Sorry about that, I got carried away with my writing and lost track of the days! Thursday felt like Saturday and Sunday felt like Friday … it was all a blur.

Let’s see … new for this week is a review of RAPHAEL on the PNR website. You can check it out HERE. I’m sorry to report, by the way, that I DIDN’T win the PEARL, but then again, J. R. Ward’s Lover Avenged is some pretty stiff competition. I was an early fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood and Wrath is still my very favorite brother, followed closely by Zsadist. I did think Lover Avenged was one of the best of the recent books, so if I have to lose to someone … hell, why not J. R. effing WARD, right? LOL

I’ll be starting a new contest next weekend, so get your questions in NOW if you want in on this month’s contest. I’ve received lots of excellent questions for my author interview over at Siren-Bookstrand. Not sure when it will appear–probably not until July when the first novella is released, but I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, happy Spring equinox to everyone, and happy whatever Spring celebration is yours. I’m going back to SOPHIA. Raphael is calling …


VIDEOS and STUFF: Still spending too much timing surfing the web, but someone forwarded THIS LINK to me. Make sure you turn the volume on, because the music is part of the experience! Too cool!

Okay, I’m going to do the help part first, because it all comes together in the contest part. As I posted a couple of weeks ago, my werewolf novella HEART OF THE WOLF will be e-published in July. I’m very excited about this, because I LOVE my werewolf characters and hope to write more with them. Anyway, the publisher wants me to come up with several questions/answers (essentially interviewing myself) to go along with my author listing on their web site, and they don’t want the same ol’, same ol’ questions.

Now, I’ve done a whole bunch of interviews over the last year while I was promoting RAPHAEL and JABRIL and there were some VERY good questions. I’ll be borrowing liberally (and shamelessly) from those interviews, too. But I thought maybe all of you might have a question or two that you always wanted someone to ask, but no one ever did. Remember, these questions are supposed to make a potential reader want to read my books. So, don’t ask me the name of my dog. First of all, I don’t HAVE a dog, but secondly … Well, you get the picture.

Which brings us to the contest part. Enter your questions in the comments part of this blog post. I might use your specific question, I might not, BUT, everyone who posts a question (and let’s TRY to be inventive, people) will get her/his name in the hat for a giveaway drawing. The winner will get his/her choice of an autographed copy of any one book … either RAPHAEL, JABRIL or RAJMUND. RAJMUND, of course, will be a promise for the future, the copy to be mailed after the book’s release later this summer.

This contest will only run through the end of March, but I’ll be starting a new contest in April. The prize will be the same, but the entry requirement will be different.

So, get those questions in now!


FACTS, VIDEOS and AMUSING LINKS: Tooling around the Internet, actually looking for photos of Northwestern Washington state, I happened across a website called Atlas Obscura, which describes itself as “A Compendium of the World’s Wonders, Curiosities and Esoterica — sort of the Internet version of a Renaissance era Wonder Cabinet. Here’s the Wiki listing for Wonder Cabinet for anyone who’s never heard of it. So … back to Atlas Obscura, there’s all sorts of cool stuff, but I LOVE these photos of a place called Kjeragbolten in Norway. It’s a GIANT bolder suspended over a 1000 meter abyss! Amazing. My favorite is the picture of the sheep — second row, second from right. I wonder if she jumped there on her own or if there was some human connivance involved?

There are lots more cool photos of this on Flickr, if you’re interested.

I just spoke to my editor (okay, I admit it, I begged) and she tells me RAJMUND will release in July/August, maybe July … maybe August. So, it looks like you’ll be getting both Vampires and Werewolves from me this summer! I’ll keep you updated on the progress, but I was very excited to get the target dates and had to share!



March 15, 2010

Excellent news this week, a new review of JABRIL was posted at Paranormal Romance and it’s a good one! I was so excited to get on the PNR web site. This the same web site where I’ve been nominated for a PEARL award for RAPHAEL! You can read the review HERE. I also have it on good authority that a review of RAPHAEL should be turning up soon, which is great news, because all those readers who see RAPHAEL’s nomination, but haven’t read the book (!!), can see the reviews now and get a little extra incentive.

I also noticed there’s a new FIVE STAR review of RAPHAEL up on Amazon, and the books continue to sell, so all of these reviews must be helping!

In the meantime, I’m writing away on SOPHIA. She’s just met the “inestimable” Duncan and made a play for Raphael (as if!), but that’s all just maneuvering for power at this point. Colin’s about to drop into her life and wreak a little havoc.

I’m also TRYING to find out when RAJMUND will be released! I can promise you a good story and it’s the longest one yet. And my critique partners tell me it’s the best one yet, too. As soon as I know something, you’ll know! I promise.

Hmmm. Okay. Back to work for me. I’m writing a complex scene with lots of dialogue and multiple characters, including Raphael and Cyn. It’s an important scene and I need to get the dialogue just right, because it sets the stage for a lot of what follows. Trust me, the previous bit would make sense if you knew what I know. (LOLOLOLOL) Sorry. ::cough:: Don’t mean to be cruel. 😛

In the meantime, Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Happy Ides of March, and Happy Spring Break to those of you who get to enjoy one!




