January 1, 2010

It’s 2010! I can’t believe it. 2009 was such a busy, hectic, awful and wonderful year for me!

To celebrate the new year, I’m launching a new page here on my blog . . . Vampire Vignettes. Little slices of life with Raphael and Cyn, and eventually the rest of the vamps, too. They won’t be posted at regular intervals, and they won’t stay up forever, but I’ll let you know whenever I post a new one.

This inaugural vignette is, appropriately, a Vampire New Year’s Eve. Enjoy, and have a Wonderful and very Happy New Year!


7 Responses to “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

  1. Michelle Says:

    What a cool idea!

    And a very happy new year to you, too! Hope 2010 is a good one for you.

  2. Firewolf Says:

    Happy New Year! Thanks for the story page 🙂

  3. Firewolf Says:

    LOL, 🙂 So, did you see this?


    Read the bit about her top three favorite paranormal books.


    • dbreynolds Says:

      I did see that!!!! And was totally thrilled!

      Adrian Phoenix wrote one of the blurbs for RAPHAEL, and she’s been incredibly generous.


  4. Firewolf Says:

    🙂 I just wanted to make sure, cause I know when I start getting my stuff published I’d want to see things like that too 🙂

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