November 1, 2010

Check out and you’ll see that for the second week in a row, my beautiful vampires are the number 1, 2 and 3 Best Sellers in Dark Fantasy.

We’ll see in the Spring if Sophia can give them a run for their money! 😀



6 Responses to “ONE, TWO and THREE …”

  1. Brittany Green Says:

    OF course they’d be 1,2, and 3! THEY ROCK and Sophia will be the same! XOOX

  2. Dot S. Says:

    Ditto what Brittany says. Sophia is what we wait for and not patiently.

  3. Joyce Hunt Says:

    who hoo and Congratulations! But I’m not surprised because everyone I’ve gotten to read Raphael have come back to me telling me how much they enjoyed it and that they were planning to go buy the others ASAP. Enjoy your 1,2, and 3, standing and bring on Sophia so she can make it 1-4!

  4. Stephanie G Says:

    That is very cool. Congrats!! Of course I’ve known all along your vamps should be #1 😀

  5. sylviehansen Says:

    Great news! I can’t wait to read Sophia. I know I’ll love it!

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