August 21, 2010

Be sure and drop by Blog Faery today and comment on my Guest Blog. I’m discussing one of my pet peeves, which is the celibate heroine. Why is it that the alpha male is expected to have a studly history, but the alpha female is supposed to sleep all alone in her little bed. Equal rights for alpha females! If the guys can do it, so can the women!!

And there’s a giveaway, an autographed book of your choice (as long as it’s one of MINE!)

So, come say “hi.” I’ll be around!

Also, fantastic news from The #1 Bestselling Dark Fantasy AND the #3 Bestseller Overall e-title is my blue-eyed vamp, RAJMUND! He’s also the #2 Highest Rated (recent) and, if you look at the Dark Fantasy Bestsellers closely, you notice that RAPHAEL is #3 and JABRIL is #4! Three of the top five bestselling Dark Fantasy books are my Vampires in America! Woot!

Pretty cool, huh?

All right, it’s nearly 2:00 in the morning here, which is prime writing time for yours truly. So, I’m going back to SOPHIA. Some pretty tense things going on there.

Don’t forget to join me at Blog Faery’s and I’ll see you Sunday night!




  1. Dot S. Says:

    Congratulations on the Fictionwise slots! Not surprising to me.

    I enjoyed the post on Blog Faery. I agree totally that today’s heroine need not hold to Victorian morality in fiction.

  2. Just wanted to pop in and say that I’m more than half way through Rajmund and absolutely loving it! So, yes, get to work on Sophia…looking forward to more.

  3. Joyce Hunt Says:

    I love it that Cyn is a woman that knows what she likes/wants and isn’t afraid to go get it, again and again. LOL

    I’ve noticed in a lot of books that the heroine is tough in the beginning but after getting the guy she becomes a trophy to put on the shelf… Suddenly all that personality that made her interesting is gone. She nearly always agrees with the hero or if she doesn’t (gasp) then she has to be rescued from her folly. I sure was glad that Cyn didn’t wait to be rescued, she tooki care of Jabril and Asim both.

    I’m looking forward to your future books.

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