RAPHAEL is officially on sale! I’m totally excited by this and I just e-mailed everyone I know on three continents! The first copy has already sold, to someone from my family, who are the most supportive and loyal people I know. Lucky me to have such people in my corner.

It won’t show up on Amazon yet. That will be a week or two from now, depending on when they update their database. But the publisher offers it in both paperback and e-format, and they offer free shipping too! So I want all of you to rush out and buy copies for everyone you know. Er, everyone over 17. This is definitely a book for adults. There’s nothing YA about this one.

Wow. I’m too excited for words, which I’m pretty sure is a bad thing for a writer. LOL

Okay. I’ll write more tomorrow. Tonight I’ve got to go buy some books!!!!!!!


Creepy (and disgusting) fact for today: Protect your toothbrush. Studies have shown that fecal matter in your toilet tank “aerolizes” when you flush, spraying fecal matter and bacteria over other surfaces in the room, including your unprotected toothbrush. Totally gross. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/5400.php


March 22, 2009

I received the galley proofs for RAPHAEL yesterday. One more step toward the publication of my first book.  Very exciting!  And since I’m a control freak, very gratifying to be able to do a final check on the manuscript.  It always amazes me the mistakes that slip by on revision after revision, little things that my mind and eye miss because they fill in the proper word for me as I read, rather than catching the error.  It’s a strange phenomenon, but one I share with other writers.  They’ve all said the same thing.


Of course, this also means I’ve spent much of my weekend on the computer, reading.  But that’s all right too.  The weather here was pretty gloomy anyway, the perfect time to stay inside and read a good book – the good book being RAPHAEL, of course!  LOL


I’ll be going back to work on my third Vampires in America book as soon as I finish the RAPHAEL galleys.  It’s titled RAJMUND and I’ll be writing more about that and about JABRIL, the second book in the series, in the days to come.




Creepy Fact for Today:  In a study last year, researchers found more cocaine residue on U. S. bills than on any other currency.   Also found on the money: staphylococcus bacteria and fecal matter.   Eeeeeeewwwww.


I’m guest blogging on Desert Island Keepers today and tomorrow (March 19/20). DIK is a great blog full of witty, intelligent women and pictures of beeeuuutiful men. LOL I’m giving away a signed copy of RAPHAEL and anyone who comments gets a chance. Today, I’ll be talking about my Desert Island Five – the five books I’d want with me if I was ever stranded on that mythical desert island. And tomorrow, I’m discussing the alpha female. The alpha males get all the attention, but not for long!

You can find DIK at http://dikladiesrule.blogspot.com/

I’ll be doing a lot of guest blogging and interviews over the next several weeks, to promote RAPHAEL, and I’ll keep you all informed in case you want to stop by. I’ll be giving away books whenever I guest, so drop in and take a chance. There’s some pretty interesting blogs out there and you never know whom you’ll meet.

Oh, and I received my first royalty payment this week! It was my advance on RAPHAEL and made the whole thing more real somehow. The next big event will be holding the actual book in my hand. Amazing.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who took the time to drop in and post their good wishes and congratulations on the start-up of my blog. It was way more than I expected and I appreciated every single comment.

See you over at DIK.


Creepy Fact for Today … Some of the nation’s best libraries contain books bound in human skin.  Check it out on this incredibly long link …


Welcome to my Blog!

March 16, 2009

What to write? I started this blog because my first book is coming out on March 31st, 2009. RAPHAEL is the first in my series of books, Vampires in America. The second book, JABRIL will be released in July 2009, with a third book to come probably late this year or early next. The series is urban fantasy, set in a world where vampires exist right along with the rest of us. They don’t sleep in coffins and they don’t avoid mirrors. But they do drink blood and live a very long time, and that gives them a completely different perspective on life and living. Most of my heroes are handsome, because, let’s face it, no woman really wants Nosferatu sucking on her neck. Some of my heroines are beautiful, some aren’t, but they’re all strong and resilient, and they’ve all been through enough life to realize that in the end, you have to take care of yourself, not wait for that knight on the white charger to ride to the rescue. There is passion and romance in my books, but there’s also murder and conspiracy, loyalty and betrayal. There’s a crime to be solved and a mystery to uncover.

I wanted this blog to be a place where people could find out more about my books and, if they’re interested, more about me, too. As the blog goes on, I’ll try to make it worth your while to check in and see what I have to say. There’ll be a monthly contest where I’ll give away copies of my books, Amazon gift certificates and whatever else strikes my fancy. Sometimes, I’ll just have a drawing with the names of everyone who’s commented during the month. And sometimes, I’ll ask a question from my books, or from the world at large. But there will always be a prize. I’ll try to present you with strange facts, funny stories, interesting tidbits of information, places to go, places I’ve been. And, above all, we’ll talk about writing and reading. Because those are my passions. (Well, those and my darling husband, of course, but we definitely won’t be discussing him. Hi, Honey!) ::cough::

Why do I write? Because there’s a little gremlin in my head that keeps telling me stories and nagging at me to write them down. Really. It’s a physical push that I feel to write, especially when I’m in the middle of a book and a new scene occurs to me from nowhere. Even worse, I’ll be in the middle of one book and a totally new idea for a different book will pop into my head, and I’ll be scolding myself to FOCUS, but it won’t go away until I take a break, open a new file and jot down the idea. And then my brain will let me get back to the business at hand.

And then there’s the fact that I love to write. I love the process of making a story come alive, of fine tuning my words and phrases until the reader can see the world as clearly as I do. Of bringing a character to full-blown life, so that the reader feels a loss when the story is over and the character goes away.

There have been times in my life when I would have given anything to be able to put aside this world we all live in and to join the characters in my favorite books instead. To live in their world, to join in their journeys and adventures. It brought tears to my eyes sometimes I wanted it so badly. And that’s what I want my readers to feel. I want them to care about my characters, to want to live in the worlds I create for a short time, to feel what my characters feel and see what they see.

Some say writing is a lonely endeavor, sitting at a computer by one’s self, hunched over and typing away in the cool glare of a soulless monitor. But I’m never lonely when I’m writing, because I’m spending time with some of my favorite people – my characters. Of course, maybe it helps that I’m something of a loner myself, that I enjoy being alone.

So, here we are, you and me, and about a gazillion other people on the Internet, searching for information, knowledge, love or friendship, or maybe just a game to play while the boss is away and the job is boring. I hope you’ll come back and visit me often. And I hope you’ll be curious enough to read my books and to discover the joy of writing that I try to put in every one of them.

Thanks for reading this, and let this journey begin.