September 13, 2010

First, an update on RAJMUND, who’s still sitting in the #1 Dark Fantasy spot at with JABRIL #3 and RAPHAEL #4. That might change later this week, but for now it’s holding.

UPDATE: RAPHAEL has triumphed over JABRIL once again, resuming his position at #3, while JABRIL is #4. πŸ˜€

And there’s a new 5-Star review on Amazon, too, which I’m particularly happy about, because the last one before that . . . well, let’s just say there WERE definitely things the reader liked. Don’t get me wrong, I want honest reviews, but I’m honest enough to admit I like the good reviews better!! LOL

And now for the new contest, which I’m calling Name That BAR!

SOPHIA (Book 4) takes place North of Seattle, Washington, very close to the Canadian border. The setting of the story is mostly forest, but there’s a bar along a paved highway that figures prominently in the story. I haven’t been able to come up with a name for this bar. I’ve just been calling it NAME (all caps – so I can Find/Replace it later.)

The book is nearly finished. I’m writing the last chapter and I still don’t have a name. So, I decided to let my readers come up with one for me. I’ve provided a description of the bar below. The winner gets recognition in the Acknowledgements of SOPHIA, plus an autographed copy of the book. And my undying gratitude, because I’ve got nuthin!

I will select the name. This will be a purely subjective choice with me as the only judge. Once I’ve chosen the name, it is mine, and the winner releases any and all proprietary interests in said name. By entering the contest, you agree to the above conditions.

You can enter as many names as you want, the more the better!

So, if you’re interested, here are the particulars of the bar …

As I mentioned, it’s located along a two-lane paved highway, which is sort of a back route between Seattle and the state of Idaho. It’s not well traveled, for the most part, although it does get big trucks from the lumber industry. The bar itself is surrounded on three sides by forest, the fourth side faces the highway. The interior is dark and smells of sweat and beer, no music but a juke box.

The patrons of this bar are very rough and largely male, many employed in logging. Most women know to avoid the place. Fights are common and they frequently end up with someone bleeding and/or being driven to the nearest hospital/clinic which is a good three hour drive.

So that’s it. The contest will run through the end of September. After that, I’ll study the names and pick the winner by October 15.

Come up with something good, okay?! πŸ™‚

I’m going back to SOPHIA now. One more big scene and then it’s wrapping up the story time … and Duncan, mustn’t forget Duncan.



66 Responses to “BRAND NEW CONTEST!”

  1. robin Says:

    The Frost Bar – ie Robert Frost two roads… Woods

  2. S. Moore Says:

    The “Buzz Saw”, for all the loggers that show up there.

  3. Emily B. Says:

    How about calling the bar “No-Where”? Good metaphor for where life sometimes seems to aim; a place for a drink & a remote location. (Of course if you have shifters, it should be No-Were!)

  4. Stephanie G Says:

    oooohhhh what a fun contest. Ok lets see. End of the Road, The Pit, Tree Side Tavern, Backbreaker, The Swinging Axe, Widowmaker and of you could always go the simple name route like Rand’s or Bob’s Bar. I’ll be back if I can come up with anything else.

  5. Victoria Zumbrum Says:

    The bar name could be the Rough Riders, the End of the Road, Rough Road Bar, Lumber Bar, Middle of No Where Bar.

  6. Carol Says:

    Can hardly wait for “Sophia”. God, I love alpha women. I hope she has some, if not more, of Cyn’s qualities. Your books are delicious and exciting. Thought you might consider “Axemen” as a name for your tavern lost in the wilderness.

  7. S. Moore Says:

    So here are a few more, I’m thinking somthing rough and hard and seedy.

    “Stagger Inn”

    “The Bar”

    “Hair of the Dog”

    “The Wet Spot”


    “The Bleeding Wolf”

  8. abby davis Says:

    In the spirit of the location of the bar well here goes………Timber;Loggers;Ball Breakers;Truckers.
    Thanks this was fun.

  9. S. Moore Says:

    “The Spotted Owl”…sure to rattle the Loggers

  10. Marilyn Adam Says:

    I have lived in logging country for forty years – the trucks are big and the logs are huge – I think you should name it the “Long Haul Bar” – truckers would appreciate that.
    A way-station for them to “wet their whistle”.

  11. kisah Says:

    how about the ball and chainless – since no women go there? or the spotted owl – being that it’s logger country & all?

    k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

  12. Marilyn Adam Says:

    Now I’m on a roll – thought of a few more (this is fun!

