September 27, 2010

I looked at the calendar today and realized October 1 is this Friday! I want at least two more weeks in this year and I WANT THEM NOW!!

::sigh:: Nobody’s listening.

The names keep pouring in for my NAME THAT BAR contest. Amazing, creative and clever names. You all are making my job much harder … somehow I have to choose only one. Darn.

Remember, the contest runs only through September 30th, which is (cough) this Thursday, so if you have a suggestion, get it in before then.

Sophia’s been resting … more or less. Revisions have been popping into my head at the oddest times. I like to take a few days off between completing the first draft and starting the revisions, but that time is nearly over. I expect to get back to the manuscript this week to do a first round of revisions before anyone else gets a chance to read it.

Looking ahead (way ahead, although not as far as I would like) I’m still thinking about my NaNoWriMo project. I’m leaning toward my Wolves. I really want to write that new Demon story, but I can’t really take the time right now to map out a whole new universe, because DUNCAN is calling. 😀

Checking over at Fictionwise.com, I can tell you that RAJMUND is still holding onto the Dark Fantasy #1 spot, and RAPHAEL and JABRIL are right behind him at #3 and #4 respectively. That might change later this week, but … damn, it’s been six weeks since RAJMUND was released and my blue-eyed vamp is still number one!

I’ll see you all next week, when in honor of the new month, I’ll be posting another deleted scene from RAJMUND. It’s the only scene I wrote from Emelie’s POV, which is why it got cut. But it’s a pretty significant scene in terms of Raj and Emelie’s future relationship, so I think you all will enjoy it.

See you then!


I’m getting so many great names for my bar — or rather the bar in SOPHIA. I’m writing them all down on a list, tasting them, sounding them out, playing with them . . . I already have a few favorites, but I’m holding out until the end of the month. You just never know what might come through!

And speaking of SOPHIA, I completed the first draft last Tuesday. What a rush! It’s exciting to start a new book, and then as the final chapter draws near, it seems to run just out of reach. So when you write those last words … to be continued … it’s really a great feeling.
::happy sigh::

I’ll let the story rest a few days, then go back and do revisions. My brain is already chiding me, telling me the things I’ll need to fix. It’s amazing what percolates up AFTER the manuscript is written.

And speaking of a rush, I received two new reviews this week!

The first is for RAJMUND and it’s posted at Fresh Fiction. It’s a terrific review and I’m t-h-r-i-l-l-e-d with it.

The second review was a surprise from Coffee Time Romance. They did a great review on HEART OF THE WOLF, awarding Renjiro and Kathryn four cups! Makes me want to write some more of my wolves.

NaNoWriMo is fast approaching and I’ll definitely be a part of that. The only question is … WHAT? Wolves, demons … demons, wolves. Gah!

Hmm, okay. I have to get up early this morning, so I better get at least some sleep before then. Certain people just don’t respect the concept of NIGHT OWL!!

Keep those bar names coming!



September 14, 2010

My monthly contribution to FAB (Flirty Author Bitches) is up today. You can read it here.

PS I’d like to say for the record that I am neither flirty nor a bitch. Although there might be some who would contest the latter. LOL


September 13, 2010

First, an update on RAJMUND, who’s still sitting in the #1 Dark Fantasy spot at Fictionwise.com with JABRIL #3 and RAPHAEL #4. That might change later this week, but for now it’s holding.

UPDATE: RAPHAEL has triumphed over JABRIL once again, resuming his position at #3, while JABRIL is #4. 😀

And there’s a new 5-Star review on Amazon, too, which I’m particularly happy about, because the last one before that . . . well, let’s just say there WERE definitely things the reader liked. Don’t get me wrong, I want honest reviews, but I’m honest enough to admit I like the good reviews better!! LOL

And now for the new contest, which I’m calling Name That BAR!

SOPHIA (Book 4) takes place North of Seattle, Washington, very close to the Canadian border. The setting of the story is mostly forest, but there’s a bar along a paved highway that figures prominently in the story. I haven’t been able to come up with a name for this bar. I’ve just been calling it NAME (all caps – so I can Find/Replace it later.)

The book is nearly finished. I’m writing the last chapter and I still don’t have a name. So, I decided to let my readers come up with one for me. I’ve provided a description of the bar below. The winner gets recognition in the Acknowledgements of SOPHIA, plus an autographed copy of the book. And my undying gratitude, because I’ve got nuthin!

I will select the name. This will be a purely subjective choice with me as the only judge. Once I’ve chosen the name, it is mine, and the winner releases any and all proprietary interests in said name. By entering the contest, you agree to the above conditions.

You can enter as many names as you want, the more the better!

So, if you’re interested, here are the particulars of the bar …

As I mentioned, it’s located along a two-lane paved highway, which is sort of a back route between Seattle and the state of Idaho. It’s not well traveled, for the most part, although it does get big trucks from the lumber industry. The bar itself is surrounded on three sides by forest, the fourth side faces the highway. The interior is dark and smells of sweat and beer, no music but a juke box.

The patrons of this bar are very rough and largely male, many employed in logging. Most women know to avoid the place. Fights are common and they frequently end up with someone bleeding and/or being driven to the nearest hospital/clinic which is a good three hour drive.

So that’s it. The contest will run through the end of September. After that, I’ll study the names and pick the winner by October 15.

Come up with something good, okay?! 🙂

I’m going back to SOPHIA now. One more big scene and then it’s wrapping up the story time … and Duncan, mustn’t forget Duncan.



September 6, 2010

On SOPHIA, that is. I’m down to the last few scenes for Book #4. Of course, these last scenes are some of the hardest ones to write, because they’re full of blood and violence and moving fast! Plus the all-important Epilogue which will tantalize readers (as if you need more tantalizing) for DUNCAN, which comes next. And this is only the first draft of SOPHIA, but once it’s on paper, for me the story is truly gelled. I’ll squish it here and there, but my first drafts are fairly comprehensive and pretty clean. I’m too obsessive to let details or grammar slide, even in a first draft.

RAJMUND continues to be #1 in Dark Fantasy at Fictionwise.com. And my books are still holding onto 3 of the top 5 spots, although JABRIL has bumped RAPHAEL out of #3. RAPHAEL is now sitting behind JABRIL at #4.

Lord Raphael is not amused. 😉

And I’m totally thrilled to announce that RAPHAEL is the featured book this month at at Kelley Armstrong’s Book of the Month discussion. I’ll be hanging around answering questions and we’ll be giving away a book of the winner’s choice at the end of the month. All you have to do is join the discussion and you’re entered in the giveaway. In order to participate, you have to register for Kelley’s board, if you haven’t already, because that’s how they keep out spammers, but it’s quick and easy, so join me at Kelley Armstrong’s Forum.

I’m lining up a few new promos for coming months, including something very different for October. But that’s for later … much later.

One last thing … my publisher, ImaJinn Books, has a Labor Day sale going on this weekend. 10% off your order, both print and e, and including all three books by yours truly. Check it out!

And now, it’s back to SOPHIA. Raphael’s out for blood and I want to see what happens!