I DID IT! I finished the first, first draft of RAJMUND and got a good night’s sleep at last. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but the basics are all there and I’m happy with it. Whew!

And yes, time is running out on the Great Muffin Contest (details on the right.) Entries will be accepted through June 30th and then there will be the Great Muffin Contest Drawing! ::cough:: Hey, I gotta take my life’s drama where I find it.

Other than that, summer has officially arrived, it would seem. The weather here (sunny Southern California) is hot. I’m more of a cool weather person myself and don’t really look forward to this time of year, but what the heck.

The good news is JABRIL will be out this summer, right? And I’m DEFINITELY looking forward to that. I can’t wait to see what happens with Cyn and Raphael and . . . Oh, wait, I wrote the book, didn’t I? So I already know what’s going to happen. (heh, heh)

Alrighty then. Now that I’ve cheered y’all up, I’m heading off to the movies . . . Transformers maybe? We’ll see.


WEIRD AND CREEPY THINGS: This guy didn’t get enought attention as a child . . .

–Brad Beyers, the Human Toolbox, can
Hammer a nail through his face and hang a wooden board from it
Push an ice pick up his nostril
Drill into his head with an electric drill: “I know when I’m going too far because … I hear a crunching noise,” he said as he demonstrated his sickening skills on the Guinness World Records TV show.

Okay, it’s not as bad as all that, but I am working hard . . . very hard . . . on RAJMUND. I asked my Editor how many words I could have before she made me bring out the razor blades. I won’t tell you what she said, but it was good news for RAJ, which is what his friends call him. 🙂

I’ve got to get back to writing, but before I go, I’m changing my CREEPY FACTS, to CREEPY and WEIRD THINGS, because someone sent me this video link which is (a) weird, because these women are singing about potato salad for God’s sake, and (b) creepy, because . . . well, be sure and watch it to the end, because what they do with their bodies is just plain creepy.

Don’t forget to enter the Great Muffin Contest! The calendar is counting down!



Still working on RAJMUND! I’m telling you, people, this book has a mind of its own and it’s GROWING! I’ll definitely need to do some trimming on revisions. That’s one of the most difficult things for a writer, cutting out scenes you’ve worked so hard to perfect and now they’re just . . . gone. ::sob::

Well, okay, they’re not really gone, gone, because when I delete a scene, I always save it in a folder on my computer called cleverly enough, Deleted Scenes. One never knows when one might want that scene back, or maybe just a part of it. A teeny, tiny part? Please? LOL

Don’t forget the Great Muffin Contest which is still open for a couple more weeks — until the end of June. The grand prize is a $25 Amazon gift certificate, so send in your e-mail. Details are on the right.

More about the Star Trek movie . . . I loved the way Abrams managed to change things just a little bit (and in such interesting ways!) Don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but . . . Zachary Quinto’s Spock is brilliant! Next up is Terminator:Salvation. I’m a huge fan of the Terminator movies–the first is my favorite, though, before all the super CGI and special effects.

Books . . . I’ve been reading here and there. Check out my latest find on the What I’m Reading Now tab above. Am I clever with these names or what?

Okay. Enough distraction. I’ve got to get back to RAJMUND and wrestle it to the ground. There must be an ending to this book somewhere!!


CREEPY FACT FOR TODAY: Okay, this one is more disgusting than creepy and will come as no surprise to anyone who’s ever taken care of a teething baby.

A baby will drool thirty-eight gallons of spittle in its first year of life.

Yes, RAPHAEL is no longer the #1 Dark Fantasy on Fictionwise.com. It has fallen out of the top three, behind Charlaine Harris and some chick named Stephenie Meyer or something. LOL Of course, for something like 6 plus weeks, RAPHAEL sat in the #1 spot OVER said Stephenie Meyer books. Pretty cool. And I’m still getting lots of “great” reviews, so I can’t complain.

I’m hard at work on Book #3 and will probably finish a first draft this week. Of course, my first drafts aren’t really first drafts since I edit compulsively as I go along. I’m writing the last few action-packed scenes now. Oh, wait. No, I’m not. I’m typing away on this blog when I SHOULD be writing the last few action-packed scenes! Darn.

The great muffin contest is still going on, so don’t forget to send in your entries, with the word “Contest” in the subject line. Details on the right.

Okay, back to those action-packed scenes I was talking about. 🙂