August 25, 2009

JABRIL is finally available at Barnes Noble (BN.com), but still not Fictionwise!! 😦

It’s now on sale at ImaJinn Books,Amazon.com, and Barnes Noble (BN.com).

I hope to add Fictionwise soon, but apparently they’ve changed their update schedule and now only update every two weeks, rather than every week. Which probably means JABRIL won’t show up there until NEXT Monday! Grrrrrr.

This is very frustrating. Amazon had it a week early, BN.com had it on schedule and Fictionwise is a week late. Why can’t they all show up at the same time???? I think from now on, I’ll stop trying to guess release dates. Sheesh.

On a more positive note, my author copies of JABRIL arrived, and it’s totally beautiful! Plus, I do have feedback from some readers who’ve received their print copies and so far everyone’s very happy and asking for book 3!

Yikes. I better get back to writing.



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  1. dbreynolds Says:

    I’m cross-posting this question from Cheryl over at Adrian Phoenix’s dantes_club_hell@yahoogroups.com. Cheryl (and apparently Moriah, as well) wrote:
    > *******SpoilerAlert**************
    Questions for Donna
    > Hi Donna, oh kind one. A few questions if you might impart wisdom upon us please? (Psst, did I suck up enough Moriah?)
    > What character is RAJMUND following?
    > Are Cyn and Raph in RAJMUND and to what amount?
    > Will they will stay or not in future books?
    > For the to be continued? Does that mean with the friend in Buffalo?
    > Thank you kindly!
    > Cheryl and Moriah!

    RAJMUND himself is the lead character in his own book. When we meet him, he’s the Master of New York City, but still owes fealty to his Sire, Krystof, who is the Vampire Lord for the entire Northeastern U.S. Krystof is based in Buffalo, NY where he’s been for hundreds of years. He calls RAJMUND back to Buffalo to deal with a problem with the human police. Krystof is very, very old. Too old, it would seem, because he’s slowly losing his mind.

    (Those of you who read RAPHAEL may remember Krystof and Rajmund from the first scene with Raphael, when he’s at the Vampire Council meeting. The host of that meeting, the old vamp Raphael views with distaste, is Krystof, and the younger, powerful vamp behind him, who RAPHAEL says will not wait much longer before seizing power, is Rajmund.)

    Once in Buffalo, Rajmund meets Cyn’s friend Sarah, from the JABRIL epilogue. Sarah has a secret, one she’s never shared with anyone–at least not anyone who knows her now, not even Cyn. Sarah’s secret will play an important role in the plot of RAJMUND.

    Cyn and Raphael have cameo roles in RAJMUND, but most of the book takes place in Buffalo. I’m still working on the story for book 4, which will feature a female vampire lord, but all of the main characters from the first three books (those who are alive anyway) will have at least cameo roles, and possibly more.

    I’m always happy to answer ANY questions you might have. Please ask away!


  2. Cheryl Says:

    Thank you! Hmmm, I sure will miss Ralphael. Yummo! oh and Cyn too.

  3. dbreynolds Says:

    Raphael’s a hunk, no doubt.

    But then . . . so’s Rajmund! {EG}

  4. Carol Says:

    hey Donna thanks for posting the answers to Cheryl’s questions here. I just finished Jabril and it was awesome! The story took off from the first page and never let up – great job and can’t wait for Rajmund. 🙂

  5. LesleyW Says:

    Just bought a copy from The Book Depository. They currently have it as despatching in 48hrs. But they are sometimes a little bit ‘flexible’ I think. Hopefully should have it next week. 🙂

  6. Lisa Guertin Says:

    Finished both Raphael and Jabril last night. Great books. Looking forward to Rajmund, but definitely going to need a “Raphael” fix!

  7. dead2wice Says:

    Hey Donna!! I finally found my way here!! I love your site!! And I gotta say congrats on getting your wonderful books into more outlets!! I’m still waiting to get my copy of Jabril…I’m hoping to be able to get a copy within the next three weeks…But seriously, I’ve been dying to read the next installment:)


  8. dbreynolds Says:

    Thanks, Nate! And I’m hoping by Monday, JABRIL will be on Fictionwise!!!!!! It’s very frustrating!


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