    The Rusty Hub

    The Heavy Load

    The Outpost

    Hoodoo Bar (my fave)

  13. Dot S. Says:

    Oh wow! These bar names everyone is tossing around are priceless. Here are mine:

    B.S. (beer & shots)
    Dangerous Dot’s Dive (had to get my name in there somehow)

  14. steve mchugh Says:

    I’ve always been partial to The Slaughtered Lamb. Which, for those who don’t know, is the pub from American Werewolf in London.

  15. Blossom C. Says:

    These come to mind:

    Halfway House

    Lumber Jacks

  16. Joyce Hunt Says:

    Y’all are killing me with these names! Some of them are too funny. I’m not even going to bother submitting a name as these already beat anything I could come up with.

  17. Okay, I cheated and Googled logging terms, here a few of my favorites:
    Beaver Tail
    Gin Pole
    Misery Whip
    Widow Maker

    You can find all kinds of crazy ones here:

  18. Parajunkee Says:

    You would think a place like that might not have much of an original name… just be a straightforward kind of place to what it is.

    Pints, Shooters, etc. or more sneaky… Alibi, Hideaway

  19. dawne Says:

    Fights, loggers, vamps & mystery…how about

    The Devil’s Elbow

    sounds like a place i’d stop for a bite!!!

  20. dawne Says:

    another thought! Keeping with the ever so sweaty sex…. & we likes!! alot

    Woody’s Halfway Inn


    The Eager Beaver

    all puns intended. lol

  21. S. Moore Says:

    Pine Sap Saloon, Sappy’s for short.

    The names “Forest, Forest..Dump”

  22. Jen Says:

    I am usually creative but …, I am struggling. My husband even keeps shouting out names but he’s stuck on names like the treehouse πŸ™‚ So let me see…

    Backwoods bar
    Hidey Hole
    Woods Hallow
    The Pines
    The Hallow
    ……………………More later….

  23. Pam Says:


  24. Pam Says:

    I have more.

    Crosscut or Crosscuts
    Beaver Hollow
    Beaver Notch
    Planks or The Plank
    Wood Lane

  25. Pam Says:

    and more

    Tree End
    Tree Bend
    Tree Lane
    Wrong Tree
    Fire Wood

  26. Pam Says:

    Ok, I have to focus on work but before I do heres more

    Cutty’s Bar and Grill or Cutty’s Inn or just Cutty’s
    Cockwood (this one makes me smile)

  27. Jen Says:


    The Black Willow

    Drunken Bear

    The Jake Brake




    IDK……maybe I need to get out of the forest before I can’t find my way back. πŸ™‚

  28. S. Moore Says:

    “Lost Boys Bar”

    “Lock n’ Load Bar”


  29. Cindy G. Says:

    Well here goes nothing…Several names came to mind so I’ll post them all:
    Raven’s Nest
    Endless Bounty
    Drop in Saloon
    The Forgotten Inn
    No Boundaries Saloon
    Dare Inn
    Drop In Saloon
    Eagle’s Lair
    Raven’s Haven
    The Crossing
    Lion’s Den
    Barely There
    Dead End Saloon

    This was fun…hope one of these hit the mark.

  30. S. Moore Says:


  31. Jen Says:

    Wonder if you could go in the direction of the bar owners last name…like a True Blood Merlots(sp?) thing????????

  32. Meg Says:

    i love a little irony, so how about something like
    Sweetie’s or Mom’s?

  33. S. Moore Says:

    “The Woodshed”

  34. Kirsten Hanafin Says:

    Wow, there are some fantastic suggestions! How about Scruffy Mac’s or even Slutty Mac’s?

  35. Vicki Hurley Says:

    As an Aussie who has seen some pretty basic pubs (or bars) here andin the outback – I’ve come up with a few names:

    Back o’Beyond Bar or BBB
    Rough Cut Bar
    Last Shot Bar
    Wild Side Bar
    Black Stump Bar
    Feelin’ Lucky Bar
    The Angry Tattoo or TAT
    Pumped Bar
    Howler’s Bar

  36. Ginamarie Says:

    Hi DB,

    I just wanted to tell how much I love your Vampires in America series. I’ve read all three volumes. Rajmund was absolutely terrific! I have to say that Rafael is still my fav! I love Rafael and Cyn together. WOW! WHAT A SIZZLING HOT COUPLE! I can’t wait for Sophia to be released! You’ve got me so hooked DB!