March 8, 2010

Long before I was a writer, I was a reader. I still am. There’s little I enjoy more than tucking myself into a cozy corner with a good book and no obligations to take me away from it – I can read for five minutes or five hours, whatever I want. That, for me, is heaven.

And because reading is so important to me, it’s usually a book I turn to when I’m feeling lost or down. And when I feel that way, I don’t want something new, no matter how good it might be. What I want is an old friend, a book whose characters have touched me in some way, one I can read over and over again even though I know everything that’s going to happen. Because it’s not the plot that makes me want to revisit the story, it’s the people.

There are a lot of books, a lot of authors whose books I always buy and always read, but those books and/or authors are not necessarily the same books/authors on my comfort shelf.

So, what are my comfort books? Here’s a few of them, beginning with the ones I read years ago and moving to the present …

Kate Elliott’s Prince of Dogs — This is actually the second book in her Crown of Stars series and I love the whole series. But this second book touched me more than the others. I love the development of Sanglant and Liath’s relationship in this book. Well, actually, I think Sanglant is one of the best fantasy characters ever written, but I especially love this book.

Patricia Kennealy’s Keltiad: Tales of Aeron. The Copper Crown (1984),The Throne of Scone (1986), The Silver Branch (1988). Kennealy’s characters are powerful and her mythology compelling. My favorite of the three is actually The Silver Branch which, although it was the last one published, is actually the first of the stories chronologically.

Linnea Sinclair’s Finders Keepers Again the characters. I love the relationship between Rhis and Trilby, the way it develops, is challenged and grows stronger.

Eileen Wilks Tempting Danger The first in Wilks’ World of the Lupi books, this starts the series with the meeting between Lily Yu and Rule Turner. Chosen by the Wolves’ Lady to be partners, the two must reconcile their forced intimacy with their own feelings for one another while trying to save the lives of people they care about. What a great concept! And Wilks does it so well.

Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten Again the first of a wonderful series, this book introduces the wolves of Armstrong’s Otherworld, and most importantly Elena, the only female werewolf, and Clay, one of the most intriguing characters I’ve ever read.

And my most recent Comfort Book … Adrian Phoenix’s A Rush of Wings in which we’re introduced to Dante Baptiste, one of the most beautiful, seductive, powerful and frighteningly vulnerable characters ever created. I’ll spend an evening with Dante and his friends any time.

I know there are more on my shelf. And there are some that used to be there, but have lost their place because of what the author did with her/his characters in later books — things that destroyed even the early books for me, because it made me see the characters in a different light. But these are the ones I read the most, the ones I’m most likely to reach for.

You must have comfort books, too, dear readers. I know I’m not the only one out there!


One final note … anyone who’s read my books knows I believe in a well-trimmed bikini area. But THIS woman takes it to a whole ‘nother level. Her ex-husband? While driving? To meet her boyfriend? WTF


March 2, 2010

I was having a conversation with someone this past weekend–someone I don’t know well, but we have a mutual acquaintance. So, there we were making dinner party conversation and we started talking about my writing. My darling husband is a University professor, so we have a lot of friends who are academics. This guy isn’t a “friend,” but he IS an academic. He’d heard from someone else that I was a writer and had published fiction. And he commented something along the lines of, “Well, but that’s easy. You just sit down and write whatever’s in your head, right?” As opposed to REAL writing which is apparently what HE does, involving research and footnotes and such.

As if the words just trip off my fingers onto the computer screen, fully formed and perfect in every way. No research involved, no planning, no plotting, no character development. And then no revising, no editing, no sending my darlings off to be rejected by cruel editors!

First of all, I’ve done my share of academic/analytical writing involving far more footnotes that I care to remember. And second, NO, IT ISN’T EASY! And I don’t just write whatever’s in my head!

Not that I haven’t encountered this sort of attitude before, especially when they discover that what I’m writing is not the “great American novel,” but Paranormal, Sex and Romance. THEN they assume that the entire book is just one big sex scene, like some sort of bad porn flick with cheesy music playing as the characters switch partners for the next round of body fluid swaps.

Some of the best writing I’ve ever read is genre writing. Some of the best writers I’ve ever read write fantasy and romance and science fiction. And good sex scenes are hard to write. I’d like to see THAT guy try writing one.

Unfortunately, courtesy (not to HIM, but to our HOSTESS) prevented me from telling him what a jerk he is. So, I just smiled and moved on, and lucky YOU, you all get to hear my rant instead!

On a more positive note (and God knows we could use a positive note about now) I wrote a wonderful scene with Sophia and a male blood slave. Very sexy and sensuous! It’s so different writing a sexually dominant female! Of course, that won’t last once she crosses Colin’s path. Colin is nobody’s slave.

One thing I will say … Writing may not always be easy … but it sure is fun! LOLOLOLOLOLOL


And just because I thought this one was funny, here’s an episode of The Elevator.