I was very, very happy this week to receive a new review of RAPHAEL from VAMPIRE ROMANCE BOOKS! They like me. They really like me. Or at least they like Raphael and the gang . . . which is just fine with me.

I also have an essay up on the SAVVY AUTHORS Den Blog. This one’s a writerly essay about outlining in preparation for NaNo. If you’re planning on joining us as we descend into madness, you might want to check it out.

SOPHIA is all but ready for her close up with my editor on November 1. A tweak here and there and the story is told. Scenes for DUNCAN and the unnamed Book Six are already popping into my head, but they’re rapidly being crowded out by my NaNo project which will be a sword and sorcery fantasy for teens. I’ll have to remind myself … no sex!! LOL

I’m also jotting notes for a new Vampire Vignette. I haven’t decided whom it will feature, but I’m thinking Raj and Sarah deserve some face time. We’ll see which story wins out.

In the meantime, there’s still time to visit PARANORMAL HAVEN for their Halloween at the Haven. There’s my INTERVIEW WITH RAPHAEL, of course, but there are also tons of other giveaways and more coming up before Halloween.

Okay, it’s late here (and when I say late, you know it’s really LATE!) And it’s raining, too. So, I’m taking a good book with me and going to my bed, which is nicely pre-warmed, courtesy of my darling husband.

Have a great week!



October 18, 2010

This was a quiet week. I got lots of writing done, or rather revising. The first 3/4 of Sophia have been shipped off to my critique partners. The last bit will go in the next day or so. This is the most difficult part, the part where someone other than me reads the story for the first time. It’s nerve wracking, because if they don’t like it, I’m back at square one … or very close to it. But with a lot less time!

We’ll see what my brilliant partners have to say. I always tell them to be brutal … as if they need encouragement.

My books did get a very nice mention from Paranormal Bites this week. It was a promo for the RAPHAEL Interview I did at Paranormal Haven, and it had very good things to say about my Vampires.

And speaking of the Raphael Interview, I received a lot of feedback on that and all of it good! By the way, the interviewer in that piece was definitely NOT ME. I wrote it from an anonymous writer’s POV. I like to think Raphael and I would communicate much better than that, seeing as I know him so well. And there’d be NO doubt about which of the vamps had bitten MY neck. (EG)

I’ll be switching over to NaNo mode as soon as I finish the Sophia revisions. I’m all signed up, my profile is updated and ideas are popping into my head at all hours for my NaNo project. I should have a week to do the outline and then it’s 30 days of crazy. This new project is something I’ve never tried before and I don’t know if it will work out or not. But it will be fun trying.

And now … that’s right … Back to Sophia.


As the headline says, it took a lot of persuasion (i.e., pressure from Cyn) but Raphael has granted his first ever interview. It should be posted early Monday morning and you can read the reporter’s take on the entire experience at Paranormal Haven today. It’s an interview and more by yours truly. Something to carry my readers until I finish the Sophia revisions and can start working on a new Vignette!

But wait, there’s more! LOL

Actually, that’s the most exciting news for my readers. For me, there’s my new author listing over at Vampire Romance Books. Very pretty!

And finally, a fun site which the wonderful author Adrian Phoenix turned me on to — a web site which takes the pain out of trying to follow your favorite authors’ series! Enter the author’s name and this site will tell you which books, in which order for that author! Pretty cool idea! Check it out at FictFact.com

I’ll be doing my monthly post at Flirty Author Bitches on Tuesday, talking about the joys of RevisionLand.

And a belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada. I’ve been dwelling in Vancouver on and off with Sophia for a few months now, so I feel like I should celebrate along with you!

And finally … a call out to my readers — does anyone speak Portuguese? Or know anyone who does? Preferably the Brazilian variety, since I’d like some colloquialisms. I’ve been using an on-line site I found for tourists, but I would really love to find a fluent speaker instead. I may have to switch to Spanish otherwise!!

Okay. You’re probably getting tired of hearing (or reading) this by now, but here it is again … Back to Sophia for me!


First, let me thank everyone for all the great names! You all outdid yourselves. It was a really tough decision, there were so many wonderful choices, but here goes.

Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order):

. . . Coyote Hole (submitted by Jan)
. . . Deadfall (submitted by Maggie)
. . . Howlers (submitted in one form or another by Ginamarie, S. Moore and Vicki Hurley)

Honorable mention for an astounding number of submissions goes to Maggie, to Jen (and her husband), and to Pam.

And now, trumpets please . . . the WINNER is . . .

BABE’s (as in Paul Bunyan’s blue ox) submitted by Amy (via e-mail.)

Amy will receive a signed copy of SOPHIA once it’s released and will have her talents recognized on the acknowledgments page of the book. Plus, she gets to hear (read) Cyn’s discourse on the unlikelihood of anyone in that bar knowing about Paul Bunyan’s blue ox!

And as a consolation prize, I’ve posted a new Deleted Scene from RAJMUND for everyone to enjoy. This is Emelie’s POV of the first time she met Raj, when she woke up after he rescued her in Albany, NY.

Congratulations to Amy and to all of the Honorable Mentions, too. And thanks to all of you once again for playing!

See you soon.


Today is October 1st, so the Name That Bar Contest is officially closed.

Thanks to everyone for all the great names! There are so, so many for me to choose from.

And I really appreciate the enthusiasm, too. You all had fun with it and so I did, too.

I’ll post the winner of the contest … and a new deleted scene from Rajmund this Sunday.

See you then!