At long last JABRIL is now available at!

I’m writing away here in smoky Southern California, staying inside as much as possible, although the smoke manages to get through the air conditioner and the vents anyhow. But I can’t complain. My heart goes out to those people in the path of the fire. Living in a coastal canyon myself, I know what it’s like to see that wall of flame bearing down on your home, while you rush to save whatever you can. Even prepared as we are every year, it’s a terrible and frightening thing.

But no home is worth a life. This fire has already claimed two of our courageous firemen and several people have been burned when they ignored the evacuation orders. If they tell you to leave, leave. You put not only your life at risk, but the lives of the men and women who will be fighting to save you.

On that somber note, let’s introduce a little joy of life. This video is amazing. Even if you don’t play guitar, you can appreciate the lovely music and the joy of the artists as they play.

Take care of yourselves.



August 25, 2009

JABRIL is finally available at Barnes Noble (, but still not Fictionwise!! 😦

It’s now on sale at ImaJinn Books,, and Barnes Noble (

I hope to add Fictionwise soon, but apparently they’ve changed their update schedule and now only update every two weeks, rather than every week. Which probably means JABRIL won’t show up there until NEXT Monday! Grrrrrr.

This is very frustrating. Amazon had it a week early, had it on schedule and Fictionwise is a week late. Why can’t they all show up at the same time???? I think from now on, I’ll stop trying to guess release dates. Sheesh.

On a more positive note, my author copies of JABRIL arrived, and it’s totally beautiful! Plus, I do have feedback from some readers who’ve received their print copies and so far everyone’s very happy and asking for book 3!

Yikes. I better get back to writing.



August 22, 2009

This news is about one of my other projects–yes, I do have other projects. I finaled in the RWA’s Utah Chapter contest Utah’s Heart of the West with my entry, SHIFTER PLANET. I love this story and I’m very excited that it was chosen as one of the top four entries in the “published” category. Final contest results will be announced October 10, so keep your fingers crossed for me and my shifters!

Back to VAMPIRES IN AMERICA . . . JABRIL should be coming up at and by Monday, August 24. I’ll keep checking and post here just as soon as I know something!

In the meantime, don’t forget my ongoing August contest. Anyone who posts before the end of the month gets a chance at an autographed copy of JABRIL (or RAPHAEL if you haven’t read it yet — and, if so what are you waiting for?????)

WEIRD AND AMAZING VIDEO FOR TODAY: This doesn’t really deserve to be in this category. It’s too beautiful. But it is pretty, damn amazing. Watch and enjoy. Clicky.


JABRIL is now available on Amazon! Yay! A week sooner than expected! and don’t have it yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

Here’s the link for JABRIL on Amazon.

And don’t forget . . . I’m guest blogging all this week over at NovelSpot Behind the Scenes.


I’m guest blogging all this week at NovelSpot Behind the Scenes. Scroll down about half a page and you’ll see me there. Five days of fascinating tales from behind the scenes of my writing process. Considering I didn’t even know I HAD a process, it should be interesting.


Please come by and say hello. I think you need to log in to participate, but there are lots of good writers who’ve guest blogged in the past so it should be interesting.

See you there.



August 10, 2009

JABRIL is now on sale at the
ImaJinn Books Website. It’s available for immediate PDF e-book download and for print book orders, which will probably ship Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

It should be available at Amazon, and by the 24th, maybe sooner, but I’ll post here as soon as it’s available.



I spoke with my editor today and it looks like JABRIL will be available sometime on Monday, August 10th (fingers crossed) from You’ll be able to immediately download the PDF or order the print version. I don’t know what time on Monday, depends on when the web site is updated. My editor will e-mail me as soon as it’s available and I’ll post it here in BIG letters!, and will be after that, probably around the 24th, because of their inventory update schedules. Again, I’ll post it here as soon as it’s available.

IN THE MEANTIME . . . in all the rush to get copy edits, revisions and galley proofs done, I forgot to announce the winner of the July contest!! Duh!

So . . . TEZ!!!! You’re the winner! Yaaay!

And as soon as JABRIL hits, I’ll open a new contest for August and start lining up some guest blogs and interviews. I’m also working on RAJMUND which will probably be out in early 2010, although I don’t have a specific date yet.

Thanks for your patience. I’ll be posting the release news just as soon as I have it.


CREEPY AND WEIRD THINGS . . . This one is not for the faint of heart, nor the prudish of mind. Click at your own risk, and be sure to scroll down.