I’M BACK! And a New Interview!

May 31, 2009

Yes, I’m back on the Internet 24/7. The Geek Squad paid a visit to my house and fixed my Network. It was an embarassingly easy fix, one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments, but what the heck. Geeks need jobs too, right? And it’s people like me who keep them employed. ::sheesh::

But the upside is, I’ve got my network back, including the newfangled thing called “wireless” so I can use my laptop all over the house again. Yay!

As long as we’re talking good news, I’ll brag a bit and let y’all know that RAPHAEL continues to hold the #1 spot in Dark Fantasy sales at Fictionwise.com. It’s been something like 6 weeks and it’s still holding strong! Is that too cool or what?

AND, there will be a brand new Interview with yours truly at Lesley’s Book Nook on Monday, 1 June 2009. This will be Lesley’s very first interview. She usually confines herself to book reviews, but RAPHAEL has driven her to break out and go wild! Er, something like that, anyway. Make sure you stop by and pay Lesley a visit. I’ve included a tiny glimpse of JABRIL in the Interview–just enough to let my readers know that Cyn remains true to form in the next book.

And speaking of next books . . . yikes! I’m still writing away on Book 3, which seems to have taken on a life of its own and just keeps growing. It’s looking good, though, so I’m content to keep typing away until the end. And then I’ll go back and take another look at what I have. And, then, I’ll have my crit partners take a look at it and see what I have LEFT! LOL

Whilst awaiting the return of my Internet, I did manage to sneak away and see the new Star Trek movie, which was fantastic! And BOOKS! Yes, I did some reading too. I read the first book in a new series (for me) by Mark del Franco. The first book is Unshapely Things and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ll definitely be picking up books 2 and 3, which are already available. And I just last night finished the latest in J.R.Ward’s fantastic Black Dagger Brotherhood series. This is Rehvenge’s story and one of the best books yet, a return to the kind of action and writing I so admired in the earliest books.

And finally, don’t forget that the Great Muffin Contest continues through the month of June, so be sure and send in your contest entry–details are on the right. I’m getting lots of entries and lots of very nice words about RAPHAEL. You guys are the greatest!

Okay, back to writing!


CREEPY FACT FOR TODAY: In honor of June being the traditional month of weddings . . . At an average wedding reception you have a 1/100 chance of getting a cold sore from one of the guests (mouth herpes).

Now THERE’s a good reason to avoid kissing Aunt Aida!!!!! (apologies to all the Aunt Aidas out there, it’s just the alliteration factor and, well, I AM a writer!)

5 Responses to “I’M BACK! And a New Interview!”

  1. Selestial Says:

    Congrats again on Raphael (and on the network repairs). YOu are one busy lady these days!

    Oh, and thanks for the little snippet about cold sores. Glad I don’t have any weddings looming in the near future 😛

  2. LesleyW Says:

    Lol – yes I’m breaking out and going wild. 🙂

  3. Derek Says:

    lol, The geek squad must make their profit on the easy fixes lol.

  4. Wedding cooties! Ick!

    And YES! Employ more geeks! Why? ‘Cuz I are one!!!

    Okay, enough of that. More praise and congratulations are in order for Raphael! Yes, that’s amazing! And really good news.

  5. Firewolf Says:

    Congrats on still holding the #1 spot. That’s awesome. Glad your interwebs is back up and running 🙂

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