May 17, 2010

Vampire Vignette reruns, that is. Here’s the plan. Each of the three already posted Vampire Vignettes will run for two weeks only, followed by Vampire Vignette #4. And, of course, in July will be the release of both RAJMUND (available on Amazon, 15 July) and my werewolf e-novella over at Siren-Bookstrand (July, but I’m not sure of specific date yet.)

Once these re-runs are over, I can’t say when these Vignettes will appear again, so make a note if you’ve missed any of them!

The Vignette schedule will be …
May 23 – June 6 … Vignette #1
June 6 – June 20 … Vignette #2
June 20 – July 4 … Vignette #3
July 4 ………………. Vignette #4

Vignette #4 will probably remain posted through at least August, since I’ll be busy with promos on RAJMUND and HEART OF THE WOLF. And you all will be busy reading them!

And finally … I’m a long-time fan of Science Fiction. I started reading it in high school and never stopped. And that makes me a big believer in our space program, and for me, that means a MANNED space program. I’ve always believed humans need to expand off their home planet and into space. It’s a matter of survival. So, it saddens me that the current NASA budget and plan doesn’t include manned space exploration. For the first time since Alan B. Shepard, Jr. became the first American in space in 1961 — John Glenn was the first American to orbit the Earth, but Shepard was the first in space — American astronauts will be hitching a ride with Russian cosmonauts in order to get into space. ::sigh::

The shuttle Atlantis blasted off this past week, its final journey into space. There are only two more shuttle flights left before the program closes down. I saw the shuttle land once at Edwards Air Force Base. It was amazing. I’m sad to see it go. Here’s a few photographs of this incredible program that is about to become history.



10 Responses to “GET READY FOR RE-RUNS!”

  1. Joyce Hunt Says:

    I’ve marked my calendar for the Vignettes and the new novels. Whoo hoo I can hardly wait!

    It really is sad about our space program. I can remember staying up late… really late for a 6-year old, to watch the first man walk on the moon. It saddens me to see this program being closed down.

    I’ve always thought our generation would lay the groundwork to let future generations go exploring in space like our forefathers explored the earth. How cool would it be to be part of something like that?


  2. Stephanie G Says:

    Can’t wait to re-read the vignettes. Will they always be about Raphael and Cyn?

    • dbreynolds Says:

      Hi Steph! I don’t think they’ll always be Cyn and Raphael. Once I’ve introduced some new characters, I’ll probably mix it up a bit. I never really know until I start writing!

  3. dannigrrl Says:

    Ah! I have to finish Raphael first! 🙂 That’s exciting that you have so much new stuff coming out this year, Donna! Congrats!

    And…*hugs*. 😦

  4. Lots of great, exciting stuff coming up for you!

    I’m not a big space fan, but I do think it’s a shame that they are not funding the space program any more. What was all of it for then? Why give up now?

  5. Carol S Says:

    Can’t wait to read them Donna! Also very excited to hear you have a new werewolf novella coming out as well. Will that be a series also? Looking forward to Rajmund as well – still can’t find it for pre-order. 😦

  6. Katia Says:

    I love your books but I really disagree with your remark about the space exploration. Where is the problem if is Russia or China or Europe who are going next to explore the space? Maybe , just maybe …….. somebody could have the great idea to invest the money on space exploration for the people that are living on this earth and need very basic “exloration” like food and and medical assistance. Well, I know this is a dream exactely like the science fiction…….. 😉

  7. Julie Says:

    Yay for the vignettes coming back! And congrats on the upcoming releases 🙂 Big summer for you!

  8. Michelle Says:

    End of the space age as we know it. Sighs.

    And GREAT idea on the reposts!

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