    Ok so here are a few suggestions – nothing special but I thought I’d give it a shot:

    “Howl at the Moon”

    “The Bloodhound”

    “Bar Zero”

    “The Sub-zero Bar”

    “The Smokey Bar”

    “Wanted Dead or Alive Bar”

    “The Hangmen Bar”

    “Hardknocks Bar”

    “Tough Enuff Bar”

    That’s it for now. πŸ˜‰

    Warmest Regards,

  37. Ginamarie Says:

    You are so welcome! I apologize for the typos. lol πŸ˜‰

  38. Maggie Says:

    Some names that come to mind,
    The Liquidamber
    The Shade Tree
    The Homage
    The Rain Check
    The Back Log
    The Sit Down
    The Haven
    The Rainy Day
    The Bigfoot
    No Name Bar
    I live in Colo,and we really have a town that is called No Name

  39. Maggie Says:

    Forgot one
    The Ambersap

  40. Maggie Says:

    Thought of a couple more names before I hit
    the hay
    Rough Sawn Bar
    Twisted Plank
    Band Saw Bar
    Cross Cut
    Good night to you all, and have a great day tomorrow

  41. Maggie Says:

    The Broad Axe
    The Iron Axe
    The Sawmill
    The Log Dog

  42. dawne stacks Says:

    a few more!!

    Logger Knots Saloon

    The Junction Bar or The Last Junction

    The Tater Patch (close to idaho)

    Trunks & Drunks (lol)

    Wrong Way Saloon

    Wrong Turn Bar

    Turn Around Lounge

    Red Beards Bar

    Tramps N Scamps Saloon (my fav)
    Tramp N Scamps Saloon

    ok brain freeze settin in. TTFN!!

  43. dawne stacks Says:

    I’ve Got It!!!

    Yogi’s (no Boo Boo)

  44. Pam Says:

    I have more

    Split Wood

  45. Jen Says:

    Okay , here I go again…..

    Wooden City
    The Bluemoon
    Black&Blue Saloon
    Gears Grill
    Scratchy Bob’s
    Roots Whiskey
    Lickher Chips
    5 O’clock Shadow
    …….that’s it for now………

  46. Maggie Says:

    A few more
    The Nest
    My Bar
    The Brewery
    (why not) the Juke box
    Maggie’s Bar πŸ™‚

  47. S. Moore Says:

    “Shur Shot Saloon”

    “Rim Fire”



    I’m looking at my DH’s antique rifle shell boxes for inspiration.

  48. Maggie Says:

    The Den
    Back Road

  49. Maggie Says:

    The Ash Pit
    The Get Away

  50. Maggie Says:

    The Tree House

  51. Maggie Says:

    The Refuge
    At Home Bar
    Down Home Bar

  52. Pam Says:

    Thirsty Veins
    Salty Neck
    Witches Brew
    Blood Bone
    Red Veins
    The Wooden Stake
    Silver Bullet
    Blood Drop
    Rats Tail
    Crows Nest

  53. Maggie Says:

    Rest Stop
    The Shop
    Bear Paw

  54. Maggie Says:

    Red Barn
    Maple Leaf
    Eagle’s Nest
    The Rescue

  55. Maggie Says:

    Pine Door
    Pine Grove
    Pine Bough
    The Resin Dog
    The Cabin
    Dancing Bear
    Man House
    Watering Hole
    The Oaks
    The Fall
    Kick Around
    Root Cellar

  56. Maggie Says:

    In keeping with Halloween coming up thought of a few names
    Vamp’s Camp
    Hair of the were
    Bloody Shot
    The Mist
    The Cript
    The Cellar
    Old Hag
    The Goblin
    Mistic Bar
    Fountain Of Youth
    Evil Eye
    The Charm
    The Drauger’s
    The Full Moon
    Magical Bar
    Dragon Pit

    Thank you for the contest , had a lot of fun and a lot of lol moments πŸ™‚

  57. Jen Says:

    Tiger’s Den
    Broken Boys Inn
    Heathen’s Heaven
    The Bunkhouse

  58. Jan Says:

    Coyote Hole
    This is a logging term that refers to a larger than normal hole for placing a powder charge. Sounds like the patrons could be…I gotta’ say it…explosive.

  59. Jen Says:

    My last ditch effort ……..

    The Boneyard

    The Den Tree

    Tricky Dick’s

    The Hobo Log Tavern

    The Landing

    The Ale Canopy

  60. S. Moore Says:

    “Hell’s Bells”

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