First things first, you’ll notice Vampire Vignette #4 has disappeared. Will it appear ever again? Only the shadow knows . . . and me, of course. I know, too. 😀

In its place, I’ve posted a scene deleted from the final version of RAJMUND — it shows Raphael and Cyn’s arrival at the airport (and Duncan, too) and Rajmund meeting them. I think it’s a great scene. There just wasn’t room for everything!

There are also a whole bunch of new RAJMUND reviews out this week. All of them good, I’m happy to say.

First, we’ve got Blog With Bite . . .

Vampire fans, run, don’t walk — and get this novel.

Next up, Paranormal Romance, with their vampire expert Dot Salvagin saying . . .

RAJMUND, the third installment in D.B.Reynolds Vampires In America, series does not disappoint one little bit. It has all the action and romance of the first two books (RAPHAEL[1] and JABRIL[2]). There are tantalizing surprises as the story unfolds. Raj is a totally hot, sexy, dangerous, alpha vampire.

And for my UK readers, there’s a new review at Amazon.UK by Gareth at Falcata Times . . .

. . .deliciously desirable for the reader, [it] will keep you entrenched within the hypnotic world of Dark Urban Fantasy.

All good stuff! And … my first book RAPHAEL is the Book of the Month at for September. I’ll be giving away a copy of one of my books as part of the activities. I’ll post a link and directions later this week. I hope to see you over there.

And, in case you’re wondering, SOPHIA is proceeding very nicely. I spent the last two nights writing sex scenes! It’s hard work, but someone’s got to do it!


PS Actually it IS hard work!!


August 25, 2010

My interview is up at Blog With Bite and some pretty interesting questions. Also, there’s a book giveaway. All you have to do is comment to enter!

See you there!


It’s Vampire Week at Blog With Bite and yours truly is one of the featured authors. There will be an interview and review of Raphael, and a book giveaway, too. I think my interview goes live tomorrow.

I’m getting lots of reviews now, including one from the iconic Reviewer #1 at Amazon, Harriet Klausner. She gives RAJMUND five stars! Here’s an excerpt:

The key in the excellent book three of the Vampires of America (see Raphael and Jabril) is that the lead vampire behaves radically different from his star predecessors even with each being arrogant males (an oxymoron). Sara is his equal as she is, when forced, a feisty fighter even with her running from herself . . . This is a great fresh romantic urban fantasy with a strong late twist . . .

Another new review, but this one of RAPHAEL, is up at Leather Bound Books and I’m told the other two books will be coming soon.

RAJMUND is still the #1 Best Seller for Dark Fantasy at with RAPHAEL and JABRIL at #3 and #4. Yay!

Moving on, I get letters from readers asking when they’ll get another Vampire Vignette. Um, well … right now, I’m completely enmeshed in writing SOPHIA. I’m nearing the finish line, which means things are getting very tense, very dicey, very sexy … I love writing this stuff!

I also made some more notes for DUNCAN last night. I’ve got the storyline down. I’ve got the heroine’s character written, no description, no name yet. And I’ve got Duncan in faded denims and a t-shirt with his hair down around his shoulders. ::thunk:: Where was I? LOL

I’m thinking ahead to Book 6, too. I can’t believe I just typed that. Book 6? I actually made some notes on it this weekend. I know what he looks like and a little of his background. I just have to look at my map of Vampire territories and decide which city he calls home.

And to compensate for the absence of a new Vignette, I’ll be posting the first “deleted scene” from RAJMUND next week.

Okay. Back to SOPHIA. She and Colin are about to … Um. Never mind. 😀


Be sure and drop by Blog Faery today and comment on my Guest Blog. I’m discussing one of my pet peeves, which is the celibate heroine. Why is it that the alpha male is expected to have a studly history, but the alpha female is supposed to sleep all alone in her little bed. Equal rights for alpha females! If the guys can do it, so can the women!!

And there’s a giveaway, an autographed book of your choice (as long as it’s one of MINE!)

So, come say “hi.” I’ll be around!

Also, fantastic news from The #1 Bestselling Dark Fantasy AND the #3 Bestseller Overall e-title is my blue-eyed vamp, RAJMUND! He’s also the #2 Highest Rated (recent) and, if you look at the Dark Fantasy Bestsellers closely, you notice that RAPHAEL is #3 and JABRIL is #4! Three of the top five bestselling Dark Fantasy books are my Vampires in America! Woot!

Pretty cool, huh?

All right, it’s nearly 2:00 in the morning here, which is prime writing time for yours truly. So, I’m going back to SOPHIA. Some pretty tense things going on there.

Don’t forget to join me at Blog Faery’s and I’ll see you Sunday night!


