April 30, 2010

    MY BLOG IS #63
    of the 123 blogs participating in this spectacular event!

For this one day only, all of the participants in BLOGMANIA are having special giveaways. Every blog is different, so you have to visit them all! Let’s get started!

Here’s how it works. We’ve done all the work for you. No hunting or surfing. Each participating blog will have a unique number–remember, mine is #63. These numbers will allow you to keep track of which blogs you’ve visited and how many are left to visit. It might be good at this point to make a list numbered 1 – 123 and check off the blogs as you go, so you don’t miss any of the great prizes.

There are all sorts of different blogs participating, so don’t expect hunky vampires or werewolves everywhere you go . . . although there WILL be a few of those around, including yours truly!

    SO HERE WE GO . . .

I’m giving away a $25 AMAZON GIFT CERTIFICATE and AN AUTOGRAPHED SET OF THE FIRST TWO BOOKS IN MY VAMPIRES IN AMERICA series. And all you have to do to win a chance at my giveaway is comment right here on my blog anytime during the 24 hours of April 30th. That’s midnight to midnight, Pacific Standard Time. Don’t worry about where you live; I’ll ship domestic or international. But do be sure and leave an E-MAIL address, so I can contact you if you win. The winner of my giveaway will be announced on May 2, and will be e-mailed with the good news.

Please note that comments made on April 30th will NOT count toward the overall April contest.


Here’s some links to aid you in your pursuit of BLOGMANIA goodies!

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April 26, 2010

Okay, one by one …


Yay! It will be available from Amazon and by July 15th. sometimes takes a week or two to catch up, so they might be a bit later. But it will be available for immediate PDF download from on JUNE 30th! You can also pre-order the print books from ImaJinn on that date, but they probably won’t ship until the 15th of July. I’m very excited about the release of this book. It’s the longest one yet and introduces a whole new group of vamps, in addition to keeping up with Raphael and Cyn.


Three new 5 star reviews on Amazon this week! My readers are THE BEST!


I’ll be posting a special message on Friday for BLOGMANIA! And there will be a unique giveaway for THAT DAY ONLY! A $25 Amazon gift certificate, plus an autographed copy of any one of my books . . . so you can run out and buy the rest of my books!! LOL Actually, you can spend it anyway you want. But that giveaway is for FRIDAY, APRIL 30th ONLY, as part of the Blogmania event.

Here’s the early bird checklist again with tips for winning BIG!

Note: The regular April contest is still ongoing, but because of the Blogmania one-day event, comments posted on that date will NOT apply for the regular April giveway.



Read and enjoy. For the first time, this is part one of a two part story. But, not to worry, no cliffhanger ending. Just a bit of curiosity.

See you all on Friday, for BLOGMANIA!


No, not my wedding anniversary, my blog anniversary. And how lame is that? My one year blog anniversary and it blew right by me. March 16th. This is PROOF that I’m buried in my writing. Sheesh. It would have been a perfect time for my next Vignette, too. Darn.

Vignette update, by the way … #3 is finished in first draft, which means … well, you can figure it out, right? Let me just say, if you want to read #2, you should do it soon.

And … SPOILER ALERT!! Someone posted a new review of Raphael on Amazon this week. She didn’t give it five stars, but I can deal with that. On the other hand, a little SPOILER ALERT warning might have been warranted. She totally gives away the ending of the first book!! Oh, well. You all have read it anyway, right? 🙂

However, in recognition of her comments, I’ve posted my OWN Spoiler Alert on my Vignettes. Readers will now be warned that the Vignettes “spoil” the books. See, who says you don’t learn anything after kindergarten? LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Um, let’s see … ah, that’s right, BLOGMANIA! I’ll be participating in this hyperactive event on April 30th. 100 plus blogs all offering fabulous prizes! I haven’t decided what my giveaway will be yet, but it will definitely be faaaaaabulous! Or something.

And here’s an early bird checklist with tips for winning BIG!

I’m off to do more writing, but remember my on-going contest for this month … leave a comment and win a chance at the monthly giveaway. That’s in addition to the Blogmania giveaway which — whatever it is — will be good for ONLY that one day, April 30th. I’ll post more on that next week, plus … mmm, other things. 😉



April 12, 2010

I confess. When I really get into the book I’m writing, it’s difficult for me to surface for just about anything else. I begrudge every moment spent on anything that’s not my story. It takes me forever to read someone else’s book when I’m in this mode, a few pages a night just before I fall asleep. Although there are exceptions, like Patricia Briggs’ latest Mercy Thompson book. That one I blew through in two days. And then there’s taxes. Not that I WANT to take time for taxes, but, well, I must, so I do.

But I’m so deep into SOPHIA these days that I’m working on it in my head all the time. No matter what I’m doing–grocery shopping, having coffee (or hot chocolate in my case) with my husband, driving down the freeway (yikes!) … what I’m really doing is writing new scenes and refining the ones I’ve already written the night before. My husband knows the look on my face when that happens. I’m off with the “neckbiters” he says.

But let me tell you … it’s the best part of writing. When the story and the characters take over and the writing just flows from my fingers and onto the keyboard. It’s … joyous. That’s the only way I can describe it.

So I apologize, dear readers, if my blog posts aren’t terribly entertaining right now. I’m also in that phase of writing where I’m not doing much guest blogging or too many new interviews. That will come later this year when RAJMUND and the new werewolf novella both hit at once, in July/August. Then, you won’t be able to get rid of me, I’ll be so talkative!

In the meantime, though … I haven’t forgotten all of you. I am working on a new Vampire Vignette, in case anyone’s interested. A little story about Cyn and Raphael, one that proves he doesn’t just lust after her, he loves her, too. Awwwwww. And, by popular request, I’m going to take a page from television and do a brief re-run of all my Vignettes later this summer. So those of you who missed #1, this will be your chance!

And don’t forget I’m running a RAJMUND giveaway this month. Post a comment and get your name in the hat! And if you haven’t read RAPHAEL or JABRIL yet (???????) you can choose one of those instead.

I’m going back to SOPHIA now. It’s nearly 2:00 in the morning here, prime time for night owl writers!



PS Oh, and one more five star review on Amazon! Yay!


April 5, 2010

You all came up with some great questions! I trimmed some, combined others and now have ten questions for my interview, which I hope will make readers want to pick up my werewolf novella and give it a try. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions. I truly appreciate it.

Oh, but you probably want to know who won the contest, huh?

THE WINNER IS … DIANE G! Diane, you’ve got five days to let me know your mailing address and confirm your win. You can e-mail me at

And, don’t despair if you didn’t win. There will be more contests before RAJMUND releases, so lots more chances … beginning now. A new Contest for April and this one’s easy. All you have to do is comment on this blog during the month of April and you’re entered in the drawing for my latest giveaway. The prize is a signed copy of the Vampires in America book of your choice.

And now it’s back to writing for me.