates to spend ….

But when you’re finally sitting down with a nice latte, or in my case a hot chocolate, you can read about my beautiful blue-eyed vampire. I do love me some Raj. ::sigh::

As always, this Vignette will stay up for awhile before disappearing. I haven’t decided exactly how long yet, but I’ll be teasing the first couple chapters of SOPHIA before too long. And it will disappear before that.

For those of you who were hoping for Raphael and Cyn in the Vignette, do not despair! There’s plenty of them, lots and lots of them, in the forthcoming SOPHIA.

Publishing news … my publisher, ImaJinn Books is running a super post-holiday sale on the website. Print books are 40% off and there are coupons, too, depending on the size of the order. It’s only on through January 3rd and only on the website.

Also, for those of you who picked up a new Kindle for the holiday, RAPHAEL is still $2.99 for the Kindle version on Amazon. But that, too, is a special price and won’t last much longer, certainly not beyond the holiday season.

For me, the new year means turning my attention full time to DUNCAN and I can hardly wait. I’ve been working on my YA Fantasy, but I’m ready for some serious Vampire action, both in and out of the bedroom … or the living room, or the office, or wherever the mood strikes!! Yay!

I wish every one of you a SAFE and Happy New Year celebration. And I’ll see you in 2011.



December 26, 2010

As promised, a brand new Vignette for the New Year.

Some of my readers wondered what would have happened if Sarah hadn’t come back to Raj. Some even wondered how much he loved Sarah, since he waited for her to come to him and then never actually came out and asked her to marry him.

I created Raj and Sarah, so I have the advantage of always knowing what’s in their hearts. But the book had so many words cut out of it, that I think some of Raj’s heart got lost in the process. I hope this Vignette will put it back where it belongs!

Enjoy and I’ll be back later!


Vignette #4 has begun its week in the re-run spotlight, and a very popular Vignette it is, too. Lots of visitors already on Sunday. Next Sunday will see a brand new Vignette, and anyone who checked my Facebook page early this a.m. knows I’m hard at work on it! And also that it’s hot. But that pretty much goes without saying. 😀


Do I have your attention yet? PARANORMAL HAVEN is voting on the Best of 2010 and RAJMUND is nominated in the Best Novel in a Series Category. Voting ends December 21st at midnight — I’m assuming PST since the lovely Stephanie and Athenna are in California. Competition is stiff, but let’s give Rajmund some love!

Oh, and more BIG NEWS! I received the go-ahead from my publisher! I’ll be teasing the first couple chapters of SOPHIA in January, plus the cover! The cover’s not quite finalized, yet, but it will be by then. I can hardly wait!!

I want to remind all of you with Kindles that all three books, plus my werewolf novella, are available in Amazon’s Kindle store, and especially that RAPHAEL is priced at only $2.99 for a very LIMITED time. So, now’s the time!

Okay, that’s pretty much all of my news for this week. By the next time I talk to you all, Christmas 2010 will be history. Hard to believe, but it’s true. So, I want to wish all of you, no matter your faith or inclination, the very happiest Winter Holiday ever, and thank every one of you for reading my books and letting me know you love my vampires just as much as I do.

As always, I’ll see you next week!



December 18, 2010

Vampire Vignette #4 is up. I’m leaving #3 up for a few more hours, and then it will disappear!

I’ll see you all tomorrow night for my regularly scheduled post.



Look! It’s snowing on my blog! WordPress is making it snow until after New Year’s. So clever.

But on to the big news . . . all three current books are now available from Amazon in Kindle format. And for a LIMITED time, Raphael is priced at only $2.99! So get yours now!!

I even bought a Kindle for myself so I could download my own books! Well, that and the fact that a couple of my favorite authors are going hardcover next year. Of course, it’s not just the Kindle, is it? I had to buy a cover, and the one with the reading light looked handy even though it cost a bit more, and then there were the really cool skins. Who cares if I have a cover, I need a skin, too! Groan.

As promised, Vampire Vignette #3 is beginning its first re-run. Remember, this one’s only up for a single week. #4, which follows right after #3 will be posted next Sunday. It also runs for one week and then it’s on to the brand new #5. I’m posting the schedule below for everyone to see.

December 12th — Vignette #3 — The Invitation
December 19th — Vignette #4 — The Party
December 25th — Vignette #5 — to be announced.

And speaking of Vignette #5, I had the first draft all written and then realized it doesn’t happen until AFTER Sophia! Which means I can’t post it in December! Sometimes I have to remind myself that my experience of the books is several months ahead of just about everyone else’s!! So, Draft #5 just became Draft #6, and now I’m writing something new … and remembering the damn timeline! Grrrr.

I wrote the last of my holiday cards last night, so I’ll be going to post office tomorrow—which I think is the busiest post office day of the season. Of course. But I’ll just avoid the two bigger post offices and go to my little local one instead. It should be okay. Or at least better.

I’m beginning to make a list of 2011 books I’m looking forward to. Now that I’ll have my new Kindle (ahem) I can buy all my favorite authors instead of waiting for the library. I have a feeling the Kindle isn’t going to be good for my book budget. Hmmmm.

Okay, well, I’ve got to get some writing done. Gotta write that new Vignette #5 and finish my YA, so my virtual desk is free and clear for Duncan. Yum.

See you next week!



December 6, 2010

What do those two things have in common?

Well, me, apparently. 🙂

I just found out this week that a story I wrote and entered into the Emily contest, which is sponsored by the West Houston RWA chapter, has finaled in the Story w/Romantic Elements category. The winners won’t be announced until February, but right now I’m just thrilled to have finaled in a very competitive category.

And as for Kindle? My publisher contacted me this week with the news that she hopes to have all of my books available in Kindle format by Christmas! Yay! Apparently, the Kindle is a veeerrry popular gift this year, so my publisher definitely wants my stories available to all those people shopping for books to buy for their new Kindles after the holidays. Actually, a member of my writing group tried to buy a Kindle this week and was told there’s a six week backorder. That’s Amazon-Canada, though, so it might not apply in the U.S.

I’ve fully recovered from NaNo and have begun editing/revising my project. In the meantime, I’m working on Duncan’s outline, with scenes popping into my head left and right. I’m also still getting the occasional scene for the book after Duncan. I have the story for that one, too, and just this week, I mentioned to my husband that I needed a name and he came up with the perfect name on the first try! What a man! I have to check in with my publisher to be sure there are no objections, but I think it’s perfect!!

As of Sunday, Raj is STILL holding onto the number one Dark Fantasy position at Fictionwise.com, with Raphael and Jabril moving in and out of the top five. Sweet!

Vampire Vignette #2 is in its second re-run week now. I’ll put #3 up next Sunday, and yes, I’ll put it up Saturday night (Sunday morning), so it’s actually available on Sunday. My bad.

Here’s the rest of the Vampire Vignette schedule …

November 28th — Vignette #2 — A Vampire Valentine
December 12th — Vignette #3 — The Invitation
December 19th — Vignette #4 — The Party
December 25th — Vignette #5 — to be announced.

Oh, yeah, and I’ve started writing Vampire Vignette #5! It’s going to be very special! Uh huh.

I almost forgot! I’m blogging on Fresh Fiction today and giving away a signed copy of Rajmund! All you have to do is comment and your name goes in the drawing. Here’s the link!

See you next week!