RAJMUND received his first official reviews this week, and so far, so great! Paranormal Haven gave RAJMUND 4 1/2 drops of blood! That’s an excellent rating and here’s a snippet from their wonderful review.

Rajmund will have all your emotions on high alert and D.B. Reynolds has delivered yet another amazing installment in her fantastic Vampires In America series. I really wish more people would read this series.

Me too! LOL

You can check out the entire review here.

And RomFanReviews granted RAJMUND 5 hunks! A quick quote …

One word “Amazing” D.B. Reynolds has done it again.


Also, Amazon finally go their act together and now has the book image for RAJMUND on search. It took them awhile, but it’s all there now.

One more thing, my guest post over at Book Faery’s month long event will go live this Saturday, August 21st. I’ll post a reminder later in the week, but I hope you’ll drop by. There will be a BOOK GIVEAWAY and I’ll be talking about alpha females and why the guys get to have all the fun … except Cyn. My alpha females enjoy all the privileges of alphahood, even s.e.x. Gasp! It’s all happening this Saturday at Book Faery’s Battle of the Sexies.

And don’t forget to VOTE FOR RAPHAEL!

And finally, I’ve had a couple of readers ask about SOPHIA. Have we heard of her before? Who is she? Sophia has NOT appeared in the previous books. She’s a powerful vampire, born in Spain in the mid 1600s and turned Vampire when she was 22 years old. Her Sire, to whom she is completely loyal, is Lucien, Vampire Lord of the Canadian Territory. Sophia is a powerful female in a male-dominated world, and she’s about to become even more powerful.

I’ll be back later this week with updates on RAJMUND and a reminder about my guest post and book giveaway for Book Faery’s Battle of the Sexies.


RomFanReviews has a new interview up today at 3:00 EST. I’ll be hanging around if you have any other questions, and there will be a book giveaway, too.

And while you’re there you can check out their 5 hunk review of RAJMUND!




August 9, 2010

Let’s update that … drumroll, please …

RAJMUND is the NUMBER ONE Best Seller in Dark Fantasy on AND their NUMBER ONE Best Rated E-book (Recent Books)! Whoo hoooo!

Also, a year IS too long between books! The plan for the rest of the series is to put out a book more often than once a year. SOPHIA, for example, should come out next Spring, less than a year after RAJMUND. I’m writing as fast as I can, but I’d rather delay a month or so and put out a better story for y’all.

And if you’re just dropping in, check out the GOOD NEWS down below!



August 9, 2010

It’s official! My publisher has just contracted for FIVE more Vampires in America books, which means I’ll be able to complete the series the way I’d hoped. One book for each of the eight territories of North America!

Sophia will be #4 and then the ever-popular Duncan for #5. And then … I’m thinking a cowboy is called for. A cowboy vampire, hmmmmmm.

And don’t forget Book Faery’s month-long blog event. The voting is still going on, so VOTE FOR RAPHAEL!

RAJMUND continues to gather good reviews on Amazon, and so far he’s the #2 bestseller in Dark Fantasy on

And I’ll be doing my once a month blog at FLIRTY AUTHOR BITCHES this Tuesday, August 10th.

In the meantime, now that my blue-eyed vampire is on his own, I’m back with SOPHIA, deep in the story where things are about to get complicated.

Readers have asked about more Vignettes (I just published a BOOK!) I don’t know when the next Vignette will be, but I’ll be posting some deleted scenes from RAJMUND that were cut because the original manuscript was too long. I wept when I had to cut them, so I’m happy my readers will at least get to enjoy them after the fact.

I know I’m forgetting something, dammit. And when I remember, I’m sure I’ll be popping up with another post. Oh, well. See you then!


I’m guest blogging this week at Paranormal Haven, talking about why I write about vampires. There’s a RAJMUND giveaway as part of my guesting, so you should check it out HERE.

And for those of you who were turned off by Siren’s “strandbucks” requirement for HEART OF THE WOLF–and I was pretty surprised by that myself–Amazon is now offering my werewolf e-novella in their Kindle store for immediate download and no minimums! HERE’s the link to Amazon’s Kindle store.

Speaking of Amazon, they’ve finally dropped their price to match (partly, I’m sure, because I reported the lower price – LOL) although they still haven’t managed to put up the cover on search yet. Sheesh. But at least the price is up to date! RAJMUND ON AMAZON.

And finally, don’t forget to drop in at Blog Faery’s Battle of the Sexies and VOTE FOR RAPHAEL! The voting link is in the right column, Battle of the Sexies, Vote Here. Click the banner and it will take you to the ballot. Cyn’s not on the Alpha Female ballot, but Raphael is up for Alpha Male. So VOTE NOW!


We’re making progress at last! RAJMUND is now up on, available in a variety of e-formats!

And, RAJMUND received its first 5-star review on Amazon.